Case Study Analysis - Comm 215 Essay

Challenges of recruitment. Case study analysis for ABC Inc. Challenges of recruitment. Case study analysis for ABC Inc. The recruitment process starts from the advertisement in the media, interview of candidates through selection of the “superior employees who will develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities preparing them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles” (Heathfield, 2010).

Moreover, the recruitment process continues until new hires start their first day followed by participating in the new employee orientation, receiving manuals and policy booklets, partaking in various job trainings, providing all required documentation to ensure completeness of personnel files, and finally going through physicals and drug tests. The complexity of this procedure can positively or negatively impact the entire company. Recent experiences of ABC Inc. have emphasized the need to evaluate current recruitment processes and propose short-term solutions. Background

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Case Study Analysis – Comm 215 Essay
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Carl Robins, a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. , has conducted his first recruitment process. He hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls who is the Operation Supervisor at ABC Inc. with hopes of all new employees will be working by July. He scheduled new hire orientation on 15 June. With only two weeks left until the planned orientation, there are still many subjects to cover, such as booklets policy, physicals, drug test, and the training schedule. After Memorial Day weekend, Carl reviewed all new hires’ records and discovered that most of them are incomplete with missing transcripts.

He also realized that he has only three copies of orientation manuals and all are missing pages. The next drawback is that none of the new hires had been sent to the clinic for the physical and drug screening. Both are mandatory requirements for all employees at the ABC Inc. Lastly, the conference room planned for the orientation has already been book for other training activities. Key problems The main problem seen in the ABC Inc. case is lack of proper planning coming from inexperience of the new recruiter. Carl Robins has been working with ABC Inc. or only six months. He just finished college and doesn’t have much knowledge and familiarity in human resources field. Primarily, he needs to learn that planning and organization are key elements of the hiring process and require scheduling tasks in advance to assure smoothness and effectiveness. Outlook calendar or a planner filled out with all the anticipated completion dates are great organizational tools. All manuals and policy booklets required for the new hire orientation need to be prepared and printed out at least two weeks before the scheduled orientation time.

This ensures that even if mistakes happen, there is still time to order new corrected version. ABC Inc. uses FastPrints services for printing the manuals and policy booklets. Depending on the workload, FastPrints requires at least a week to complete the order. The company offers 48 hours option; however, the price of the total order is 10% higher than a standard placed order. The average time of the completion is five business days. Lastly, the training room is double booked. All of the issues discussed above come mainly from Carl Robins’ inexperience and the company itself.

He did not ask his supervisor for help and advice, and that put him in a position of not meeting the deadline goals. On the other hand, the ABC Inc. is responsible for not checking the work performed by Carl Robins. His supervisor or Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, should have questioned his work and verified that all the details are on schedule. Alternatives Knowing all the planning problems, Carl Robins needs to propose quick short-term solutions. The first on is to complete all required task and keep the orientation date as scheduled.

Second proposition is to reschedule the new hire orientation until end of July. Original date of new hire orientation This option means that Carl Robins needs to complete all required tasks to keep the orientation date of 15 June. At first, he has to contact all new hires and request delivery of all the missing documentation because majority did not provide transcripts and some did not complete applications. The entire personnel file should also include the physical and drug screening tests; however, none of the new hires has even been scheduled for the medical appointment.

Carl Robins needs to book all necessary appointments with the medical clinic to meet the time deadline. Those tests are mandatory and if positive, it would exclude the candidate from the offered position. Next, once these steps are accomplished, the recruiter needs to validate completeness of all individual files. He also has to ensure at least 15 copies of manuals and policy booklets are ready before the scheduled orientation. Finally, Carl Robins needs to rethink the training room situation. Finding alternatives with the time constrain will be a challenge.

He can verify with his supervisor or someone from management if there is another room available at the ABC Inc, or if the already planned training can be rescheduled. He may also consider renting a training room at some other location in close by proximity. Rescheduled date of new hire orientation- 15 July This option would give Carl Robins more time to organize the new hire orientation, manage all the personnel files, complete the missing documentation, and book the training room. However, this would affect company profits and maybe even an atmosphere between employees of ABC Inc. epending how problematical the current employee situation is. If the company lucks workers, others might have to work overtime or additional shifts. Changing the date could cause new hires to look for positions with other companies, and possible this would influence the recruitment process to start over. Lastly, rescheduling the orientation may cause Carl to lose his credibility and potentially position with ABC Inc. Proposed solution In order for the recruitment process to work efficiently, the company needs to work as a one organism, just like a human body.

Various parts such as hands, legs, head, etc. represent all the departments within the ABC Inc. ; however, the blood and oxygen link all the parts, just like planning, coordination, and organization should allow those departments to operate as one entity. Coordination and synchronization between various departments prevents waste of resources and reduces conflicts within the organization. Carl Robins, a new employee himself with barely six months of experience, should have been tough and explained the importance of essential requirements.

His supervisor should have verified his action and provided guidance on the whole process. On the other hand, Carl Robins should have asked questions and not assumed everything was going to be fine. So in the ABC Inc. case, the responsibility for created situation lays on both sides, the company itself and new recruiter. New employees are usually scheduled for the physical and drug screening at the clinic which is an outside department of ABC Inc. Strong cooperation between all departments should solve this part of the problem.

Carl Robins needs to schedule proper sequence of required tasks to complete successful recruitment process. Prioritizing is really important in every profession. Knowing the process and what steps come in what order, would faster identify the problem. Understanding that drug test, transcripts, and complete application must come prior to actual employment and it is a requirement for employment at ABC Inc. Recommendations Planning, organization, and time management are the main elements in every complicated situation.

To overcome current challenges, Carl Robins needs to immediately schedule the drug screening appointment for all new hires. Then he needs to contact future employees requesting all missing transcripts and inform them about their dates of medical appointments. After this step is complete, Carl Robins needs to verify completeness of all personnel files. If either the transcript is not provided, or the employee has positive drug test, or the application is not complete before the scheduled orientation, then the employee will be denied the employment for ABC Inc.

This would also mean conducting another recruitment process. Secondly, Carl Robins has to ensure all required manuals and policy booklets are printed and delivered before 15 June. This could increase the company cost as FastPrints charges extra 10% for 48- hour service. Lastly, the ABC Inc. needs to consider adding a second training room. The current training room is always booked for computer seminars, so the second one would be used for other training and for new hires orientations. However, renting a training room in close proximity should be considered one of the short-term options. Summary

ABC Inc. situation is complicated; however, after introducing the background information, provided solutions and recommendation would trigger needed change within the company. It would improve the communication and cooperation process between all departments and ensure operating as a one entity. Carl Robins should consider this situation as a learning process. He should also follow the suggested recommendation to fix the current problem and prevent similar situations in the future. References Heathfield, S. (2010). Succession Planning. Human Resources. Retrieved from http://humanresources. about. com


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