Case Study Business Values And Ethics In Enron Accounting Essay

Answer1 ) Harmonizing to the instance study the company had ne’er gone for any braking of any regulations and ordinances or the Torahs. Actually the company was following the pattern of the Financial Accounting Standard Board ‘s ( FASB ) regulations. Harmonizing to this the company the utilizing “ Mark To Market Accounting ” . As per this accounting system the company can include in current net incomes those net incomes that they expect to gain on energy contracts and related derived functions estimations. The company was posting net incomes, rather significant, for non hard currency additions that they expect to recognize in the hereafter. In laic adult males footings they were following the net incomes on the premises. They policy follows the premise of the natural stuff or the finished goods monetary value as per the expected in the close hereafter. Although the company was utilizing the monetary value of the goods which was expected in the hereafter but fortunes alteration and every clip the overestimate or the undervaluation of the energy was at that place. This resulted into non lucifer of the balance sheets with the existent figures which should hold been at that place in the balance sheets.

Second the company was utilizing the construct of particular entity undertakings, harmonizing to which the company was utilizing the money of the net incomes but there were many of the undertakings which were non accomplished and resulted into debts and such rating was being used in the balance sheets.

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Case Study Business Values And Ethics In Enron Accounting Essay
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Third the company was following the criterions of compensation to their employees. Option of stock options was given as a portion of compensation to the company functionaries. The lone thing missing on their portion was that the company gives extra compensation to the executives.

Third there was a construct of off the books entities. Harmonizing to the set criterions the company can travel for some of the off the book entities of which there would be 50 % interest in the other companies but here the company was utilizing 3000 off the book entities with 49 % interest in the undertakings.

In nut shell the company went all the manner with the set criterions but the lone job was with the reading of the whole regulations and ordinances.

Question 2 ) Do you believe that Enron ‘s fiscal studies gave a false feeling?

Answer2 ) Harmonizing to the analysts the balance sheets are still non clear to most of the CFOs of the functionaries. The company was utilizing the construct of grade to market. This construct was wholly based on the premise in the close hereafter. But the chief country of concern that are the clients are non taken into consideration. The construct is non clear to most of the people. The construct named off the book entities besides adds to the over enigmatic nature of the balance sheets. Adding to this the company paid zero revenue enhancement in the balance sheets. With the aid of particular entity undertakings they were able to pull strings the assets and liabilities of the company with the transportation of the same with the Cayman Island undertakings.

Question 3 ) Does it count that most investors in Enron were comparatively sophisticated fiscal establishments? What about the employee ‘s ownership of the stock and their 401 ( K ) plans?

Answer3 ) it matters a batch to the company ‘s repute that most of the investors in the company were sophisticated establishments. For illustration, when for the first clip Enron traded its energy as trade good in Wall Street Market, the portion monetary values of the company raises. The monetary value was $ 85 each when floated even for the first clip. With the aid of such a strong fiscal establishment the monetary values of the stock raise so much that created the overestimate of the company ‘s wealth. Besides due to this strong endorsing the company controlled all the energy market in U.S.

The company ‘s employees were given 401 ( K ) plans. Harmonizing to such programs, the employees were given stock option programs with the basic compensation. They has invested to a great extent in the company ‘s stocks and the company has a duplicate plan in which it contributed extra portions of the stock to salvaging and retirement programs when employees chose to fund them with Enron stock. This has added a great value for the company. When most of the portions or the interest has been controlled by the employees so it has contributed to the value add-on for the company. As per the instance besides under 401 ( K ) program the company offer the compensation as per the public presentation of the employee and associate it to the balance sheet of the company where it uses grade to market policy.

Question 4 ) How the top leading at Enron undermined the foundation values of Enron codification of moralss?

Answer4 ) for the company it ‘s the top direction ever made the codification of moralss. As per the instance, The top direction ne’er travel for destroying the regulations and ordinances but it has ever said its employees to pull strings the Torahs. The company functionaries themselves have given the orders to their comptrollers to acquire for the best manner to salvage the revenue enhancements. It was on vitamin E of the employee ‘s stating that we do n’t destroy the things when merely pull stringsing the things. Willingly of the unwillingly the company functionaries specially Lay and Skilling who were the in charge of managing the fiscal of the company were wholly unethical and they were concentrating on the net incomes of the company. They were besides utilizing the unjust agencies for acquiring the net incomes. The fiscal frauds, insider trading were some of the patterns common in the top degree executives. Besides they laid accent on the making superficial fiscal studies which is wholly unethical.

Question 5 ) could another Enron occur now? Why or why non?

Answer 5 ) yes there has been recent cozenage in the corporate universe named as Indian Enron as Satyam cozenage. The financials were hampered in this company every bit good. The lone difference in Enron and Satyam was that the top degree admitted its manus in the instance of Satyam.

SWOT Analysis


The company uses experient accomplishment sets which were pull stringsing the ordinances in a logical manner.

Uses the accounting standard different to other being used by the ordinary companies so that use is done in better manner.

Expanding concern of the company was one its strengths

The company was taking the aid of top most fiscal establishments which were moving as a support for the company besides.

Besides the company was holding a big no. of employees who relied on the company ‘s stock options and were holding the big ball of stocks or portions.


The approaching undertakings in the power coevals concerns act as chance to turn.

The particular entity undertakings besides act as an chance for the growing every bit good as the fiscal confusions.

Employee ‘s understanding of non merchandising of their stock options besides act as an chance to put employees money by the company.

Open manus welcome by Wall Street besides acts as an chance.


The rivals act as menaces.

Ethical employees act as a menace for the company unethical workss.

Relationships in footings of employment besides act as a menace.

Rules of authorities and other fiscal regulators act as a menace.


Complex concern theoretical account.

Complex concern fiscal rules.

Complex balance sheets.

Non apprehensible concern balance sheets.


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