Business Concept Innovation for Apple Essay

Business Concept Innovation In Apple business concept innovation in Apple The business concept innovation of apple will be analyzed by several business models. One of them is the concept of Gary Hamel . He defines the business concept innovation as following: ?”Business Concept Innovation is the capacity to imagine dramatically different business concepts or dramatically new ways of differentiating exiting business concepts” ? Business conept innovation changes the basis of competition in an industry ? A Business Model is simply a Business Concept that has been put into practice Moreover Hamel distinguishes 2 kinds of innovation: The first is innovation regarding the firm’s historic strategy (change own strategy) ? The second is innovation with respect to the firm’s industry and competitors (proactively reinvent the industry) Succeeding at both kind of innovation is not easy. Few companies, herein Apple, are skilful enough to do both. Hamel states that a business concept comprises four major components: customer interface, core strategy, strategic resources, , and value network. Between the components are other three elements that link and relate them: configuration of competencies, customer benefits, and company boundaries.

Unpacking the Hamel’s Business Model 1)CUSTOMER INTERFACE ?Fulfillment and Support Apple reaches customers and “goes to market” in different ways: ? through advertisements, promotion activities and particular company design ? by creating successful branding ? by using assorted network possibilities Apple collects information about costumers needs and fulfills them by different costumer programs: ? ProCare program – help and tips for customers ? everything needed to get the most out of Mac’s. This program includes six possibilities to get knowledge about the Mac’s. It is available only at stores. ? The Studio – the place to go…

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Business Concept Innovation for Apple Essay
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