Case Study Child Development Project Essay


After an drawn-out period observation and detecting Adrian. the bystander is able to see where Adrian is developmentally. He is turning physically. mentally. and emotionally as a kid his age. four old ages old. should be maturating harmonizing to many theoreticians. While he has non mastered all the needed stairss for his age group he is accomplishing more and more of them each twenty-four hours. The undermentioned instance survey will discourse where Adrian is stand outing and where he still needs a small work.

A Case Study about Child Development

Hadrian is about four old ages old and lives with his parents and older sister in an flat. His male parent is a fiscal adviser in a bank. leting him to pass clip with the household on the weekends. while his female parent stays at place as a homemaker. They have a batch of neighbours and no pets. Adrian loves trains. autos. dinosaurs. animate beings. juice. and being inside and outside of his house. His favourite film is Cars. He does non like the word “No” and frequently ignores something when it doesn’t involvement him. Hadrian has fun. loving. Goofy. energetic personality. Throughout this survey. the observation of Adrian will take topographic point at two topographic points: his house. inside and out and his grandmother’s house.

Physical Development

Adrian developed usually through the prenatal. babyhood. and toddler phases. He was born on August 20 eighth in 2010 by natural birth after a full term. normal gestation. At birth. he weighed eight lbs 11 ounces and measured 22 inches long. which harmonizing to the Center for Disease Control ( 2000 ) . put him in the 75th percentile for weight and ninetieth percentile for length. As an infant Adrian’s female parent. take non to breast provender and alternatively gave him expression. As a yearling. Adrian hit all the of import mileposts. harmonizing to his female parent. included larning to walk which occurred around 15 months. As Adrian progressed from a yearling to preschooler. he continued to come on as he should harmonizing to the normal growing and developmental procedure. At four old ages. he is 42 inches tall and weights around 46 lbs. maintaining him in the same percentiles as birth. once more harmonizing to the CDC ( 2000 ) . Most of this growing occurred. as it should. during the yearling old ages.

Even though Adrian merely turned four he had accomplished many of the needed gross and all right motor accomplishments harmonizing Berger ( Chapter 8 ) . he can run. hop. leap. walk up and down stepss entirely. frock and undress. utilize the bathroom on his ain. I have witnessed Adrian running or jumping many times whether it be running to undertake person for a clinch or a warm welcome. leaping on the bed/couch normally when he gets excited about a film or favourite sketch. or when he is playing with his cousin who is merely a few months older. Traveling up and down the steps at his grandmother’s house. this is non a job job because Adrian gets plentifulness of pattern due to must of the clip he’s sing his gradmother’s house. Using the bathroom is a large achievement for him. because it took him a long clip and has merely mastered it within the last few months. However. he still needs pattern skipping and being comfy utilizing scissors. Adrian is right where he should be with his physical development.

Cognitive Development

Similarly to Adrian’s physical development his cognitive develop is besides maturating at what theoretician would state is a normal rate. Piaget and Vygotsky writes that upon making the age of four a kid should be quickly spread outing his vocabulary. get downing to believe intuitively but still believing about wholly on himself. He progressed through the edifice blocks of linguistic communication get downing with babble and traveling through his first word around 15 months and first sentence a little while subsequently. While his female parent does non cognize the exact clip when he started babbling and spoke his first sentence. she does remember this ne’er being a concerned about the development. Presently. he is talking in full sentences that vary in lengths and intents. He enjoys watching telecasting shows about ace heroes and if given the opportunity. he will pass big sums of clip. sometimes up to twenty proceedingss. stating his hearer all about them.

Adrian’s cognitive development in the country of linguistic communication has a batch to make with the fact he is speculative and seems to bask acquisition. Harmonizing to many theories and developmental checklist a four twelvemonth old should be able to number and should be drawn to letters and sounds. Adrian demonstrates an disposition to desire to read and will frequently inquire person about him to read him his favourite book or drama with the magnetic letters his ma bought him. Additionally. by playing games like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders where he can number the needed infinites bespeaking a get downing apprehension of Numberss. Another illustration a clip when I noticed Adrian truly desiring to larn and desiring things to be perfect. he spent a few seconds turning more and more defeated as he angrily smashed the top and bottom boxes together.

Finally. he got the two pieces together but non before rupturing the corners of them. However. when person stepped in and showed him how to right set the two pieces together he welcomed the advice and was so able to decently shut the box. Like Vygotsky mentioned the wise man provide scaffolding. or impermanent sensitive support. to assist the developmental zone. After acquiring the box together. he started to believe of ways to repair the box. He suggested taping it. and was excited when that thought was welcomed and put to utilize. This non merely demonstrated intuitive idea but helped Adrian experience intelligent and get down to larn that it is absolutely all right and acceptable to inquire for aid when needed. Adrian is developing cognitively a little more mundane and seems to be on his manner to carry throughing all the cardinal mileposts. His linguistic communication accomplishments are turning each twenty-four hours and he is larning to seek new things on his ain with the thought that he can ever inquire for aid.

Emotional/Social Development

As with physical and cognitive development. perceiver is able to see that Adrian is achieving the societal developmental mileposts as he progresses to the preschool age. While Adrian hit all the of import points through in babyhood and toddlerhood. For illustration. he was ever able to demo a broad scope of emotions. classified as a cardinal accomplishment by Freud and Erikson. He was speedy to demo perceivers his felicity. unhappiness. confusion. or frightfulness. He besides rapidly established a secure fond regard to his female parent. another one of Ainsworth’s mileposts. Hadrian was kid who needed and wanted to be with his female parent and would shout or seek for her every bit shortly as she left his sight. By accomplishing both of these Adrian was able to understand that he could swear people. which allowed him to do the passage from toddlerhood to the pre-school period successfully. As an energetic and. for the most portion. easy traveling four twelvemonth old. Adrian is carry throughing many of the expected landmarks yet needs more clip to finish other.

Perceivers can watch Adrian feeling safe and comfy in countries other than those he is familiar excessively. Similarly. nevertheless. he can/will lose complete control of his pique and cilium out violently to those around him. Other noticeable developments for Adrian are his ability to play with others. hand in glove and the thought that he is get downing to acquire a sense of gender. He enjoys playing games with his cousin who is merely a few months older and they will play with autos or whatever suits their temper that twenty-four hours. He will besides play board games. such as Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. with the apprehension that it is non ever possible to win.

Soon. he is fascinated with Wonder Woman and when asked why he likes her so much his response was because she is a miss and has boobs. as reported by Adrian’s female parent. He is acquiring to the point besides. where he understands that there are boys apparels and misss apparels. last twelvemonth for illustration he enjoyed seeking on the apparels his cousin received for Christmas. Yet this twelvemonth. when his household went shopping and glanced through the country with all the children’s clothes he had no job stating everyone which 1s were for male childs and which 1s where non. Over all. Adrian is where he needs to be given he still has two old ages left in the preschool phase to better and turn socially and emotionally developmental wise.


This experience has taught me a batch about how kindergartners act and why they do the things they do. I genuinely enjoyed watching Adrian in a different. more professional visible radiation during the past few hebdomads. I can non state I am thrilled with how I did everything throughout the undertaking but for the most portion. I am happy. By detecting Adrian for specific features in the countries of physical. cognitive. and emotional growing I was able to convey the talks and information from category to life and am thrilled to be able to state I am go forthing this category with the apprehension of how a preschool-aged kid operates.

While I am happy about larning the Adrian is on mark with his developments. I wish I could hold observed him at different times and topographic points. Besides. it would hold been interesting to see how he reacted at different locations but that did non work like I had hoped it would hold at the beginning. alternatively. I chiefly merely watched him inside his house: indoors because it ever seemed to be either excessively hot or showery when I would see. By finishing this instance survey. I was able to carry through a batch. I now have a much better thought of where a preschool-aged kid is cognitively. emotionally. and physically and if that is the age. I truly enjoyed being able to step out of my household function and see how Adrian is from a different. more professional point of view.


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