Canon Shoots Down Nikon Essay

Canon shoots down Nikon Ever since the invention of digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras the two companies Canon and Nikon have been fghting over which manufacturer is better. Canon and Nikon users argue over how updated their products are and how many there are. However, given the statistics, it can proven that Canon cameras are superior to Nikon’s because they offer a wider variety of products which are more frequently updated and cheaper than Nikons. Canon has the largest selection of lenses and other external gear.

Canon has undreds of lenses and offers more options for a photographer, ranging from cheaper to more expensive lenses. They have different qualities and some are more expensive than others but are made to be more accessible to those who dont want to spend as much money on the pricier ones. Canon also has more flashes, remotes, and non-camera related gear such as printers and copy machines. However, Nikon doesnt have as many lenses to sell under their name and those they sell are manufactured by different companies but sell under the name of Nikon.

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Canon Shoots Down Nikon Essay
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Nikon also sn’t as experienced in other outside departments as Canon is. Canon is a much bigger company and has better connections than Nikon does. This makes it easier to get better products to customers. Canon lenses are also more updated and therefore more efficient than Nikons in terms of lenses. Canon used to have a type of lens called EF lenses. They were the first type of Canon lenses to be manufactured and are now out of date. However, now they’ve invented the EOS lenses in 1980 which focus faster and provide a clearer image. However, there is some controversy regarding the change of these lenses.

Nikon users say the EF lenses aren’t usable on the new Canon cameras because the ports are different. However, Canon has invented an adapter so the photographers with EF lenses can use them on their newer Canons. It has been argued among generations of photographers on which company is a better camera manufacturer. Canons are proven to be superior to Nikons because they offer a bigger and better selection of camera gear to users and are more updated when compared to the selection of Nikon cameras. Sources: http://www. pcmag. com/article2/O,2817,241 5692,OO. asp Canon Shoots Down Nikon By kaylene_woo


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