Career Essay

“Normal people don’t understand this concept; they believe that if it aint broke dont fix it. Engineers believe if it ain’t broke it doesn’t have enough features yet.” -Scott Adams. My choice career is engineering. After high school I plan on furthering my education in Mechanical Design Engineering. The greatest of the skills I possess is mathematics and the art of creativity, and out of which becomes most of the modern day engineers. Engineers are just artistically innovative problem solvers or lately problem makers – engineering joke.
My long-time set goal is to graduate high school with honors, attend and graduate Georgia Tech (or Kennesaw State) with Bachelor’s degree, and transfer to Seoul University for my master’s and doctoral degrees. I will be majoring in Engineering Mathematics which is pretty rigorous and minoring in mostly culinary arts or photograph as an enjoyable breather. Fun Fact: %83 of mathematics majors prefered culinary arts as a Plan B career choice. To prepare to take on my career, it would be best to start finding things around me that may need improvement to make it better to manage and evaluate “what and how” it can be done. This way of thinking is the nonstop process of engineering minds. Once the mind is trained to be keen in recognizing flaws that can be improved upon, I will be prepared most of the way.

Anyone can dream to become an engineer but I need to be a “needed” or “prioritized” engineer. Mechanical engineers produce specifications for, design, develop, manufacture and install new or modified mechanical components or systems. I, to make myself more marketable in my field, will have specialized education to mechanical engineering as well as greatly familiarized myself with other field related to mine that my overlap at a time. This means that I can do more than just one specific job, which in turn saves money because the less man power you have to pay for the more profit received. Not only am i more marketable it also makes me more valuable.The average salary of a mechanical engineer is 84,190$. However, if we combine the extra skill sets and abilities that I bring to the table the average number goes up. I’d be a pretty well payed problem solver, just doing what i like to do.
I hope to make everyday functions easier and more effective to rid of our modern frustrations. The stability is in the zill and drive i put into the work that i enjoy to help others and myself. Although this is my absolute dream there are other career choices to choose from as backups such as: technician, technologist, mechatronics engineering, professor, teacher, and/or mentor. These are still in the line of work i aspire to accomplish and are still just as enjoyable. We all know that it’s only fair if we work the jobs of our dreams in the place of our dreams. Bearing this in mind, the places i would love to work is in my hometown Shinsadong, Rep. Korea, or in Japan, England, and maybe even back here in Georgia. But wherever I work, I want to work on what i love doing, canceling unnecessary stress that isn’t really called for but rather live for the enjoyment and get payed for it. Nothing beats being a good mechanical engineer to me.

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