Career Exploration Plan Worksheet Sample Essay

For this assignment. you will research the hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Phoenix. edu website and utilize the My Career Plan tools on eCampus. To finish this assignment. follow the waies provided in each subdivision.

You may mention to the completed illustration in the Week 3 Materials as a guideline. When you complete each subdivision. submit this papers to your Week 3 Assignment 1 nexus on your pupil web site.

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Career Exploration Plan Worksheet Sample Essay
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Salvage this papers so you can cite it as you work on constructing your calling program in your future University of Phoenix classs.

Section 1: Career Research

1. Travel to http: //www. Phoenix. edu and shop the available grades. so finish the undermentioned tabular array. 2. List the grade plans you are interested in and possible callings that might necessitate these grades.

Careers and grades I’m interested in What I know about these callings and What I need to cognize about these callings and grades grades Associate of Arts with a concentrationUniversity of Phoenix offers an AssociatesAccounting in concern in Business Foundations of Arts grade Associate of Arts with a concentrationUniversity of Phoenix offers an AssociatesI demand to larn economic sciences. information in Accounting of Arts grade systems. managerial moralss. fiscal accounting. concern research and effectual managerial communications. Associate of Arts with a concentrationUniversity of Phoenix offers an AssociatesI will necessitate to research the cardinal in Foundations
of Business of Arts grade with concentrations in concern rules concern

Section 2: Career Interests Profiler

1. Complete the Career Interests Profiler. located in My Career Plan on the pupil web site. To entree the Career Interests Profiler in My Career Plan. finish the undermentioned stairss:

• Log in to the pupil web site at hypertext transfer protocol: //ecampus. Phoenix. edu • Click the Library check. so click the Phoenix Career Services nexus. • Click the Explore icon.

• Click My Career Plan.

• Click the Start button to establish the Career Interests Profiler.

2. After finishing the profiler for the first clip. see your consequences. If you completed the profiler before you started the Orientation Workshop. snap the View Results button on the My Career Plan place page.

3. Complete the following tabular array after sing your consequences. You may depict each calling in your ain words or transcript and paste from the My Career Plan consequences.

My top calling involvements Description Matching callings 1 Business and Financial Keeps up to day of the month with rival information and Insurance
Investment bankers. Hearers. Operationss market tendencies ; identifies concern chances Accountants for the administration ; maintains consciousness of developments in the organisational construction and political relations ; demonstrates fiscal consciousness ; controls costs and thinks in footings of net income. loss and added value. 2 Office and Administrative Sets clearly defined aims ; plans activities Brokerage Clerks. Bookkeeping. Accounting. and Support and undertakings good in progress and takes history of Auditing Clerks. Patient Representatives possible altering fortunes ; identifies and organizes resources needed to carry through undertakings ; manages clip efficaciously ; proctors public presentation against deadlines and mileposts. 3 Legal Works strategically to recognize organisational Judicial Law Clerks. Paralegals and Legal ends ; sets and develops schemes ; identifies andAssistants. Title Examiners. Abstractors. and develops positive and compelling visions of the Searchers organization’s future possible ; takes history of a broad scope of issues across. and related to. the organisation.

What did you learn from finishing the Career Interests Profiler?

I learned that I have chosen the right way

Section 3: Occupation Market Research

1. Click Phoenix Career Services under the Library check on the pupil web site and so snap the Explore icon.

2. Snap the Job Market Research tool for occupations that match your calling involvements.

3. Choose your hunt country. Next. come in a cardinal word or phrase such as a calling field or occupation rubric into the hunt field following to Jobs. Refer to the callings listed on your Career Interests Profiler Results page as you search.

4. Review the hunt consequences in the wage. instruction. employers. accomplishments and career way subdivisions for the occupation or calling you searched.

5. Enter a sum-up of your hunt consequences in the undermentioned tabular array. You may observe anything of involvement to you. See adding extra occupations if you are interested in several callings.

My Job Market Research Results

Classs Business / Management Analyst Paralegal / Legal Assistant Loan Officer Education degree require a unmarried mans 75 % require a unmarried mans 48 % require a unmarried mans Salary scope 42. 180 – $ 76. 480 / twelvemonth $ 28. 900 – $ 41. 390 / twelvemonth $ 44. 740 – $ 81. 790 / twelvemonth Top employers Walmart / Sam’s Walmart / Sam’s Bank of America ( 12 ) Merrill Lynch Company Incorporated ( 11 ) Top 5 accomplishments from any Business Analysis Litigation Mortgage Lending class Business Process Legal Research Underwriting Accounting Legal Document Composition Gross saless Business Development Trial Preparation Mortgage Loan Origination Business Systems Analysis Intellectual Property Financial Analysis

Which of these occupations are you most interested in and want to larn more about?

Loan Officer

Section 4: Career Planning Goals

1. Now that you have learned about your calling involvements and available occupations. compose a short-run and long-run end that will assist you acquire closer to your end of happening your ideal calling.

My Career Goals Completion Date I can speak to some loan officers and inquire them inquiries about the7/25/2013 occupation I will be half manner through my grade and start looking for 1/25/2014 companies that are engaging in my province

2. Login to your pupil web site and navigate to My Career Plan.

3. On the My Career Plan page. click Add Task and type in your 6 month calling end.

4. Following. choose a day of the month 6 months from now by snaping Set Date following to your end as shown below.

5. Add another undertaking for your 1 twelvemonth calling end and set the day of the month one twelvemonth from now. These undertakings will salvage to your calling program. which you may alter anytime. You may besides add other ends.


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