C & C Grocery Essay

Case 1 (C & C Grocery) The mission statement for C & C Grocery is to provide an abundance of quality meats, produce and dry goods to customers at a convenient location for the most reasonable prices around with a smile and “a satisfied customer is a happy customer” attitude. This statement would afford the brothers the chance to branch out to other communities and open more stores and ensure they are as successful as the original store. By having over 200 stores by 1997 and with the employees adopting Doug’s infectious attitude it prove to be a successful combination for the brothers. ) The original structure of C & C Grocery is excellent for one to five stores. The original structure of the C & C Grocery stores has caused a disconnection between the store managers, and the perishable managers (meat and produce managers). The meat and produce managers report directly to the district managers of their prospective departments. However, the store managers are responsible for the daily operations of the entire store. This disconnect in itself is a major disruption in productivity.

The District Director was the only person in the work breakdown structure that knew what was going on in his district within all sections of every store. When only one person knows all aspects of an operation it becomes difficult for that operation to function as a whole in the absence of that individual. By adopting the realign outlined by the consultants it would allow the store managers more control of the store. This would allow the store mangers the ability to coordinate activities within their store and allows flexibility to make decisions that would enable the store to run more effectively. ) Porter’s focus strategy and Miles and Snow’s analyzer best describes the role of consultant. Porter’s focus strategies more exactly the differentiations focus strategy. As the consultants analyze the different areas they make suggestions for improvements. As the consultant pointed out to the owners, they may want to add other products to the store other then food items or add a gourmet/ specialty items to the stores. They also suggested adding a pharmacy. The stores can start to focus on these areas in order to draw in more customers with the new departments.

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Miles and Snow’s analyzer describes the role of consultant because they are there to take a look at the operation and structure to see how to improve the production of the business. 4) When looking at the problems at hand for C& C Grocery using the Models of Effectiveness Values the resource-based approach would be the best approach for the problem created by the store design or layout. The store has a limited amount of space. This resource can be changed to better increase the amount of inventory that is need in certain areas.

As the stores adapt to the surrounding environment and cater more to what the people want in that area it would become more efficient and effective. This would boost the profit and keep customers coming back. When you look at the problem of district store supervisors and store managers being unsatisfied as well as the problem of low morale and being uncooperative with one another, then you are looking at the internal-process approach. This goes back to the old cliche that a “happy employee is a good employee. If a person feels they are working toward a goal of their own then they will work harder for the supervisor. If the store managers feel like they were going to be trained by their supervisor to one day be able to replace them then they will work harder. In this case with C&C Grocery, the store managers felt that they were hitting a glass ceiling and therefore could not promote upward. It seems as if they were not being groomed to take on more managerial responsibility, which they all wanted.

I would assume that the district managers were doing what they thought was the norm as they did not get groomed for advancement by their superiors. This would soon start to trickle down to all the employees that wanted to come into the company and advance up the ladder. It is setting a sense that whatever level you start at in the company then that is where you will remain. This is also evident in the Coca Cola fiasco within the Louisiana store. The problem with long term growth goes hand and hand with the goal approach.

If the chain re-evaluated its goals and mission statement it might want them more focused on the future. This would allow C&C Grocery to reevaluate their organizational structure and enhance their chance for survival against the major discount chains. 5) C& C Grocery should emphasize more on flexibility. They should be more flexible because as they are trying to compete with the major discount chain they need to be able to offer more options to the public. It is obvious by Wal-Mart sales being the highest in grocery sales.

By no way does it mean that to compete with Wal-Mart you have to offer everything that they do, but you should be able to offer your customer options as Wal-Mart offer their customers. People would find it more convenient and easier to go where they can handle one or two errands at the same time rather then having to go to a place that would still force them to go somewhere else. If having to pick up a prescription and groceries, and C & C offered a pharmacy whilst their competitor only offered groceries, C&C would have the competitive advantage of offering the opportunity to handle both tasks in one place.

With the fast pace of today’s society most people would do the same. By affording the customer the option to choose you may extend your client base. 6) It is appropriate for the customer to use an external focus because as a person looking at something from the inside you may not see everything that is wrong. It is not that an internal focus doesn’t want to see it but it is harder when you want everything to be right and you want to see the company succeed.

As a person from the outside looking in you have no added interest in the company failing or succeeding. This allows you to be more objective or unbiased. This is exactly what the company need to get them pointed in the right direction. I would like to see them do an internal evaluation to see how they are progressing with changes and then another external one in say a year or two after they start implementing the changes. This look will help to make sure they stay on track.


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