byu online health final

Question Answer
Which of the following factors is most clearly associated with premature death caused by heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and diabetes mellitus? poor choice in fitness and nutrition
What is the most common mood disorder resulting in a constant state of sadness? depression
What are signs and symptoms of the stress response? increased heart rate, decreased digestion, increased breathing, increased energy
Taking time to sleep eight hours a night, eat properly, wear a helmet, and exercise sixty minutes daily will best maintain which of the following? physical health
Which of the following describes the best way to express anger When told you didn't get the promotion at work, go out and garden or run.
What is any action or condition that may impair our health called? a risk factor
Which of the following is the best definition of quality of life? overall satisfaction that a person gets from life
When making a decision, which of the following should a person not always consider? peers' opinions
Of the following, which would be the LEAST reliable website for health information or anything .com
Which of the following identifies the well-being of your body, your mind, and your relationships with other people? health
Adam fails the test on the digestive system in class. He tells his teacher the reason he failed the test was that his mother had been too demanding that he do the household chores, so he had no time to study. What defense mechanism is he using? projection???
A person who has been fasting for twenty-four hours will most likely function on what level of needs? physical needs
In what phase of the General Adaptation Syndrome does the body try to detect a change and start the fight-or-flight response to cope with it?? alarm???
Wayne has a good job but finds it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because he has no energy and has been feeling sad. In fact, he has called in sick ten days in one month. From which mood disorder may he be suffering? depression
How are genetic traits passed from one generation to the next? DNA
Anthony finds it difficult to work with Brittany because one week she is extremely happy and the next week she is very sad and withdrawn. From which mood disorder may Brittany be suffering? Bipolar
The ability to work with others best describes which of the following? social health
The "fight-or-flight response" is also called the stress response
What is the major hormone that allows us to cope with stress but may also cause organ damage with chronic stress? adrenaline
Joe and Marsha were dating for six months when Marsha breaks up with Joe, saying that they both need to meet other people. Joe continues to call and tries to see Marsha, ignoring the fact that they broke up. What stage of grief is Joe in? denial
What stage of grieving occurs when the potential loss has been accepted, but the person makes deals to get more time? bargaining
What type of risk factor is breathing in secondhand smoke enviromental
You are influenced by your peers to not wear a safety belt when driving. What type of risk factor is being described? social
Melinda is confused about what she should do because she feels like she has several voices talking to her and telling her to do different things. From which mood disorder does she most likely suffer? schizophrenia
Which of the following risk factors poses a health threat that would increase over time? eating fast food everyday
You should compare the potential benefits of a decision against which of the following? risks
Which of the following describes the physical and social conditions in which we live? environment
Which of the following would be considered a defense mechanism? denial
What is the correct order of needs as described by Maslow? physical needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, self-actualization
David does not do well in school because he can't read well, but he dreams of a college scholarship because of his excellent basketball abilities. What defense mechanism is David showing? compensation
Which of the following best describes Maslow's hierarchy? the needs must be met in order
When individuals feel threatened with their current situation, what behaviors might they use to protect themselves? defense mechanisms
Ashlee is taking three AP classes, and she will be participating in a competition and a senior portfolio. She loves to scrapbook She has been staying up all night to try to accomplish her tasks. She is sleeping through her alarm clock. What type fatigue? physical
What is positive stress that allows us to get our work done at school or work? eustress
Using your mind to develop thinking skills is an example of which of the following? physical health mental
Newlyweds Renee and Sam are on an extremely tight budget while Sam goes back to school, yet Renee is a brat throws a childlike temper tantrum. Whcih of the following defense mechanisms is she using during the tantrum? regression
Which of the following disorders may be most closely linked to air pollution and difficulty breathing? Athsma
In order to use the decision-making model effectively, what does one need to recognize first, before looking for possible solutions? problem
. Important decisions are usually considered to be those that could affect your health or the rest of your life, while unimportant decisions do not.1 Which of the following is considered to be an important decision? Should I smoke cigarettes?

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