Business Oppurtunity In Fast Food Industry Commerce Essay

The survey has been conducted to happen out the concern chance in fast nutrient industry and the factors associated with its enlargement at such a rapid face. The survey has revealed such valuable factors associated with the fast nutrient ingestion and fast nutrient concern which provide us with important cogent evidence to put in the fast nutrient concern. The survey is explorative in nature. This is an applied research which has given positive mark for the investing in the fast nutrient concern. .


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Business Oppurtunity In Fast Food Industry Commerce Essay
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Today in the twenty-first century the life is so fast paced that people even do non hold the clip for doing themselves proper repasts at places. This has besides taken people off from healthy nutrient and hygienic nutrient ingestion. This fast paced life manner has lead people towards accommodating new ways of feeding. It has besides changed the civilization of the state ; people are significantly indulged in ingestion of fast nutrient. Peoples are tilted towards devouring fast nutrient because it involves less hustle and is easy to acquire. This is the point where fast nutrient industry has grown and many big trade names like Hardies, McDonalds, KFC and many other local trade names have entered the industry in Pakistan. With the intercession of these fast nutrient companies come ining in the market it has turned fast nutrient concern into a aureate chance for investing and to gain more and more.

This research work is carried to place the factors that are polar towards the growing in fast nutrient industry in Pakistan. The focal point of the survey is to happen out the most of import factors that are associated with success of fast nutrient industry in Pakistan. The research will besides place the factors that has made this concern such a great success mantra in the state.


“ New eating houses in Lahore ”

Problem definition

“ Is there a concern chance in nutrient industry ”

Preliminary Data Gathering

The tools that have been used over here are as follows:

Literature reappraisal


Literature reappraisal:

The first measure towards the informations assemblage was the literature reappraisal. The literature reappraisal showed that there is a important alteration in the civilization of the citizens of Lahore. The literature showed that female initiation into the society has played a great function in altering the eating wonts of the people. The research work done antecedently by the pupils of Pak Aims 081 batch “ Hunter and Kd. ” The research study served as the base for this research work. It helped to place that there is a turning concern chance. It besides showed that there were some factors discussed that were playing a polar function in the fast turning fast nutrient concern.

Second the literature showed that there is a important addition in figure of eating houses in Lahore which is a clear signal towards the alteration.


As mentioned above there was no important literature available about the fast nutrient industry of Pakistan. In order to acquire the right consequences and to acquire indifferent replies informal interviews were conducted so that grave factors associated with this fast turning concern can be identified. Informal interviews lead towards the factors that were portion of determination devising of the people and enabled to find the state of affairss in which they preferred to devour fast nutrient instead than regular repasts. These informal interviews with the people at random topographic points like cafeteria, parking countries category suites etc. provided with such factors that were extremely associated with the purchase penchant.

Theoretical model

The theoretical model consists of the followers:

Designation of variables

Prioritizing the variables

Thematic diagram

Nature and way

Logical statement

Designation of variables:


Cost of nutrient

Trade name

Market construction

Assortment in fast nutrient

Quality of nutrient

Ease of entree


Retail environment

Bundle offers

Economic conditions

Consumer purchasing power


Social assemblage

Prioritizing the variables:

To get down the concern it is of import that both positions should be considered i.e. marketer ‘s position and consumer ‘s position. Here are the precedence variables for the marketer and purchaser.

Consumer side: Bundle offers and Cost of nutrient

Seller side: Brand name and Ease of entree

Thematic diagram

Buyer Perspective

Assortment, Quality Social assemblage

Gross saless



Brand Name

Bundle offers

Cost of nutrient

Ease of entree

Seller Perspective

Nature and way

Gross saless of fast nutrient are straight and positively related to roll up offers with quality playing a mediating function.

Gross saless and cost of fast nutrient are reciprocally related with each market construction playing a mediating function.

Gross saless and trade name name are straight related with each other.

Gross saless and easiness of entree have direct relation.

Logical statements

If the package offers will increase so the gross revenues will increase.

If the cost of nutrient will diminish so gross revenues will increase.

If the trade name name is tricky than gross revenues will increase.

If easiness of entree addition so gross revenues will increase.


Purpose of Study:

It is an explorative research

Type of Probe

It ‘s correlational because it is about researching the cardinal factor associated with concern growing or chance in fast nutrient concern in Pakistan.

Extent of Intervention:

To do certain that there was no biasness in the research because it was perfectly non required for. It was carefully monitored that there was no personal influence on the research. The research work has no personal thoughts that are shared over here.

Sampling Plan:

Data aggregation has been done through the questionnaire

Quota trying

Methods used to cipher the statistics were average, average and manner.

Unit of measurement of analysis:

In order to acquire accurate consequences it was of import to hold the positions from the fast nutrient concern directors. Second it helped to derive deeper penetration of success mantra of this concern in Pakistan. So quota sampling was opted and further the unit of analysis chosen was couples. Couples means two groups were selected for the research both were interrelated to the research. It helped to analyze the form of the society, facts behind this fast adaptation to fast nutrient civilization and concern patterns that are involved in doing it turn in such fast gait in Pakistan.

Study scene:

The survey was conducted in natural scene as the research was to be indifferent and pure. The ground behind it was to capture the first manus experience of the people so that it enumerates the exact state of affairs of the concern.

Time Horizon:

It is longitudinal because the survey is related to a peculiar clip period. The research work has been conducted for the twelvemonth 2012. The research is valid for the current clip period.


The consequences have shown that the cultural alterations that have been observed are functioning as a strong factor towards the strong displacement of the people towards the fast nutrient. The package offers that provide the luxury of holding excess nutrient have its function to play for this. These bundle offers pull the people towards them. The people in the working sphere besides prefer fast nutrient, so in short cultural alteration has led to the alteration of student frame of head. The other fact was this that due to increased figure of female workers and pupils in society has led towards increased ingestion of fast nutrient, the ground is it provides good socialising event.

The 2nd thing is the cost of the fast nutrient over the conventional nutrient of has made it more adaptative and it ‘s become modern craze. The low cost of nutrient and package offers that fast nutrient has to offer to the people makes it lighter on pocket and people can bask the nutrient in societal assemblages. The low cost of fast nutrient makes its more all the fury and a beginning of enjoyment.

The Pakistani ‘s love to be associated with the trade name names. Particularly the young person is really acute to be associated with catchy trade name names. The people prefer to hold branded nutrient and expression trendy in the society.

Another fact that has proved its importance towards the success of the fast nutrient concern in Pakistan is the deficiency of clip by the people for cooking. As the research was conducted in offices so that accurate consequence could be yielded people responses showed that they do n’t hold adequate clip to cook nutrient at place. They said that fast nutrient is easy to acquire and they can hold it any clip of the twenty-four hours even during their work. Peoples working in the offices claimed that it saves them from bunco ( particularly females. ) of cookery of nutrient at place and delivery in to the offices.


The decision from the research work is that the chief grounds behind the success of fast nutrient concern are the cultural alterations in Pakistan. The fast nutrient civilization has enrooted itself deep into the young person and corporate people. The easiness of entree and low cost of nutrient has led towards speedy adaptation of the people towards the fast nutrient. Hence it provides sufficient cogent evidence that puting in fast nutrient concern will take towards good lucks.


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