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ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE Student Name: Clare Puyang Ngau Student ID: 1300900002 Lecturer Name : Miss Irene Kho Programme Title: B. A (Hons) in Event and Tourism Management Subject Code & Title: Business Research Method – HC 203 Session: May – August 2010 Assignment Topic: Case Studies (Assignment 1) ATTENTION: 1) 1 day late from the date of submission – 25% will be deducted. 2 days late from the date of submission – 50% will be deducted.

More than 2 days late from the date of submission – “0”grade will be awarded 2) Plagiarism – The University will not tolerate cheating, or assisting others to cheat, and views cheating in coursework as serious academic offence. The work that a student submits for grading must be the student’s own work, reflecting his or her learning. Where work from other sources is used, it must be properly acknowledged and referenced. (Refer to the Student Handbook Pg 40-45) SUBMISSION DATE: 27th June 2010 Assignment 1 Case 1: Employee Loyalty Question 1:

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The problem statement in this case is the crude downsizing in organizations during recession that have crushed the loyalty of millions. Question 2: Problems are defined as the indication of a specific business decision is that will be clarified by answering some research questions. Firstly, the main statement that can be found in the passage is downsizing in the organizations. The symptoms that can be found according through what I have read in the passage are due to recessions, the organizations going to embrace lower recruitment and training costs, higher productivity if customers.

Next is the analysis of the situation. First thing first, it is analyze that the company are having difficulties in their financial. In the same time, the company is trying their best to retain the staffs and also to terminate some of them. They provide benefits for those who are going to stay loyal to the company without being fired by the boss. They does not provide any motivation or encouragement for their staffs, as for the management level, the reason of them to downsizing the staffs are due to recession. The real problem is that the organization is lack of financial to maintain their workers.

This is because the organization is facing some loss. Due to this reason, the management level needs to do something to retain the company by doing some downsizing in the company. Even so, the company provide options for people who there are going to have under service termination in the company. With the benefits that they provide for the staffs that are still maintaining in the company, it does helps some of the staffs to keep their loyalty to the customer. To keep some existing staffs, they must be able to get a very good one in working performance and also in terms of manners.

For newcomers, it must be appropriate for working skills and communication skills which can help the company have better performance. Company must also know how to take care of the financial problems. They can ask for consultant in company accounting. Doing cash flow review in meeting that can actually help the whole people in the company to retain the staffs. Assignment 1 Case 2: Delta Airlines Question 1: Based on my readings in the situation, the problem statement is that Delta Airlines are facing the changes of air-safety violations when there were several near collisions in midair.

The factors are because the Delta Airlines are having problems with the communication among the cockpit crew members, they have poor coordination between ground staffs and cockpit crew. Other problems are minimal training given to the cockpit crew and lastly the management philosophy that encouraged decentralized structure. Question 2: A theoretical framework is a conceptual model of how one theorizes or makes logical sense of the relationships among the several factors that have been identified as important to the problem. From there, a testable hypothesis can be developed.

It is to examine whether the theory framework is valid or not. It offers the conceptual foundation to proceed with a research too. It is also to identify the differences and connections between variables which is important in any problem situation. Variable is anything that can take on differing or varying values. In this case study, there are 2 types of variables. Firstly known as the dependent variables, this is also known as the criterion variable. The second one is the independent variable, known as the predictor variable. Dependent variable is the variable of primary interest to the researcher.

It is to understand and describe the dependent variable, or to explain its variability. It is called dependent because it “depends” on the independent variable. In a scientific experiment, you cannot have a dependent variable without an independent variable. For example, you are interested in how stress affects heart rate in humans. Your independent variable would be the stress and the dependent variable would be the heart rate. You can directly manipulate stress levels in your human subjects and measure how those stress levels change heart rate.

Independent variable can be define as a variable that stands alone and is not affect by the changes of the other variables which is being measured. An Independent variable is manipulated by an experimenter in order to measure its change on different dependent variable. Independent variable can also be known as status variable. In an experiment, usually there is only one independent variable. In the problem situation given, the dependent variable is safety violation. The independent variables are four which is; * Poor communication among cockpit crew members Poor coordination between ground staff and cockpit crew * Minimum training given to cockpit crew * Management philosophy that encouraged a decentralized structure. The Theoretical Framework. 1. Poor communication among cockpit crew members. 2. Poor coordination between ground staff and cockpit crew. 3. Minimum training given to cockpit crew. 4. Management philosophy that encouraged a decentralized structure. Air-safety Violations Dependent Variable Independent Variables Each of variables is connected to each other. More violations can happen if no action taken due to the matters.

Lack of information by each member in the airplane can cause something bad. The pilots should communicate more with the members inside and also staffs who works in the terminal. Here, the higher management level should provide more communication training for them. It will slowly help to decrease the potential of air-safety violations. This matter should be taken seriously by the management as it will help to improve the image. Higher management level of Delta Airlines should be more alert with their people. This is because the operation level can help to build a better performance in the airlines.

Management should put more concern and giving training from time to time to their staffs so that it can motivate the staffs to work harder and be better for themselves. References 1. Mark Saunders, Adrian Thornhill and Philip Lewis (2006), Research Methods for Business Students (4th Edition), Prentice Hall. 2. Definition of Dependent Variable, 2010, [online] on the 26th June 2010 at http://www. ncsu. edu/labwrite/po/dependentvar. htm. 3. Tutor Vista, Unlimited Tutoring and Homework Help, Definition of Independent Variable, (2010), [online] on the 26th June 2010 at http://www. tutorvista. com/math/examples-of-independent-variable


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