Bus 210 Appendix C Essay

Axia College Material Appendix C The Four Functions of Management |Description of Event | | | |Coordinating a bridal shower is an event where management skills were tasked. A | | |specific time was when my sister had a bridal shower. My friend helped with this | | |task.

We had at least 45 people to attend the shower. The shower took place at out | | |parent’s home, with a local caterer and florist. | | | | | | | | | |

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Bus 210 Appendix C Essay
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In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. |Planning |Organizing | |Planning the bridal shower was challenging and we had enormous |We had five people to help organize the bridal shower. We knew | |help with planning the bridal shower. We formed a guest list and |one who had knowledge of a caterer, one who knew a florist.

We | |listed different ideas and activities, catering, and invitation |group people together to achieve a successful shower. | |layouts. After we made the guest list, we knew what kind of theme|Organization for the bridal shower was important, we to be | |we could use. Individuals were delegated to perform different |organized so the party would run smoothly. | |tasks for the shower. For an example, we had one to provide the | |drinks, one to provide the paper products, and one to provide the| | |prizes. | | |Leading |Controlling | |After the bridal shower was planned, it was time to take charge |The controlling of the event allowed us to ensure the guests were| |and lead the team delegates.

We constantly checked with everyone |acquiring a good time. Making sure the food is prepared nicely. | |on a regular basis to make sure everything was running smoothly. |We made sure the bride-to-be was satisfied. A guest book was | |We also ensured that the team was clear on their job |provided for the guest. At the end of the party, we asked the | |descriptions. |guests did they have an enjoyable time. |


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