Bus 210 Appendix D Essay

Axia College Material Appendix D Contingency Theory of Leadership Description of work environmentThe work environment would consist of a casual cubicle, environment. This a well-known beverage company that makes sure all of their products are top notch. The environment will also be safe, secure, and employees will be able to thrive. In the table below, categorize different leadership approaches that could be used in the work environment you have described. Provide different suggestions for each of the four approaches to leadership. Directive approachSupportive approach

All employees, managers, and maintenance, will have prior experience and attend regular training classes to be up to date on any company changes. For those employees that are not salaried, schedules will be posted one week in advance. Upon hiring an employee, they will be given a folder that contains company policies and procedures. Inside the folder, there will be a disciplinary plan in effect to govern all employees. There will be raises once a year, and the percentage will be based on performance. The company will provide tuition assistance to those employees who maintain an average GPA.

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Bus 210 Appendix D Essay
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Employees will be recognized by management when they go above and beyond the company’s expectations. Starting from day one, all employees will receive three weeks of paid vacation, seven days of personal time, and two discretionary holidays. The company also provides short-term and long-term disability. A basic insurance plan will start from day one. Child care is provided for all employees with children under the age of five. This is an equal opportunity workplace. Participative approachAchievement-oriented approach Employees can turn in a calendar with the dates that they would like to have off, before the company’s fiscal year.

Weekly meetings will be held, between supervisors and employees to discuss any issues, then between supervisors and management to decide how to deal with certain issues. All suggestions by employees, is highly encouraged. All employees will be automatically enrolled in the “Red Tag” program. All employees will be given $100 a month of red tag money. This will allow employees to “tag” fellow employees for their hard work. Before someone is given a red tag, a supervisor must sign off on it. At the end of the year, employees will be able to look thru a catalog, and choose any item they want.

This allows employees to be able to appreciate co-workers. Leadership recommendationI believe all four of the approaches, as detailed above, would be beneficial in my casual cubicle environment. The directive approach is necessary when hiring employees and maintaining a certain reputation. The supportive approach is necessary to make sure employees feel a sense of security in the work place. The participation approach is necessary so that there is a sense of order in the work place. The achievement-oriented approach is necessary to keep everyone’s moral at a great level.


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