Butler Model Sample Essay

Does Weston-Super-Mare suit the Butler Model?

Weston-super-Mare is a popular seaboard resort town located in the county of Somerset. England on the Bristol Channel seashore. It is the largest colony in the North West. Weston-super- Mare has a population of 69. 696 People populating in families and 2. 062 people populating in communal constitutions ; 71. 758 in entire. 2 Due to the development of the railroad between local towns and metropoliss it became a popular seaboard resort in the nineteenth century.

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Butler Model Sample Essay
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In this field study I will be discoursing whether Weston-super-Mare fits the Butler Model. First let’s discourse what the pantryman theoretical account is. The pantryman theoretical account is important in touristry geographics. The theoretical account provides a structured model on the lifecycle of tourer industries such as beaches. The theoretical account is divided in to five phases and is besides depicted as a graph:

Here we can see the place of each of the five phases in conformity to clip. intending the more clip that goes on there is an addition in the figure of tourers. Therefore the coastal town develops and progresses through these five phases.


Discovery is when a town is revealed and explored by a group of people who so pass on their cognition of the topographic point to other. This means that as the old ages go on more and more people are attracted to the town significance there is “new economic chances. ” This economic system has a positive consequence for local people who can do a net income from the inflow of visitants and tourers. This phase can be related to Weston-super-Mare which has links to pre- historic times. History tells us that seaside vacations became popular due to the find of the wellness benefit that the sea provided. This tendency was started by King George III in 1789. who went to Weymouth due to advice of his doctors stating him about the virtuousnesss of bathing and imbibing the sea H2O. Therefore the occupants of neighbouring metropoliss such as Bristol and Bath the closest and accessible coastal town was Weston-super-Mare. Due to the attractive force of this picturesque rural town there was a demand to suit all these visitants so a hotel was opened in 1810.

Growth and Development Stage

This phase of the pantryman theoretical account is when the coastal town has attracted more tourers through some sort of promotion like articles or merely recommendation from people. This means the local people need to supply attractive forces like stores. eating houses. more hotels and other services for the tourers. In Weston-super-Mare the first type article written about the town was a vacation usher in 18226. This was a book for visitants which gave a portraiture of the town supplying inside informations such as how many hotels/inns it had and other adjustments for tourers. There was non as many amusement comfortss back so in comparing to so. The reaching of the railroad in 1841 meant there now was a chief line to Weston-super-Mare to transport the visitants to the finish.

Birnbeck Pier was built in 18677. This provided the tourers with a new topographic point to see. to walk along the wharf and position the scenery. Weston-super-Mare experient growing due to its developing in to a resort. This was apart of the Seafront Improvement Scheme which created the sea walls and the promenade. Besides with the farther development of the railroad in 18848 it meant that Weston-super-Mare became a popular twenty-four hours trip finish with 1000s sing for Bank Holidays. Obviously this meant that there was a growing in concern with new stores opening. The urban territory council so added to this growing in 1894 with new amusement installations such as indoor swimming baths. a library. museum and a theater.

A 2nd wharf was built in 1904 closer to the town Centre to drive tourers in to the town Centre to hike concern as local felt that visitants didn’t come to the town Centre as they stayed in and around the Birnbeck Pier. The Grand Pier offered more amusement installations in add-on to those already at that place such as bars. merry go unit of ammunition. park swings. more eating houses and amusement type games. Besides the expansive wharf was renowned for its expansive theater. There was besides the edifice of the Odeon theater in 1935. which attracted more visitants as it was similar to the London Leicester Square theater. Success

This phase is when more and more people make trips to the coastal location. the installations are built for the visitant is being used. The accretion of touristry takes over the primary map of the town. This causes sick experiencing within the location and loss of original civilization that the town had. This can be seen in Weston-super-Mare with the edifice of the expansive wharf as local bargainers. unhappy that visitants were non coming every bit far as the Centre of the town. construct a new wharf closer to the chief streets. Besides the tourer where now non drawn in to the town for the benefits of the sea and the one time romantic rural appeal the town had. Peoples where now coming to Weston-super-Mare for its attractive forces such as the expansive pier’s grant theater where musical stars of the twenty-four hours performed conveying in large crowds to the town. All the new attractive forces and comfortss that were emplaced at clip of growing are being used such as the amusements. which were a hit for people of all ages. The of all time turning route webs and the gap of expresswaies like the M5 provided another manner for people to see the beach and attractive forces.

Problem – Stagnation Stage

At this phase the popularity of town is short lived. Tourists and vacation shapers do non happen this location appealing any longer. This taking to a diminution in the economic system of the town and tourer attractive forces are non to the full utilised which means closing and unemployment. This can be seen in the 1970s when Weston-super-Mare was enduring a diminution. The possible grounds for this diminution were the progresss in going. airplanes had become accessible offering inexpensive flights to more alien locations. Weston-super-Mare was good known for its aerospace industry which closed in 20029. Besides in the 1970s there was a diminution in people remaining in Weston-super-Mare. Both of these diminutions meant there was unemployment. Besides the firing down of the Grand Pier in 2008 meant that there was a farther diminution in the town economic system as the wharfs attractive forces bought in a batch gross and since it had been burnt down people who worked at that place. now could non and the rebuild took two old ages.

Decline or Rejuvenation

This phase is when the coastal town has two options either to travel into diminution or greening. We can see that Weston-super-Mare was confronting a diminution. but there has been some greening. Weston-super-Mare is still a popular tourer finish. The attractive forces such as the beach. the Museums. the Grand Pier. the fish tank and the Wheel of Weston still pull in large crowds. The steam boats offer twenty-four hours trips from Knightstone Island to assorted finishs along the Bristol Channel and Severn estuary. The greening has been in the types of tourers that Weston-super-Mare is seeking to appeal to for illustration festivals such as T4 on the Beach bring in 1000s of immature people every summer to see musical Acts of the Apostless. The biker events in the summer bring in rockerss and motorcycle partisans. Besides Weston-super-Mare is be aftering to foster rejuvenate itself as a cardinal location with program to make a Leisure dome.

North Somerset Council gave be aftering blessing to the ?50 million Leisure Dome. a 210-metre indoor ski slope to be built on the site of RAF Locking. The site. which is due to open early in 2013. is planned to include a 40-metre mounting wall. a perpendicular air current tunnel for indoor skydiving. indoor surfboarding. a BMX path. a wellness and fittingness nine. and a figure of stores and eating houses. The ski incline will be the longest in the United Kingdom10. This Leisure Dome will make more occupations. which will hopefully do it a successful greening as the Leisure Dome will overhaul the resort and pull new visitants. This is a popular manner of rejuvenating resorts for illustration from my field experiment of Cardiff Bay ; it had similar programs to construct a leisure Centre to pull more concern and people. In decision from the grounds collected in relation to each of the five phases we can see that western super female horse has fit the standards of the pantryman theoretical account. This location has been through the life rhythm that faces all seaside vicinities. Western ace female horse has surpassed its expected life with hopes of modernisation as its key to endurance.

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