BYD Corporation Essay

This undertaking study is based on the presentation which is BYD Corporation.

The purpose of this study is to look into the planning and execution phases of spread outing BYD pure electric auto into abroad markets. Particularly the cardinal fiscal resources for successful execution of the undertaking will be involved. Besides the human capital cost will be considered in the abroad expanding, with cost benefit analysis ( CBA ) as a measurement criterion to warrant the successful execution of the undertaking.

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Main organic structure

BYD Corporation is a immature Chinese car manufacturer which was founded in 1995 as a rechargeable battery mill. After BYD listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 31 Aug. 2002, it entered into car industry in 2003 by geting another Chinese car shaper. Even the energy crisis cause the rapid increasing of fuel monetary value hits tonss of car manufacturers, BYD ‘s electric auto gross revenues execute really good, particularly in Jan. 2009 BYD F3 gross revenues 15675 vehicles in Chinese market and it is the bestselling auto.
Our purpose is to copy the successful history into planetary car market. Just like what does the BYD CEO remark “our purpose is to be the 1st in Chinese market in 2010 and to be the no.1 in planetary market until 2025”


In order to establishing merchandises overseas, we need to apportion relevant and sufficient resources to back up the spread outing activity successfully.

 Key fiscal resources required

BYD Corporation was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2002, which major fiscal resources are generated from the public portion holder. The equity finance is the more appropriate method to raise capital than other beginning of finance, e.g. debt funding. The advantage of equity finance is inexpensive, and no involvements need to refund. Once the stockholder realize BYD intend undertaking is making good, it is easy to raise plentifulness of capital to supply sufficient financess for the new undertaking. But the disadvantage of equity is clip devouring. The legal procedure of rise equity need plentifulness of clip to pass on with relevant regulator and bureau. It costs clip and may take the intend undertaking lose the possible competitory advantage.

BYD ‘s new globalisation scheme is to open America ‘s new energy car market in 2010. The pure electric powered vehicles are traveling to import to the U.S. market. The finance are traveling to be raised from Shen Zhen Stock Exchanges ( SZSE ) by publishing IPO in south China in 2010. Which will assist BYD Corporation to raise up to $ 450,000,000. These financess will play a large function to assist BYD enter into American markets.

Technology resources

BYD ‘s nucleus competency is the Fe battery engineering, which is the first company produces strictly electric vehicles in volume in the universe. The Fe battery proves to hold better safety public presentation and larger capacity. The to the full charged auto can drive up to 400 kilometres. The battery can be to the full charged in 10 proceedingss in bear downing station or 9 hours at place.
The Fe battery engineering is mature and environmental friendly, which do non necessitate to disposal it to specific garage. The Fe battery engineering is strictly green, and presently there is no obvious rival in the electric auto industry around the universe.

 Human resources
Human capital costs

Human capital refers to the stock of accomplishments and cognition embodied in the ability to execute labour so as to bring forth economic value. It is the accomplishments and cognition gained by a worker through instruction and experience. Many early economic theories refer to it merely as labour, one of three factors of production, and see it to be a fungible resource — homogenous and easy interchangeable. Other constructs of labour dispense with these premises
( )

Human capital costs is the cost for geting, developing person for the organisational resources, it is a cost incurred by individual. It is pecuniary footings of investing in human capital.

Use of theory

The globalisation of BYD besides needs theory to back up and measure the successful of execution phases. Which I perfer to utilize Cost Benefit Analysis to entree the international launching undertaking, and subsequently the Net Present Value theoretical account will use to the proposal to make a determination on the undertaking.

 Cost Benefit Analysis ( CBA )
Cost benefit analysis is a determination devising technique, which normally help the direction to measure, entree, and measure a undertaking or proposal.

Under the footings of CBA, we are traveling to weighing the entire expected costs against the sum expected benefits of a figure of options, so we can take the best profitable one to take the proposal to execution phase in order to acquire a successful results. ( )
In accessing the CBA, all the costs are traveling to be recorded in money footings, and we besides need to see the clip value of money ( NPV, we are traveling to discourse it subsequently ) . Then we need to take in count of the associate benefits which will flux to the entity, either touchable benefit such as cost economy, or intangible benefit e.g. increasing of good will or market portion. Meanwhile, return on investing ( ROI ) besides can assist in determination devising on the establishing new undertaking.

BYD Corporation are traveling to spread out its concern and merchandises into America.
The undermentioned diagram will demo the relationship between cost and benefit by Cost Benefits analysis.

Remarks on BYD cost benefits analysis.

Comparing to the cost of abroad expanding, the increasing market portion, economic sciences of graduated tables and the planetary trade names imaginativeness are evidently more of import and attractiveness to the BYD ‘s stakeholders. My recommendation is if the market research shows the demand of new energy vehicles are high, and the entry barrier is low-cost, we better to put up car mill in abroad straight by Direct Foreign Investment ( DFI ) , if the research show merely little demand and the possible demanding do non increase in the short hereafter, I recommend BYD see the export scheme to travel globalisation.

Net Present Value ( NPV )

Net present value is defined as the entire present value ( PV ) of a clip of hard currency flows. It is a standard method for utilizing the clip value of money to measure long-run undertakings. Used for capital budgeting, and widely throughout economic sciences, it measures the surplus or deficit of hard currency flows, in present value footings, one time funding charges are met. ( )
The hard currency influx and escape is discounted to its present value by using appropriate price reduction rates, which will take in count of the cost of capital, rising prices, clip etc.
After a series of computation of hard currency inflow/outflow with price reduction rate in count, we can acquire a concluding figure which will assist the direction to do determination on that undertaking of whether the undertaking is profitable or non.

Critical reappraisal

In order to establishing the BYD ‘s abroad spread outing undertaking successfully, we need to see the external environment to help the direction to do the determination.
The PEST theoretical account will be applied to the BYD instance.

Plague analysis

• Political
Harmonizing to Thompson ( 2002 ) said, political factors include authorities ordinances and legal issues and specify both formal and informal regulations under which the house must run.
In presents, environmental protection is more rigorous than earlier. Tonss of states in the universe issue tight statute laws on emanation of car. Such as European Union have issue emanations statute law in 1994. ( ) , and President Obama of U.S. announced national fuel efficiency policy on 19 May 2009. This policy aimed at both increasing fuel economic system and cut downing nursery gas pollution for all new autos and trucks sold in the United States. ( )
From the position of world-wide political issue, the BYD electric vehicles are welcomed by planetary environmental statute law.

• Economic environment

Pearce and Robinson ( 2005 ) described the including of demographic and cultural facets for the external macro-environment. It affects consumers need and the size of possible markets. The automotive sector was ab initio weakened by the increasing monetary value of automotive fuels linked to the 2003-2008 energy crises, this led consumer acquire off from vehicles with high emanation vehicles, such SUV and trucks. Low emanation autos and new energy powered vehicles are more favor to the consumer globally.
Toyota who overtakes GM, announced on 7th June, 2007 that it had sold 1 million intercrossed vehicles globally, and that of those 757,600 were Prius intercrossed auto. ( ) , which Toyota Prius ‘s success imply the demands of new energy vehicle are truly strong.

• Social

Pearce and Robinson ( 2005 ) described the including of demographic and cultural facets for the external macro-environment. It affects consumers need and the size of possible markets. The societal tendencies are changed from the energy crisis, people are more favour in vehicles with inexpensive new energy instead than fuel ingestion vehicles. That is good intelligence for the BYD globalisation.

• Technological environment

Technology factors could take down barriers to entry, worsen minimal efficient production phases, and affect outsourcing determinations Johnson and Scholes ( 1993 ) .
Harmonizing to the anticipation informations from the Auto Mfg & A ; Production, the new energy vehicles are traveling to take up to 25 % market portion till 2020.
From the turning market portion, we can state that who control new energy engineering, who will command the hereafter of car market.


Driving decision as spread outing BYD into abroad market is non an easy undertaking. There are a batch of things take into consideration that will impact the consequence of spread outing undertaking. Rivals, clients, and local authorities protection etc are factors can non disregard to implement the undertaking.

Although the spread outing undertaking can acquire support from Chinese authorities, stockholders and other stakeholders, but the concluding consequence is depends on the client globally, our purpose is to bring forth the high-quality, safe, and environmental friendly autos of tomorrow ; that can take the universe towards an energy independent hereafter ; and that is one time more a Industrial Revolution. The direction of BYD must take consideration of the external environment alteration from clip to clip to choose the right scheme suit for the current universe in order to globalise and success in the twenty-first century.

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