Career Development Plan Part I—Job Analysis and Selection Essay

The purpose of this job analysis is in response to the current merger facing InterClean Incorporated and its employees. Welcoming this opportunity and supporting changes on this journey is encouraged. This report will explain the job analysis, describe the workforce planning system, identify the selection method, and the chosen employees. Job Analysis for new Salesperson Positions in InterClean Job Analysis Methods: The combination of the job performance and interview method could help InterClean design the qualifications and primary functions for the new sales position.

The job performance method is well suited for the development of tests and interviews as well as the design of performance appraisals and training. Interviews can be a integral part of the analysis as the company endeavors to use the information to create job description and study job evaluations. The observation method would also be beneficial because direct exposure to jobs can provide a richer, deeper understanding of job requirements than workers’ descriptions of what they do. Main job duties and specifications: Maintain a thorough comprehension of company products, services, and processes. This will help in knowing how to satisfy the customers’ needs and requests. ?Performs routine and regular follow up with potential clients and former clients. Establish and maintain outstanding customer services, which is geared for long lasting relationships with clients. ?Responsible for locating and establishing new leads. ?Convince new leads that InterClean can outperform their current full cleaning services by providing efficient, timely, quality, and expeditious services. Obtain a minimum of two new contracts per personnel per year. Workforce Planning System A successful workforce planning system helps to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands. It consists of: ? Set company’s Strategic Direction ?How many and what types of jobs are needed in order to meet the performance objectives of the organization? ?How will Interclean develop worker skills? ?What strategies should Interclean use to retain these skills? Conduct workforce analysis ?Analyze employees and determine current workforce profile; number of employees, skill assessments, salary, workforce diversity ? Analyze and develop future workforce profile ?Develop strategies, which include the programs, policies, and practices that assist in recruiting, developing, and retaining the critical staff needed to achieve sales goals. ?Identify the workforce needed to carry out the mission of InterClean Selection There will be six new positions to fill by someone from Interclean or Envirotech.

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Career Development Plan Part I—Job Analysis and Selection Essay
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The positions available are Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, Training Manager, and Outside Sales Representatives. The employee selection is the “process of collecting and evaluating information about an individual in order to extend an offer of employment. ” Employee selection is part of the overall staffing process of the organization, which also includes human resource (HR) planning, recruitment, and retention activities. Human resource planning will assist InterClean with identifying the necessary required knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for each position.

Then it will be compared to the anticipated availability of the personnel from InterClean and Envirotech. Once that is determined, the positions will be filled using the mental ability and validity generalization tests. The different types of mental ability tests that would be most beneficial include: •Measures of general intelligence •Verbal, nonverbal, and numerical skills •Spatial relations ability (the ability to visualize the effects of manipulating or changing the position of objects) •Reasoning, and comprehension Clerical aptitudes (perceptual speed tests), and •Inductive reasoning (the ability to draw general conclusions on the basis of specific facts) (Cascio, 2005). Results using Mental Ability Tests ?Jim Martin- VP of Sales; He is knowledgeable with the products and industry, therefore, he would have easier time in accommodating customer requests. His reputation validates that he knows how to interact with customers and handle situations in a professional manner. Follows through with goals and knows how to implement with success. Susan Burnt- O/S Sales Rep- She has been with the company for a while so it shows she has dedication and a lot of experience with understanding different departments of the company. Her experience with each department she worked in shows that she is determined and aggressive for challenges to help her grow as an individual. Knowing that she understands what’s involved and can go to the root of the problem if there may be any to make sure the job is done correctly.

Her interaction with each department shows that she gets along with co-workers, therefore she would have the same type of relationship with customers because she values each relationship. ?Eric Borden- O/S Sales Rep (Training Manager)- He is self-disciplined to ensure that he is always current with new development and in compliance with regulations. His success in leading the company to financial growth shows that he is able to plan, organize, and execute successfully. Furthermore, he can communicate successfully internally with co-workers and externally with customers.

He has the potential and possibility of being a Training Manager. ?Dennis White- O/S Sales Rep- He is aggressive and determined to close deals. His inductive reasoning assists with finding ways in obtaining new customers and his experience in sales helps him to know how to deal with customers in a professional manner. ?Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager- His experience and leadership skills will be beneficial for the sales team. It will enhance the sales team and help them to build strong relationships with customers and help them to resolve situations is timely manner. Terry Garcia, O/S Sales Rep- She has good communication skills and the ability to educate herself, and use critical thinking when needed. She has the potential of being a good sales rep because she is self disciplined in following through to get the job done. Furthermore, she knows the importance and effectiveness of working in a team On a going forward basis all O/S Sales Rep would be paid a base salary with the eligibility of the sales bonus program. Management positions such as vice-president, sales manager, and training manager would also be eligible for a bonus due to meeting the annual


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