Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends Sample Essay

Can work forces and adult females of all time be “just friends” ? After reading an article with scientific research about this subject I have come to a decision. Daily experience suggests that non-romantic friendly relationships between males and females are non merely possible. but common. Work force and adult females live. work. and play side-by-side. and by and large seem to be able to avoid spontaneously kiping together. However. the possibility remains that deep interior. infinite enticements simmer beneath the surface.

The article suggests that there may be some truth to this possibility ; that we may believe we’re capable of being “just friends” with members of the opposite sex. but the chance for “romance” is frequently lurking merely around the corner. waiting to swoop at any minute.

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Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends Sample Essay
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Research workers brought braces of opposite-sex friends into a scientific discipline lab. Privacy was critical ; In order to do certain they got honorable responses. The research workers non merely followed standard processs sing confidentiality. but besides required both friends to hold verbally to avoid from discoursing the survey. even after they had left the proving installation. The friendly relationship braces were so separated. and each member of each brace was asked a series of inquiries related to his or her romantic feelings toward the friend with whom they were taking the survey.

The consequences suggest that work forces were much more attracted to their female friends than frailty versa. Work force were besides more likely than adult females to believe that their opposite-sex friends were attracted to them. Basically. males assumed that any romantic attractive force they experienced was common. and were blind to the existent degree of romantic involvement felt by their female friends. Females by and large were non attracted to their male friends ; they assumed that this deficiency of attractive force was common.

In decision. I agree with the article I read. Yes adult females and work forces can be friends but there will ever be a desire romantically from at least one terminal. It’s true because even though they say they are merely friends. if they were given the chance. they would take it.


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