Carlo Crivelli Essay

Carlo Crivelli 1430’s The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels 1494 Oil on canvas This piece has been created by Carlo Crivelli and is called ‘The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels’. This piece shows the cycle of life, death and religion. The painting indicates that Jesus is dead by the colours that have been used in contrast with the rest of the painting. Colours that have been used on Jesus are dull colours such as grey and a washed out red, where as the angels and background have been painted in more vibrant colours such as yellow and orange.

Behind the heads of Jesus and the angels, a gold halo has been painted which appears to be engraved into the picture slightly. Thoughts and emotions that are triggered by this painting are emotions of sadness mixed with relaxation due to the colours that have been used. Emotions of sadness and slight discomfort are triggered through the way Jesus is presented with cuts and wounds, as well as appearing lifeless through the position that he is in.

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My personal reactions/views on this piece are that it is fantastic craftsmanship, which has a strong impact on the audience; however, I don’t have many personal feelings towards it as I am an atheist and whilst I respect other people’s views on religion, I feel this piece forces the religious views of Christianity on the audience in a manner that is too strong. For my next gallery study I have studied the work of Allen Jones.


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