Business Project For Deltol Group Of Companies Essay

The demand for undertakings normally come in all signifiers of organisations both net income and non-profit devising organisations. The construction of a concern entity, its vision and mission determines the degree and sort of undertakings it come up with to heighten the capacity and strength of the concern.

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Business Project For Deltol Group Of Companies Essay
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Meeting with stakeholders ( the people who are purportedly traveling to profit from the undertaking and the investors ) will assist to make thoughts for undertakings. Involving stakeholders in the lineation and design procedure will besides enable the undertaking more opportunities of endurance and it will bring forth varying methods for acquiring the proposed aims. Stakeholder engagement will besides assist guarantee community support for the undertaking during the proposal composing procedure and after the execution procedure is put through for the undertaking to be executed.


To bring forth a proposal on a new undertaking that an administration is about to get down.

The rubric and nature of the undertaking.

The concern instance of the undertaking.

Tangible results of the undertaking.

Competitive advantage of the administration through the usage of the undertaking.


The concern demand of DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES is the building of office edifice ( extension ) / ware house for concern enlargement.

DELTOL International Group of Companies is an administration based in Nigeria ; it is a multi undertaking administration which is into production of family equipments. It focuses on the forward and backward integrating which involves aggregation of natural stuffs for production, production procedure, and distribution of its merchandises. Its merchandises include Furnace, Dryer, AC unit, range, and oven. I have worked with this administration for about five old ages and so hold blood relation experience and equal apprehension of their ends, vision, nonsubjective and undertakings needed to set the concern in the criterion and competitory construction.

This office edifice which will house the international trade section of the company would besides hold a big warehouse to suit more finished goods of the company for export into subdivisions outside Nigeria and other subdivisions.

DELTOL maintains an effectual development procedure for merchandises or services which is divided into a figure of cardinal phases:

Generating the thought.

Screening the thoughts.

Specifying the construct of the undertaking.

Development construct.

Test selling and finalizing the construct

Establish the undertaking after it has come existent.

In pattern some of these phases may overlap, but the presence of a staged procedure will assist maintain timing and costs under control.

Pull off a development undertaking

DELTOL undertaking directors are indispensable to guarantee the successful development of new merchandises or services. Part of their responsibility is besides to:

control costs and allocate resources

pull up the key parametric quantities for the merchandise or service ‘s parametric quantities

coordinate the merchandise development squad

timetabling the development procedure


A undertaking is typically defined as a set of interconnected activities holding a specific beginning and stoping, and taking to a specific aim. Probably the most of import construct in this definition is that a undertaking is intended as a impermanent enterprise, unlike ongoing, steady province operations. Secondary is the singularity of the end product.


The concern instance to be reviewed in this undertaking work of DELTOL requires the usage of the plants of some writers in undertaking direction.

1. The get downing point of undertaking success is the construct of the undertaking and analysis.

2. It is ever of import to look into on the modification factors that can come up during the class of the undertaking.

3.Checking at the issues that surrounds the construct and realization of the undertaking is such that requires pressing attending as this will find the degree at which the undertaking would travel as respects the success of the undertaking and its benefits to the stakeholders.

4. The statistical strength of the undertaking require that a befitting design, and the good organized system of undertaking characteristics be put in topographic point.

1.3 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS, PORTER ‘S FIVE FORCES and SWOT ANALYSIS The above would be carried out to analyze the benefit that would accrue to the company when the undertaking is executed.


Michael Porters explains that competitory advantages give a company an border over its challengers and an ability to engender improved value for the company and its stockholders. The more sustainable the competitory advantage, the more hard it is for rivals to cut down the advantage.

DELTOL has some rivals which are really sensitive to the market development ( local and international ). They include Doyin Group of Companies, Eleganza industries, Manchinto International, West Africa Household public-service corporations maker ( WAHUM ) etc. These companies offer the same merchandise, service, which are really competitory with the DELTOL market. They besides produce same scope of merchandises but different trade name of points. They are besides strategically located in the African market.


Constructing a new office ( extension ) which would function as a base for international trade section would make a competitory advantage for DELTOL International Group as this will enable the enlargement of its operational activities and the repositing. This will besides let DELTOL to do proper usage of its competitory advantage over its rivals in the same industry.

Competitive Schemes

Michael Porter advised on four signifiers of concern schemes which can be used in order to accomplish competitory strength. The schemes relate to the degree to which the range of a concern ‘ traffics are opened and closed, the extent to which a concern needs to do its merchandises different.

Below is an analysis of the competitory advantage by Michael Porters a direction writer that would accrue to the company by the building of the edifice.

To go a cost leader and holding differentiated merchandises in the market, the industry sections need to be made alone. However,, the distinction focal point and cost focal point schemes works so good in a wide and other industries. This edifice will enable a decrease in disbursals on rent and adjustment which would subsequently be channelled into bring forthing more goods at premium monetary values.

Strategy – Differentiation

Harmonizing to Michael Porter ‘This scheme involves taking a signifier in a market while structuring the concern otherwise to run into those standards set up by the direction. It involve inquiring for a decreased monetary value frequently to demo the higher production costs and excess value-added consequence characteristics made ready for the consumer. This is one of the schemes DELTOL is willing to accomplish with the new edifice and the preparation it is traveling to give its staff about international trade.

Strategy – Cost Leadership

This scheme is normally known with large concerns giving standard goods and services with comparatively small differences that are accurately acceptable to most of the clients as operated by DELTOL. This besides would be achieved when the company increase the size of its warehouse for support of its concern as a low-priced leader will besides cut down monetary value of its merchandise to maximize gross revenues, peculiarly if it has a important cost advantage over the competition and, in making so, it can further increase its portion in the market.

Strategy – Differentiation Focus

In this scheme, DELTOL aims to do itself come out distinct in the scope of merchandises which it has and is be aftering to come up with at the success of the edifice construction. The warehouse when eventually done would enable the company to be after in front and do farther programs for its merchandises in the local and international market.

Strategy – Cost Focus

Here DELTOL requires a lower-cost advantage in merely on or a little figure of market section. The merchandise will be basic – possibly a similar merchandise to the higher-priced and featured market leader, but acceptable to sufficient consumers. The edifice would decidedly do a decrease in merchandise as operation disbursal would be reduced.

However to this consequence, DELTOL would follow fundamentally all the schemes to guarantee it derive the market portion.


Michael Porter ‘s in his write up on ‘Porter Five Forces look into the root of the class than merely looking for effects and general industry issues and information. This is besides a better point of usage to develop better and effectual schemes for selling. The five forces include:

1. Incumbent companies

2. New companies

3. Substitutes for merchandises

4. Suppliers

5. Customers

Porter designed his basic theoretical account to be used for the whole industry. The same theoretical account could besides be used to analyze a swoon environment, such as on-line presence within an industry. The undermentioned are issues to see in the selling schemes of DELTOL:

Rivals: Those sites, companies like Doyin Group of Companies, Eleganza, WAHUM, etc, that sells the same points to the clients.

New entrants: These are set of new manufacturers who are new in the market and might desire to get down a related merchandise as in production which decidedly would impact the bing market. To this consequence, DELTOL would be affected by the entry of new manufacturers in the market.

Customers: The goods of DELTOL are such goods that would pull clients to appreciate the merchandise. However, clients need should be paramount as there gustatory sensation and pursuit can find the extent at which backing would travel.

Suppliers: Those companies that supply DELTOL with the merchandises i.e. natural stuffs used in production. These have power to either increase the cost of supply of the natural stuffs or displacement to another manufacturer in the same industry which could impact the gross revenues of DELTOL ‘S merchandises.

Substitutes: This refers to acquiring other merchandises which could be used in topographic point of the company ‘s merchandises. These replacements include merchandises from Manchinto, Eleganza and other transnational companies like Philips, Samsung.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis shows strengths, failings, market chances for the company, and menaces to the concern. For any concern minded single or concern as a whole, it is better to weigh the failings of the company against the strengths of the company so as to gain the how much impact the failings can hold and how they can be overturned.



The following do up the strength of DELTOL Group of Companies:

It has a commanding market portion in the production and gross revenues of family wares in Nigeria and West Africa.

Its market is strategically located in the bosom of Nigeria ‘s concern Centre Lagos with production Centres in 8 different provinces in the state.

This company has a good figure of skilled workers who are knowing in the selling and direction of the company.

It beginnings most of its natural stuffs locally which means low cost of natural stuffs ass they are sourced locally.

Strong selling scheme.


These include:

The company does non hold a strong market in the international market.

Expertness required managing most of the new machines to be installed.


There are a batch of chances for DELTOL amongst which we have:

Large market portion to hold on in the state.

The extension would beef up the international market of the company.

Competitive advantage as it is presently working on cost decrease so as to derive a larger market portion.

Government policy support for autochthonal companies.


There exist some menaces to DELTOL as it operates in an unfastened market. These include:

Other rivals sharing the market with DELTOL.

Recession which is impacting the planetary market.

Menace of replacement to their merchandises.

Change of consumer gustatory sensation.

Fall in portion monetary value.


There are many benefits on the successful completion of this undertaking to DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES and its stakeholders. These include:

It leads to achievement of coveted ends and visions of the company.

The edifice when completed will heighten smooth operation of activities in the administration.

Creation of more occupations as more custodies would be required to transport out more tasks/job in the administration.

Role lucidity and shared intent. A shared apprehension of what you expect the undertaking to accomplish can lend to a sense of squad intent.

Motivation for staff and users. It can be really actuating for staff to see grounds of the results of their work. It can besides be promoting for service users to see their ain advancement.

Salvaging clip. Planing your work around what you know plants could do it more effectual and efficient in the long tally. Besides, concentrating on the information you need to roll up, instead than on what has ever been collected, could cut down the clip spent on monitoring.

Undertaking 2


The success of any organisation depends on the capacity and sorts of resources it has put together to guarantee it interrupt even in the market. To accomplish this, the cost analysis of the undertaking need be carried out to guarantee the undertakings viability.

The sort of concern to make besides requires a strong analysis as this would assist in finding the degree the concern would be placed in the concern environment.

Besides, to win in concern, the person or group of people need Ts set up equal resources for the development of the company ‘s ends and aims.


This undertaking is divided into two subdivisions which require a study to the direction placing the resources for the new undertaking which will include stuffs, equipments, labor, clip finance and other resources deemed necessary for the undertaking. Besides, staff development and preparation cost for the new undertaking to be considered. The undertaking demands are itemised below:

To place all resources required for the undertaking and the benefits that would accrue to the administration.

To place all costs associated with the undertaking.

To put up a budget for the undertaking.

To carryout costs benefit analysis for the undertaking.

Staff development and preparation costs.


FROM: Management Adviser

TO: Board of Directors/Management

Date: 22nd July, 2010.



Get downing a undertaking in the concern universe is such an interesting undertaking but that requires resources which include finance ( money ), labour ( adult male power ), and machineries. This brought about the survey of the 3 M ‘s for an administration. This undertaking can non be successful except the work force is adequately equipped and good trained. These issues we shall develop in this study.

DELTOL International Group of Companies is be aftering to put in the edifice of an office/warehouse for expansionary motivations. The cost analysis will dwell of:

Project drumhead information ( Budget )


Contract fee ( from Cappa and Dalberto Construction Company ) 150,000

( The brand up of the contract fee is in the stamp submitted )

Furniture and adjustments 10,000

Machinery 25,000

Training cost 4,500

Recruitment cost ( excess cost ) 2,500

Government assessment fee 2,000

Assorted disbursals 6,000

TOTAL 200,000


All values have been converted to Great Britain Pounds ( GBP ) from Naira ( Nigerian currency ) at the rate of # 250 to ?1.

Planned and existent fiscal information

As scheduled, all disbursals listed supra would be met as feasibleness survey was made before the cost analysis was produced.

Planned and existent agenda information

Stakeholders ‘ analysis has been carried out to affect all the people concerned about this undertaking particularly the stockholders whose investing would be used to transport out this undertaking.

Planned and existent staffing information

The figure of staff that would be employed in add-on to the bing staff to busy the new edifice will do up to 100 people. They will work in different sections and would help in transporting out the drawn-out work agenda of the company.

Undertaking demands list and beginnings

The demand for the undertaking has been outlined above. However, the beginnings would better be identified through the beginning of finance. The finance would be made through stockholders ‘ fund/investment, borrowing from the bank ( loan ) and from the company modesty.

Undertaking hazards and extenuation steps

Hazard analysis is a map of the managers put in topographic point through the constitution of internal control system. The internal control of the company is able to absorb every issue as respects the peril of the undertaking.

The quality of work done at the terminal of the undertaking is a good determiner of the degree of success that would be achieved. To this consequence, undertaking audit would be carried out at the terminal of the undertaking development to guarantee proper work is done.


The company ‘s expected cost of capital is 15 %

The analysis is as follows:

Office Building



0 ( 200,000 ) 1.000 ( 200,000 )

1 50,000 0.870 43,500

2 56,500 0.756 42,714

3 59,200 0.658 38,954

4 72,600 0.572 41,527

5 85,000 0.497 42,245


The above shows that the undertaking if undertaken will convey about a positive net present value of ?8,940 at the terminal of twelvemonth 5 which shows that the undertaking is feasible.

( Beginning: Company direction history twelvemonth 2009 )


A good and feasible undertaking merely as the one being proposed by the direction of Deltol Group of Companies would hold a batch of benefits amongst which includes:

Market share/ competitory advantage over the rivals.

Expansion of the concern.

Addition in gross revenues and betterment on the net income of the company.

Increase portion holders wealth.

Job creative activity.


In many organisations today, there are a batch of challenges that depict how greater assurance, inaugural, solutions-finding, and problem-solving capablenesss among the people can be ensued. These administrations need staff at all degrees to be more self-sufficing, originative resourceful, and independent. This act enables staff to run at greater strategic degree, which makes their organisations more productive and competitory. People ‘s attempts produce bigger consequences. It ‘s what all organisations strive to accomplish.

Staff development and preparation for DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES members of staff is an of import portion of developmental phase of an organisation as it affects the assorted section, unit and single degrees. It is hence of import that the move of larning into the workplace is assessed through a procedure of reappraisal and rating so that its success or otherwise can be established and so that we can show the part acquisition makes towards overall organizational success.

The preparation would be DELTOL ?4,500

2,500 for programme facilitators,

500 for stuffs,

300 for refreshment for the 3 yearss of the preparation

?1,200 for machine competency preparation, which will decidedly heighten the quality of staff of the company. The trainer is Messer ‘s QUICKDRILL Consultants based in Abuja, Nigeria. This preparation would be done along as the edifice in under building.


Promote concern efficiency and attempts of the employers to develop and develop staff to operational demands, ends and set marks.

Identify cost effectual and valuable preparation programmes, taking to better focused acquisition and developmental demands of the company.

Ensure the transportation of acquired cognition into the company.

Use and reinforce techniques learned to assist better quality and client service within the administration.

Help specify the laid down hereafter development aims.

Undertaking 3

3.0 Introduction

Harmonizing to, an Execution Plan is a elaborate undertaking direction tool for a specific policy step or bundle of steps, put together to assist company undertaking directors to pull off and supervise execution constructively.

Execution Plans are intended to be mensurable and easy, reflecting the degree of urgency, invention, complexness with the sensitiveness in line with the peculiar policy step.

The concern demand of DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES is the building of office edifice ( extension ) / ware house for concern enlargement. To accomplish this, after the construct of the undertaking and the stuffs that would be required, the execution of this undertaking is required. To this consequence, a set of aims have been outlined below which would be used to analyze the planning and development of the undertaking.


Using suited tools and techniques to be after the execution of the chosen undertaking,

Develop a milepost for the undertaking.

Analyse the engagement of stakeholders in the execution of the undertaking.

Develop a set of step that would enable you monitor and evaluate advancement of the undertaking and guarantee relevant feedback processs have been put in topographic point to inform stakeholders of the undertaking ‘s advancement.

3.1 IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS writes ‘The direction squad in any concern sets the tone and outlooks for the remainder of the employees. Therefore, it ‘s of import to acquire the squad behind the undertaking and driving it frontward right from the beginning. This will enable the whole concern to understand the benefits of the new system, and how their current concern procedures will alter for the better. Scheduling company or squad meetings, regular e-mail newssheets and bulletins are all ways of reassigning this message ‘.

Prosecuting employees on clip is hence really important. Checking on the house ‘s current procedures is a good manner of making this and it besides enable the stakeholders to understand how the new concern solution can be followed to work within the concern.

The following measure is to understand how the bing concern methods can be improved upon. In order to guarantee that a new system is used to its full potency it needs to be fixed to the ends of those utilizing it.


DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES have this execution phase to follow in order to guarantee a proper and equal undertaking development.

The followers shows the phases to be followed in the development of the undertaking – building of office edifice and warehouse ( extension ).

The above construction would be explained further with the stakeholders ‘ analysis.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // assessed on 19/06/2010 ).


Undertaking mileposts are “ how are we making? ” thresholds, bespeaking whether a undertaking is on path to complete as expected, planned and required.A Specific mileposts will change by undertaking, but in general, project mileposts can be defined as the group of achievements, consequences, deliverables and events used to mensurate overall and specific undertaking advancement.



What will be achieved

The completion of the office edifice and warehouse for the usage of the international gross revenues section and repositing.

Specific standards

A degree hedge standard for the building has been given to the edifice contractor Cappa and Dabelto so as to accomplish the coveted undertaking.

Quality steps

The quality of stuffs to be used for the building is standard checked and guaranteed stuffs for the edifice.

Target day of the month

The mark day of the month is 22nd July, 2010 for the start and March 2011 for the completion of the undertaking. Besides the preparation will take three ( 3 ) hebdomads. This will be done before the edifice is ready. Machinery, furniture and adjustments ordered and would take up to four ( 4 ) months to acquire to Nigeria from Germany.








FEB-MAR. 2011

What will be achieved

Specific standards

Quality steps

Staff preparation

Target day of the month

The above represents the Gantt Chart on the building of ware house/office extension for DELTOL Group of companies demoing the diagram of how and when the undertaking would be achieved.

3.2 Stakeholders ANALYSIS

Stakeholders are set of people, groups with involvements in a undertaking or organisation. These are into two groups ‘ primary and secondary stakeholders. Primary stakeholders are that are affected, either positively ( donees ) or negatively with the Secondary stakeholders are the mediators in the assistance bringing procedure. This definition of stakeholders includes both victors and also-rans, and those involved or excluded from decision-making procedures.

Cardinal stakeholders are those who can significantly act upon, or are of import to the success of the undertaking and the organisation at big.

The stakeholders in DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES are categorized into chief ( primary ) and secondary stakeholders. These include:








Basically, the major stakeholders of DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES include:

The Shareholders/Management

The clients

Members of staff

The Government

The rivals

The Shareholders/Management

These are the proprietors of the concern. They have invested there resources in the concern in order to hold a maximised net income. At the execution level/phase, all undertaking stakeholders need to be involved as this would affect the costing and blessing of the undertaking by the managers before it can be carried out. This is the phase every undertakings endurance are determined. This is the phase DELTOL stockholders bring in their expertness and investing.

A The clients

The clients here do non truly play a determination function. However, there demands have to be considered as this will give the company the thrust to better more on the services provided.

Members of staff

Members of staff of DELTOL need to be actively involved in the execution phase because these are the people who work straight in the production sector of the administration. They are to be actively informed about the procedure and advancement at the edifice site so they know when work will restart at the completion of the undertaking and how they would be involved.

The Government

The authorities is the primary corporate stakeholder and the concluding supreme authority of what corporations must make. Here, the revenue enhancement to be paid by the administration on the edifice undertaking, the corporation revenue enhancement, and value added revenue enhancement to be paid as it will better the position of authorities ‘s development to the people/community.

Corporations must bow to the crowned head.

The province presides over the destiny of a company and its investors. The authorities determines who benefits from corporate actions.

By commanding all corporations within a legal power, authorities is normally the major factor in finding capital flows.

The rivals

Competition is a signifier of competition between persons, groups, states, animate beings, etc. for district, a niche, or a location of resources, companies like Doyin Group of Companies, Eleganza, WAHUM, etc, that offer the same merchandise, service, or information as DELTOL. It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a end which can non be shared. Competition occurs between populating beings which co-exist in the same environment. For illustration, animate beings compete over H2O supplies, nutrient, and couples, etc. Humans compete for H2O, nutrient, and couples, though when these demands are met deep competitions frequently arise over the chase of wealth, prestigiousness, and celebrity. Business is frequently associated with competition as most companies are in competition with at least one other house over the same group of clients.

This new undertaking will give the company a hedge over its rivals.


Harmonizing to Vernooy et al., 2003, undertaking rating gives room for monitoring of undertakings in a systematic manner which allows for aggregation of information required for the measuring of the undertaking.

Monitoring and rating has fundamentally some differences amongst which is the chief one which has to make with the timing and frequence of observations and the types of inquiries the directors faced.


Every good and successful undertaking require to be monitored by those who are placed in the arm of personal businesss of the organisation and those saddled with the duty of supervising undertakings executed in the organisation.

This DELTOL is seting into consideration so as to guarantee a balance undertaking monitoring and rating.

Some major grounds for look intoing on the efficiency and effectivity of the undertaking include:

Efficiency negotiations about resources put into the undertaking in the manner to which the end products and results are fixed. Evaluation of undertakings enable us to happen out if there was better and easy manner of accomplishing the same end.

Effectiveness refers to if the undertaking was utile and helpful in acquiring to the undertaking ends and aims, or leads to positive and definite decision which is good to the company.

Relevance explains the utility and flexibleness of a undertaking within the peculiar context of the proprietor e.g. DELTOL.

All these set together enable the direction and the undertaking supervisors to cognize if the cost expended on the undertaking is worthwhile. Effectiveness, efficiency and rightness can be considered for the different methods, tools and attacks instead than oppugning the value of the research attack as a whole.

DELTOL has outlined the undermentioned ground for supervising the undertaking:

Undertaking monitoring helps to supply constructive suggestions which would better the company.

Ability to reschedule the undertaking at clip the undertaking is dawdling behind.

Ensures adequateness of budget for the undertaking.

Delegating the needed staff to the job/project work as expected in the undertaking projection/estimation.


Conclusively, DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES is a company with strategic steps to guarantee it keep a high public presentation in its activities. At the completion of the undertaking, the edifice will function as the international networking Centre for the company which would convey about a high degree of betterment for the company.

Undertaking monitoring and control enhances the degree of development and increases the opportunities of accomplishing a coveted end.

DELTOL GROUP OF COMPANIES would set in topographic point the afore-mentioned control measures to guarantee the undertaking aims are achieved.



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