Can Macro Economy Be Fine Tuned Like A Car Engine Essay

“ The Keynesian income-expenditure theoretical account assumes that the macro economic system can be all right tuned and controlled in the same manner as an engine in a auto ” . Measure the cogency of this averment. ”


Keynesian economic theory has been named after a British, John Maynard Keynes ( 1883 – 1946 ) . The foundation of his theory was on the footing of round flow of money. Keynesian economic sciences is one of the major schools of idea in the current epoch.

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Can Macro Economy Be Fine Tuned Like A Car Engine Essay
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Keynesian theory was popularized during Great depression period ( 1920 – 1930 ) . Keynes argues against the usage of extra billboard, non ingestion or none disbursement. Keynesian theory besides supports the redistribution of wealth when and where it is needed because ; the disbursement manner of the lower in-between category of economic system is higher than there salvaging tendencies. This will back up a growing in the economic system. Another interesting thought of Keynesian theory is that, it identifies alterations in the macroeconomic degree which has great influence over the consumer behaviour at micro economical degree. Keynesian economic sciences is besides called as macroeconomics due to its vast and extended survey over the economic sciences.

Over expression into Keynesian Income and expenditure theoretical account:

The Keynesian income-expenditure theoretical account explains the relationship between the outgo and current national income. The Keynesian theoretical account considers that, the existent GDP consist of four major factors:

Aggregate outgo on ingestion

Investing ( I )

Government ( G )

Net exports ( NX )

Investing, authorities and net exports are independent outgos where as aggregative outgo on ingestion is dependent on the existent national income. He summarizes his statement into an equation.

Aggregate ingestion = C + mpc ( Y )

In which “ C ” explains the independent ingestion outgo and “ Y ” is the current existent income which corresponds to the value of bing existent GDP. Whereas the “ MCP ” ( fringy leaning to devour ) when multiplies “ Y ” , becomes portion of alteration in existent income available for ingestion. The alteration in degree of aggregative ingestion has direct connexion with the alterations in “ Y ” .

Hence aggregative outgo can be expressed by following equation:

AE ( Aggregate outgo ) = A + mpc ( Y )

In which “ A ” is Autonomous or independent outgo which is the amount of ( C+I+G+NX ) . “ Y ” is the existent national income, lucifer with degrees of aggregative outgo ( AE ) .

There is a direct relation between independent income and sum outgos on authorities G, Investment I and net exports NX.

Equilibrium existent GDP in the income-expenditure theoretical account is found by puting current existent national income

, Y, equal to current aggregative outgo, AE.

Y = AE


Y = A + mpc ( Y )

Determination of stableness of GDP – An income Outgo Approach

The above figure inside informations that, fluctuations in the Autonomous outgo ( A1, A2, A3 ) is indistinguishable to the displacement in the Aggregate outgo ( AE1, AE2, AE3 ) .The positive swill of AE explains the increasing value of Mpc. This swill besides indicates that up alterations in national income Y has positive influence over AE, accordingly GDP harmonizing to Keynesian status is Y= AE.

Graphic illustration of the Keynesian theory.

The above figures explain a practical image of how the aggregative demand and supply plants. Imagine an economic system whose GDP is in the natural degree ( Y1 ) ab initio and has aggregated outgo AE1 curve. Now consider the independent or independent outgo diminutions ( from A1 to A3 ) . This diminution causes a downward tendency of the AE curve from AE1 to AE3. This diminution in the independent outgo besides affects negatively the aggregative demand ( AD1 to AD2 ) , this decrease influences the autumn in equilibrium of existent GDP from Y1 to Y3 at the same monetary value degree, but the SAS ( intersection ) and AD2 comes towards lower degree ( P2 ) which explains a autumn in monetary value degree. The AE degree nevertheless will non come down along with the degree to AE3 but alternatively of that it will fall merely to AE2, therefore organizing a new equilibrium existent GDP Y2 which lies below the natural degree Y1.

Keynes explains that there will non be any farther diminution in the monetary value degree from P2, due to high opposition for farther decrease in their rewards which besides restricts the providers to take determination on farther addition in the supplies. Until and unless a displacement in the SAS curve, Y2 will stay changeless and this will drastically impact the resources and employment. If workers can non gain anything more they can non do any purchase of goods and service, this will do a stuck on place on the Aggregate outgo curve AE2 and will besides forestall the economic system to make its natural existent GDP degree. To hike this phase Keynes advises to utilize “ premier the pump ” construct.

“ Prime the Pump ” is the remedial step suggested by Keynes to re-start the idle economic system back to its initial status. Keynes believes that the existent factor to drive the economic system is aggregative demand. The construct can be compared to a starting motor fluid which is used in a auto engine to light its move. Therefore Prime the pump construct is besides designed to keep the gesture of economic engine identically like a gasolene dosage in a motor auto.In Prime the pump construct, Keynes explains that the authorities should step in to increase the spread outing by either increasing the money supply or by really purchasing things on the market itself. This will easy hike the assurance of the consumer, which will promote him to re-start the disbursement and to convey the economic system back to its original place.

Government disbursement, revenue enhancement and adoptions has great influence over economic activity and growing, end product, employment and aggregative demand.It is really of import to understand that this financial policy can impact the aggregative demand and aggregative supply.

Fiscal policy and Keynesian theory:

Fiscal policy has been treated as an instrument of pull offing demand where authorities disbursement, budget balance and direct and indirect revenue enhancement can be used to sooth out some of the unpredictable external economic dazes for illustration there is a financial stimulation in UK economic system ( 2001 – 2005 ) which applied through increasing the authorities disbursement on conveyance, wellness and instruction and this financial stimulation subsequently terminated by decelerating down the rates.

Keynesian theory explains that financial policy has great influence over aggregative demand, employment and end product at the clip when the economic system is runing at a below national end product capacity degree besides, the economic system needs an external stimulation. Keynesian besides argues that the authorities has a sensible function in doing usage of financial policy steps and to administrate and keep the degree of aggregative demand.

The great depression – a reappraisal:

In the US, 1920s is the period which has been dominated by republican presidents who believed in the conservative economic doctrine of leave it entirely or ‘laissez-faire ‘ . This was the clip when people had complete freedom to run in any market without the intervention of authorities regulations or any revenue enhancements. This adversely affected the regulative state of affairs and led to monopoly markets, pattern of excessively much economy or under-consumption resulting in high rates of unemployment, which were the byproduct of laissez-fair. The federal authorities was non ready to increase the money supply that worsened the full state of affairs. . Share market, Agriculture, excavation and energy were the major sectors drastically affected by the depression. During this decennary, half of the Americans lived at or below mean survival status.

Laissez-faire attack created an economic system with inequality in wealth. Poor became poorer and rich richer. The American labour and concern sectors faced equal quandary where pecuniary policy became inefficient during the great depression. Fall in the plus monetary value was another ground for establishment failures.

Keynesian theoretical account explains that in a normal economic system, the degree of employment will be high and supply will be equal to one ‘s net incomes. In the theoretical account he besides describes that disbursement and earning goes in a circle and one ‘s disbursement supports another ‘s net incomes.Thus gaining and passing becomes a portion of the money flow and helps to work the economic system usually. But any kind of perturbation in the normal flow of money will agitate the assurance of the people. This insecure reaction will ensue in stashing money in order to get the better of financial shortage.But harmonizing to Keynesian ; this panic reaction will decline the full state of affairs which can set the economic system on a deadlock.

As an economic expert Keynes studied that inducements are the best attempt to get the better of the people ‘s billboard inclination. Keynes besides suggested that shooting money or ‘deficit spends ‘ into the economic system is the best option to wake up a hapless economic system which faces absence of regular investing.

How US attacked great depression with Keynesian methods for seting control over unemployment and rising prices

The federal modesty bank started purchasing US debts from commercial Bankss in return of their authorities securities. This support helped the commercial Bankss to increase their capacity to bring forth the sum of money they could impart.

The authorities besides used measurings to ease the recognition demands, which helped the Bankss to increase the sum generated through banking system. Expanding money supply is the tactic used by the bank to excite the disbursement capacity which opened opportunities for more occupations. But these tactics increased hazardous opportunities for rising prices in the economic system where money loses its value. Considerable discretion policy or control in the money supply will be used to equilibrate the money supply.Considerable discretion is the procedure where the federal militias balances the economic system absolutely.Any mistake in equilibrating will ensue in terrible unemployment or rising prices

Practical importance:

Keynes is the first 1 who destroyed grace of Laissez- carnival and he proved that intervention of province into the economic personal businesss under certain circumstance will assist the populace every bit good as the economic system.

He explained the importance of shortage budget and how it can be used for increasing the sum of income end product and aid to cut down the strength of unemployment in an economic system. He highlighted the importance of accomplishment of full employment both in a planned and unplanned economic system.

Critical rating of Keynesian theory

Keynesian theory has its ain defects even though it opened a new gateway to the revolutionized economic thought.

Keynesian theory failed to give echt and complete solution for unemployment and he was non able to give a comprehensive program to accomplish full employment.

He failed to explicate suggestion for monopoly and monopolistic competition every bit good as to phenomenon of a perfect competition.

Keynes failed in giving long term solutions for the dynamic economic system.

Keynes was non able to supply statistical grounds for the relationship between effectual demand and the volume of employment.

He concentrated merely in short period jobs and paid less or no attending to long clip jobs

Keynes neglected the acceleration construct such as extension of multiplier construct

An economic system will acquire completed merely with micro and macro economic factors but, Keynes wholly neglected the micro economic jobs.

Keynes theory is criticized because of its non dynamic character every bit good as it failed to analysis the concern rhythm ; therefore his surveies are considered to be inactive or gesture less theory.

Keynes did non explicate the international trade and its impact on income and employment.

Keynes ‘ theories failed to happen pertinence in a development or developing economic system because it requires immense investing to work out unemployment issues.


Even after so many short approachs Keynesian attacks remains as one of the most outstanding theories which were able to analyse economic jobs and Keynes showed bravery to dispute the Laissez-fair theory which prevailed during his clip. His thoughts were doubtless cemented during the most important US economic crisis. Keynesian theories besides played a major function to work out the jobs of market failure and that of a collapsed economic system. Keynesian attacks remained one of the best until the terminal of 1960 ‘s when it was confronted by Friedman and monetarists and subsequently Keynesian thoughts were replaced by classical macroeconomics. However, Keynesian attacks have been considered one of the most outstanding gifts in the history of economic sciences. Economic practicians still use Keynesian thoughts and constructs as a guideline to analyse economic jobs.


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