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Natural cleaning, Healthy living Air, water, residual agricultural chemicals (pesticides/herbicides) and unpleasant odours (food, bathroom, refrigerator, cigarette smoke and turbid indoor air odours all contribute to our daily toxic load. Most of the solutions developed by industry for ridding ourselves of these pollutants contain additional chemicals, which increase our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. How Anyzone Gold helps: It’s for the whole family • Disposes harmful bacteria in meat and fish • Removes chemical residue, larva and pesticides from vegetables and fruits • Gets rid of unpleasant odor from food Improves skin metabolism and reduces allergy • Removes washing detergent residues and bacteria from household items and utensils • Preserves freshness in food Sterilization and disinfection Germs such as E. coli, colon bacillus, Salmonella, vibrio staphylococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are sterilized and disinfected by strong oxidation reaction. “Disinfects without using chemical washing or boiling. ” Deodorization and air purification Effective in deodorizing refrigerator odours, food odours, indoor odours, bathroom odours and many more.

Indoor air, cigarette odours and unpleasant odours are eliminated and turned into refreshing natural air. Air purification cigarette smoke test sight Before use 10 second 20 seconds Pillow Meat, fish, vegetable and fruits Residual agricultural chemical and harmful elements are decomposed through oxidation. Revives freshness and improves flavour. “Not a single tested pesticide has ever been proven safe. ” Professor Dennis Parke, former Chairman of WHO Joint Meeting’s statement on pesticide residues. What is anion and ozone? Anions are electrons with negative electricity, also known as “vitamins in the air”.

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Oxygen anions have the capability to eliminate dust, germs and cigarette odours through purification. It is odorless, tasteless and invisible; we could only inhale it in abundance near waterfalls, mountains and oceans. It also helps in maximizing our brain activity. Ozone is composed of 3 oxygen atoms and has a distinctive and peculiar fish-like odour. It is a light blue gas and has strong oxidizing power, used for sterilizing beverages. It decomposes and destroys residual agricultural chemicals on vegetables and fruits through oxidization.

It is also used for sterilization of kitchen and baby goods by filtering out harmful components, biological beings and foreign substances. Ozonated water is safe and effective for: • Bathing pets • Regenerating and removing bacteria and parasites form plants. Just water them and/or spray their leaves • Cleaning fish tanks. Drop your ozone nozzle in the water and watch your tank clean itself! Fish are invigorated by ozone water • Eliminating bacteria on kitchen surfaces • Washing hair. Ozone water protects damaged hair, restoring its colour and manageability; PLUS, it is a great treatment for dandruff! Effective treatment for skin problems, including acne, rashes, eczema • Sinus problems • Leucorrhoea, vaginal thrush. Use the water as a douche. • You can set the Anyzone to run while sleeping giving you that mountain/seaside fresh air in your room. Ozonated air is environmentally safe for: • Disinfecting and “debugging” closets, and cupboards. • Freshening, deodorizing and disinfecting bedding, linens, and clothing. Place linens in plastic bags with ozone nozzle for just a few minutes. It’s so simple! Company Profile …

Global Healthy Link Sdn Bhd with its main office in Petaling Jaya is currently actively involved in the distribution of Ozone/ Anion sterilization equipment, health-related products and water filtration system for both household and commercial use. One of our goals is to exceed the expectations of every customer we come in contact with by offering outstanding customer service, value-added functionalities and operational efficiency. GHLSB strives to provide environmental-friendly, safe, durable and reliable products to its valued customers and will not compromise on product and service quality.

Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional product recommendation and services. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of having hundreds of satisfied customers since the company started operation in 2004. Functions and Effectiveness of Anyzone Gold Anion Ozone Sterilizer Summary • Removes chemical residue and pesticides on vegetables and fruits • Disposes harmful bacteria in meat and fish • Get rids of unpleasant odor from food Expunges parasites and larva on vegetables and fruits • Ozonated water improves skin metabolism and reduces allergy • Removes washing detergent residues and bacteria from household items and utensils • Preserves freshness in food Sterilization • Food – food are exposed to pathogens (illness causing bacteria) and harmful chemicals during the growing period and handling • Kitchen sponges and rags – effective as a germicide/ fungicide to destroy germs, molds, bacteria and any microbes. Does not produce chemical residues during cleaning as in other cleaning agents • Utensils and dishes – Salmonella, E.

Coli and many pathogens can cause food poisoning, if not properly cleaned. Thus soaking the utensils and dishes in ozonated water can rid these pathogens. • Pets accessories – Bacteria is common in the stool of pets, thus washing the accessories can rid these bacteria • Children toys – If not cleaned and sterilized properly, can lead to illness and infections • Baby’s Utensils – Babies are sensitive to illness, tooth decay and diarrhea if utensils are not properly cleaned especially bottle nipples and pacifiers.

Soaking in ozonated water will help destroy bacteria • Medical instruments – Economical way to sterilize equipment Purification • Drinking water – 90% bottled water uses ozone for purification. The taste of Ozonated water is improved. • Fish tanks/ aquariums – Ozone can destroy algae and bacteria in fish tank with no harmful effect on the fish. Within 20 minutes, ozone will change back to oxygen, due to the instability of the 3rd oxygen, thus increasing the level of dissolved oxygen, keeping the water clearer and the fish healthier. Work as fridge purifier (reduces fodd spoiling and illnesss) – Ozone destroys food spoiling bacteria and mircroorganisms and organic chemicals, maintaining the freshness of meat and vegetables. • Hot tub, spa and bath water – Ozone is far cheaper than chlorine at destroying bacteria and microorganisms without any adverse effect on sensitive skin • Air purifier – Ozone destroy impurities in the air such as bacteria, molds, smoke etc. It also reduces dust and other particles because of the negative ions produced as a by product.

Removes Odor • Small rooms, closets, shoe racks, car – It is a powerful odor remover, especially in removing mildew odor from cigarette smoke and any other odor • Clothing and fabrics – this can be done in a concealed area with the Anyzone and a fan. Good for removal of cigarette smell • Cooking Odor – point the end of the tube towards the source • Mold removal and clean-up – this can be done using ozonated water or air Disinfects Dentures and contact lens – Ozonated water can be used to disinfect lens to prevent eye infections, and denture plague caused by the fungus candida, which causes unpleasant odor and infection/ inflammation of the gums • Air in food storage closets/ pantries to preserve food – It destroys harmful microorganisms which emits in the air in gaseous form • Bathroom/ Kitchen – Research by California State University proves that ozonated water is an effective cleaning agent in soil and biofilm surfaces without any chemical residues Sanitization Toothbrush – If not properly cleaned can spread illness. Soaking toothbrushes can reduce this • Hand washing – Soaking your hand in ozonated water for a couple of minutes is more effective than using soap • Sanitization of anything where bacteria, fungi, chemical etc are present on the surface Relieves • Mouth, throat and stomach infections • Athlete’s foot and skin fungus • Natural treatment for softer and healthier skin Advantages of Anyzone Gold • Compact and easy to carry around • Practically maintenance free and easy to clean Multi-function Anion Air Cleaner and Ozoniser • USA FDA approved • Safe with safety endorsements and certificates ???? ,???? ?? ,? ,?? (?? /??? )???????? (?? ,?? ,?? ,???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ,??????????????????? ?? Anyzone??? : ???????? ???????????? ??????? ,?? ,???????? ?????????? ????????? ,????? ???????????? ,???? ?????? ???? ????? ,???? ,???? ,??????? ,???????????????????? ?????????? “??? ” ??????? ????????? ,???? ,???? ,???????????? ,?????????? ,??????????? ???????????? ??? 10? 20? ?? ?,? ,????? ?????????????????????????? “?????????????????? ” ????????? ,????????????????? ?????????? ????????? ,?????? “??? ”????????????????? ,????????????? ,?? ,??? ,?????????? ,?????????????????????????????? ???? 3???????? ,????????????????? ,????????? ,??????????? ,??????? ,???????????????????????????? ,????????????? ????????? : •???? •???????????????????? ,??? /????? •????????????? ,??????????!???????? •????????? •??????????????? ,?????????? ,??????????????! •????????? ,???? ,?? ,?? •??? •?? ,??????????? •????? Anyzone??????? ,?? /???????????? ????????? •??? “?? ”?? ,??? •?? ,?? ,???? ,?? ,?????????????????????????! ????… ??????????????????????????????????? /??????? ,???????????????????????????????????????? ,?????????????? ,????????????? GHLSB??????? ,?? ,?? ,????? ,?????? ,?????????????? ??????????????????????????? ,????????????????????????????????? ,????????? 2004????????????????? ??? Anyzone?????????? ?? •???????????????? •???????????? •?????????????? •Expunges?????? ,???? •???????????? ,????? •???????????? ,???? •?????? ?? •?? ???????? (??????? ),????????????? •??????? ??????? /??????? ?? ,??????????????????????????? •???? ???? ,????????????????? ,???????????? ,?? ,????????????????? •???? ?????????? ,??????????????? •???? ???????????? ,???????? •???? ???????? ,????? ,???????????? ,??????????????????????? •???? ?????????? ?? •??? -90%??????????????????????? •?? /??? ????? ,??????????? ,??????? 20??? ,???????? ,??? 3?????? ,??????? ,?????? ,????? ??????? •?? (?? fodd??? illnesss) ?????????? mircroorganisms??????? ,????????????? •??? ,?????? ??????? ,????????????????????????? chlorin •????? ???????? ,??? ,?? ,??? ,????????? ???????????????? ???? •??? ,?? ,?? ,?? ???????? ,???????????????????????? , •????? ????? Anyzone?????????????????????? •???? ??????? •????????? ?????????????? ?? •??????? ????????????????? ,??????????? ,????????????? /??????? •????????? /?????? ???????????????????? •?? /?? – ???????????? ,?????????????????????????????? ???? •?? ?????????????????????????? •?? ?????????? ,???????????? •??????? ,?? ,?? ,??????????? ?? •?? ,??????? •?????????? •???????? ,??? ?? Anyzone? •?? ,???? •????? ,??? •???????????? Ozoniser •?? FDA?? •?????????? [pic]


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