Bus 210 Harware and Software Components Essay

Axia College Material Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components |Legacy systems |Legacy systems are the hardware and software systems that a company already uses. They| | |are a huge investment and can be customized to meet a company’s exact needs. |Mainframe computers |Mainframe computers are the core of a company’s information processing and information| | |system. | |Microprocessors |Microprocessors can also be called computers on chips. These chips are less powerful | | |than mainframe computers, but opened up opportunity for individual computing. | |PCs |A PC is a computer for an individual user.

It could and can be programmed to do | | |whatever the user wants. | |Network computers |Network computers are computers that are linked together in a network for better | | |communications between them. A collection of client PC’s into a central server is | | |called a local area network. |World Wide Web and Internet |Software that connects databases to different institutions making it possible to hold | | |information on web pages. The internet is made up of computer hardware that connects | | |them to a global network. | |Wired and wireless broadband technology |Wired technology is access to the internet using cables, such as Ethernet cables | | |directly inserted into the PC.

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Bus 210 Harware and Software Components Essay
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Wireless technology is internet access using no cables. | | |Broadband technology is a type of communications hardware that allows for fast | | |transmission of large amounts of information. | |PC software |PC software is the computers main operating system. Windows is the industry leader for| | |pc software. |Networking software |Networking software is software that links one company to another one. Networking | | |software allows companies to define, manipulate, analyze, update, store and share | | |data. | |Computer security software |Computer security software protects computers from intruders. A firewall gives a | | |company safe access to the internet from hackers. |


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