Business Environment Assignment Essay

Business Environment Business Environment

Table of Contentss

Section One: Introduction

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Business Environment Assignment Essay
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Executive Summary — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -2

Section Two: Discussion and Findings ( LO2 )

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Section Three

Recommendations — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 6

Decision — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 7

Mentions — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 8

Executive Summary

The intent of this research is to measure and supply solutions to a little concern endeavor ( Sumciouz Pastry ) in footings of how they can execute and run into the demands of the different stakeholders that are affected by the concern every bit good as developing and implementing techniques and programs to run into their ends. The senior spouse ( research worker ) of the concern consulting house ( Quality Innovators Consulting Agency ) will help the clients ( private spouses ) who are in the procedure of buying the endeavor. The research will be presented in the signifier of a study.

The research worker is to carry on a research for a group of little investors in the buying of a little concern endeavor. This research can assist investors and stakeholders in changing organisations and concern industry to widen their cognition of how their organisations can better their operations through effectual and efficient decision-making, planning and development of effectual schemes in order for their concerns to come on. As a pupil prosecuting a calling in the field of concern this research will function to increase my cognition in the capacity of measuring how different methods and planning can assist concerns keep its viability and is successful.

The research design was a quantitative research collected by secondary informations assemblage. The cyberspace and books were used as it was convenient and effectual in the aggregation of informations. The information generated was analyzed and reflected in the consequences of the study. Due to the fact that the research was that of a quantitative 1 in nature, the research possibly missing in footings of acquiring primary information that would hold yield more insight into the research. The research worker found that the concern was hampered at times in relation to bettering on its concern and its operations based on the addition in involvement rates at loaning bureaus. The research worker recommends that the concern to seek and happen more avenues that are available to help them in footings of loaning so as to let the concern to be able to come on as it want to and to guarantee that it makes determinations that are effectual in seeing increased productiveness for the concern so that due to the type of economic system that it is runing within.

Discussion and Analysis

LO2Understand the nature of the national environment in which concerns operate

2.1Explain how economic systems effort to apportion resources efficaciously

Economic systems are efficaciously used to apportion resources efficaciously and expeditiously throughout an economic system. There are a figure of economic systems that exists in the economic system of which are traditional economic system, command economic system/planned economic system that factors in socialism and market economic systems and pure market, assorted economic system. In a traditional economic system the work that people do the goods and services that they provide along with the manner the usage and interchange their resources all follow an constituted form, besides within this system “community interests’ take precedency over the persons… .individuals possibly expected to unite their attempts and portion every bit in the returns of their labour” ( Shoomp Editorial Team, 2008 ) . The bid economic system/planned economic system it is the authorities who controls the economic system hence they decide how to utilize and administer resources such as control monetary value and rewards. Under the bid economic system falls other economic systems such as socialism where the authorities has vary grades of power over the economic system whereas in the “market economic system authorities does non command critical resources, valuable goods or any other major section of the economy” ( Gemma, 2014 ) , pure market economic system nevertheless, sees the authorities being absent from economic personal businesss. Mixed economic system is a combination of elements of bid and market economic system, legion economic determinations are made by persons in the market nevertheless authorities plays a function in the allotment and distribution of resources.

Sumciouz pastry operates within a pure market economic system or laisser-faire market economic system therefore the concern decides how to administer and apportion its merchandises and services. This can be good every bit good as disadvantageous to this concern depending on how effectual the determinations that are being made by the proprietor.

2.2Assess the impact of financial and pecuniary policy on concern organisations and their


Harmonizing to Riley ( 2012 ) “fiscal policy involves the usage of authorities disbursement, revenue enhancement and adoption to impact the degree and growing of aggregative demand, end product jobs” . On the other manus “monetary policy involves act uponing the handiness and cost of money and recognition to advance a healthy economy” ( Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 2014 ) . Fiscal policy impacts the concern ( Sumciouz Pastry ) both negatively and positively in that when the authorities increases revenue enhancements so it limits the concerns ability to pass more on in footings of puting in its concern every bit good as the fact that it gives clients less passing power hence it can take to a decrease in the degree of clients coming to the concern. However, should the authorities cut down revenue enhancements so clients will see an addition in their disbursement power hence more net income and clients for the concern.

In order for the concern to spread out or come on financially the concern has to borrow and this can be hindered through pecuniary policy where fiscal establishments such as Bankss increase involvement rates thereby restricting adoption by the concern as when involvement rates increase concern and people tend to forbear from taking out loans as the cost is rather high in making so.

2.3Measure the impact of competition policy and other regulative mechanisms on the

activities of a selected organisation

In order to guarantee that there is a balance within the concern industry and environment at that place has to be the execution of policies and mechanisms to guarantee that competition is maintained and done in a mode that is just, one of the ways in which this is done is through competition policy, “competition policy promote competition, makes markets work better and contribute towards improved efficiency in persons markets” ( Riley, 2012 ) . In the UK there is the constitution of four chief pillars which is a competition policy that looks at anti-trust and trusts, market liberalisation, amalgamation control and province assistance control, these pillars fundamentally speaks to guaranting that houses who hold dominant places in the market do non curtail competition through monetary value repair ; debut of fresh competition in markets that were monopolistic in nature ; the province does non falsify competition through certain steps that are being implemented and to analyze amalgamations so as to guarantee that there no domination of them in the market severally. The Enterprise act 2002 is a reformation of the competition act 1998 that sought to advance those who competed reasonably to boom and is rigorous on those who tried to curtail competition, the endeavor act adds to that by guaranting that consumers are non harmed and that fair-trading takes topographic point it besides factors in the constitution of amalgamations and market constructions. The Office of Fair Trading sees to it that markets work good for consumers and that concern adhere to regulations of competition and consumer jurisprudence.

Sumciouz Pastry ensures that it operates reasonably in footings of competition and consumer jurisprudence and this is related to the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs hence consumers are offered merchandises and services that are of high quality, monetary values are competitory as the concern monetary values are lower than its rivals for most of its merchandises and services. The concern besides operates in such a manner that meets international criterions.


The research worker would wish to propose the undermentioned recommendations of are:

  • The concern to seek and happen more avenues that are available to help them in footings of loaning so as to let the concern to be able to come on as it want to.
  • To guarantee that it makes determinations that are effectual in seeing increased productiveness for the concern so that due to the type of economic system that it is runing within.
  • To procure and use the necessary and relevant regulative mechanisms and policies so as to guarantee that the concern operates in conformity with them.


In decision it is of a fact that the type of economic system in which a concern operates in is important and of import in finding how concern map in footings of their goods and services are allocated and distributed. For case, in a pure market or laisser-faire economic system resources are allocated based on demand and supply which is determined by income. Besides the fact that pecuniary and financial policy can impact a concern where an addition in involvement rates tend to cut down the sum of loans being borrowed by a concern and that an decrease in revenue enhancement by the authorities increases the disbursement power of both concerns and clients to the concern hence the concern may see an addition in net incomes.

Additionally that competition policy and the relevant mechanisms assist in supervising competition in the market every bit good as curtailing unjust competition that can be carried out by big or more dominant houses ; this is implemented through Enterprise Act 2002, Office of Fair Trading among others.


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