Career Life Plan Essay

Running Head: CAREER LIFE PLAN Career Life Plan My ideal career goal would to be Vice President or President in a major Organization. I would like to be a part of the Executive team that makes decisions that will affect the overall performance or reputation of a major company. I would like this position to be with a company that shares some of the same values and integrity that I do. Lastly, I would like to work with a team that is both customer and results focused. Currently I have been with my organization for 9 years and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I have had the opportunity to grow and learn an abundance of information that has helped me become the Leader that I am. A skill that I am lacking is the ability or desire to network within a group of unknown people. I have been given so many opportunities through workshops, meeting, and conferences to work on/improve this and almost every time I find a quiet corner. Although, my performance speaks for myself you still need to be known, you have to make yourself known to other people that may have an influence on your future. Another concern that I have is in order to make it to Executive level you must possess a college degree.

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Career Life Plan Essay
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I reflect back on all the years that I have been taking classes off and on and realize more than ever that I need to stay focused. Staying focused not only requires me to continue with schooling, but reading about my Organization and understanding all the ins and outs. Having the ability to put on the table the most important issues or concerns and creating process improvements that can be executed with the correct people in line. My career plan right now is focused on completing school which will not only make me proud, but it will also give my Sons someone to look an immediate role model in their life.

I believe that they are my motivation to keep working hard and look at my goals as having no limitations In closing I believe that I’m already headed in the right direction and with hardwork and dedication I will continue to move forward. My motivation to want more is the being able to wake up each morning, with two beautiful healthy Sons, and being blessed with all the items that are before me. I am the driver of my future and with focus, dedication, and persistence…I know I can reach that plateau that I am seeking to be at some time in my life.


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