Case Study of Role of Performance Management in Pizza Hut Essay


Many of us attribute the success of Walmart to its high rated managerial accomplishments and concern techniques. But it is a fact that Walmart could accomplish success due to its first-class human resource direction and human resource direction capablenesss. Mr. Walton was good cognizant of the function of workers in a successful concern and devised policies to acquire the support of the worker and consumers from the start of his concern. It was because of this ground that he started ‘happy employees – happy clients ‘ at the beginning of his concern. There are groundss for the continuance of this policy for Walmart all over the universe. It was non started by Walmart, but he backed on it and got great dividends.

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Case Study of Role of Performance Management in Pizza Hut Essay
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In the history of concern, there have been good effects by following this method to convey success to concern, for illustration a good chauffeur can surely run a bad engine but a bad chauffeur would non be able to make it with even a good engine. Deshpande and Golhar ( 1994 ) besides confirm this position. They say that hapless and amateurish HRM patterns frequently result in hapless quality, low production, consumer dissatisfaction, and besides higher employee turnover.

Here the research worker develops on the hypothesis that administrations should look after the involvements of the worker in order to savor success in their several Fieldss. These yearss HR direction besides refers to develop, development, and keeping. We can non merely talk of choice and recruitment duties entirely. Each of these procedures has a critical function to play in the HR direction. The critical facet of the organisation has lot to make with the growing chart. ( Scarborough & A ; Zimmer, 2000 ) .

These yearss no industry can last by using a group of people who are non good skilled. It is a necessary to use and maintain good people. ( Audretsch et al, 2000 ) . It is truly difficult undertaking to pull off employees and pull out good consequences from them. In order to recognize this end, the HR directors should hold the intuition of understanding and experience. . One of these Human Resource direction schemes is efficient employee public presentation direction system in topographic point, both enlisting and keeping should be the premier aims of HR sections ( Deshpande and Golhar, 1994 ) .


When the research worker was in hunt of a suited topic for his courser work, came across batch of activities the societal environment and got struck to the concern activities traveling on around. He had the chance to see a “ Pizza hut ” with a friend who was an employee at that place. The writer could detect that many of the employees had no cognition of the HR policies. They did non even hold a good cognition of their organisation even. The research workers besides could see tonss of spines placed on the walls of the store on the ethical codification, but lacked proper communicating between direction and employees. The eating house was running on the rule of doing fiscal additions and the employee ‘s involvements were given least precedence. The research worker had the chance to interact with the employees and could happen that they were over burdened due to the cost film editing steps adopted by the employer. The figure of staff remained same even in the extremum concern hours. It brought an excess force per unit area on the bing staff. None of the HR policies were in pattern here.

The research worker did non halt at that place but visited some of the other Pizza Hut eating houses and found the same scenario. There were besides no sufficient staff at the peak hours of concern and the workers were over burdened at those times. Due to this job, the workers were unhappy and it reflected in their service and quality. The writer besides could come across a study conducted by Pizza Hut, which reflected the same observations. It was found that these jobs occurred due to overly focused on cost-cutting outlook of the direction.

The above observations of the local Pizza Hut eating houses suggested a good subject for the research, hence this proposal.

Purposes and Aims

The research worker takes Pizza Hut as a instance survey and attempts to turn out that Performance Management and assessment system is necessary in the success of any organisation.

The survey shows that Pizza Hut is the biggest Pizza supplier in UK. It has besides invested a batch of money to keep its position in the pizza mercantile establishments in UK. Thus choice of Pizza Hut for the instance survey might be a spot surprising. It is fact that there is great competition that Pizza Hut has to confront from its challengers and the surveies have revealed that they have lost their market portion to its rivals. The research worker is interested to do an effort to cognize if its HR policies have anything to make with the losing of market portion, if so.

The research worker tries to look into the following aims from this survey plan:

Review the current Performance Management patterns at Pizza Hut?

Effectiveness of these policies.

Look into the current concern public presentation.

Possible steps for betterments.

Possible accomplishments.

However the research worker will earnestly do an effort to analyze the place of Performance Management policies in success of any concern.

Literature Review

Here the research worker gives a figure of literatures that he wants to reexamine for this research plan. This is non a fixed list as there can be alterations at the existent research plan to better and heighten the work. These lists of literature give an thought of research worker ‘s comprehension towards subject and the way.

Grote ( 1996 ) is of the sentiment that the public presentation assessment is the exclusive duty of the directors which should be managed good. He besides stands for good communicating system between the employees and the direction. He besides views that if there is a good direction ; it will take attention of the endowments of the workers and can avoid batch of conflicting state of affairss with the workers. It will merely make good for the organisation as a whole. It will turn out to be good for both the organisation and workers.

The research worker makes usage of another book written by the same writer Grote ( 1996 ) . The rubric of the book is ‘The Complete Guide to public presentation assessment ‘ . It has been published by AMACOM, in New York. This book is supposed to give great penetrations into academic surveies as the writer is an experient manus as a successful concern adviser for rather some clip.

The content of this book is good established and therefore the directors who seek to pattern an effectual Performance Management will happen it ready to hand to pattern them in their several industries. The book besides puts frontward few tips to screen out the state of affairs bing to better. The writer has intricately explained everything about public presentation direction and assessment system that seeks immense part from the portion of direction for the success. These great plants of Grote will lend to the present subject for information.

Another book the research worker has included in his mention is ‘Performance Management ‘ written by Bascal R ( 199 ) . The book has been brought to visible radiation by the McGraw Hill, NY ( USA ) . Here the writer has dealt with the Performance Management intricately. He has really smartly pointed out the jobs every bit good as solutions. The research worker feels that this book will lend greatly to the subject in the research.

The research worker besides finds some recent developments on the subject and has included recent articles and diaries as beginning. So some relevant literature besides is cited below.

Westerman ( 1996 ) has published a diary on Employee Responsibilities and Rights titled ‘Rethinking the Role of Performance Appraisal in Total Quality Management. Here the writer has taken up a really good survey of the effectual human resource direction policies in TQM execution for the organisations keeping concern in the planetary degree and face a stiff competition from the challengers in the same field. He asserts that Performance direction and assessment is the exclusive effectual step to garner the heart-whole support from the portion of employees.

The research worker besides found the work from Krathanos ( 1996 ) really effectual. This is a diary that holds the thought of ‘The function of adept systems in bettering the direction of procedures in entire quality direction organisations ‘ . This research worker besides got involved in the survey of Baldrige Award Criteria and recognized came to cognize the value of information and analysis for the publicity of concern public presentation.

‘Three Trends around Data Quality for Performance Management ‘ an article written by Schmitz J ( 2008 ) besides was found to be good by the research worker. The writer, who is the Product Marketing director of the IBM, suggests that organisations must stand for the right aggregation of informations for the most effectual public presentation assessment system. She develops on the thought that proper Business Intelligence and Performance direction can better the quality of concern public presentation. She besides reminds us the success rate of these tools depends on the truth of informations.

The writer of this research proposal besides have gone through some of the old works done on this same topic, in order to happen how they had been successful in put to deathing thoughts and to understand how utile were there findings.

The writer besides came across a instance survey conducted by 2GC Limited in UK. It was given a occupation of reconstituting EPM System for a fast-developing international retail merchant. They have more than 200 centres worldwide. The writer has found this instance survey to be utile in composing his ain instance survey for Pizza Hut. The similarity is that Pizza Hut excessively has got international concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses.

The writer has found a instance survey conducted by Soltani et Al ( 2010 ) to implement PM system in quality oriented houses in UK. The research worker besides has gone through the working of more than 150 administrations. The premier motivation of the writer was to analyze the human resource public presentation rating systems and its effects on concern public presentation. The survey reflected a immense spread between Total Quality Management in force and existent EPM system that was traveling on at that place. This besides revealed many confusions and semblance prevalent in these organisations.

The writer besides program to travel through some of the most effectual and adept human resource direction theoretical accounts in order to acquire a better thought of the demands for this research. These proposed surveies will come in ready to hand for the decision and is necessary recommendations. Some of the Human Resource theoretical accounts that are to be gone through are Michigan Model, or Fomburn Model, Tichy and Devannna theoretical account. All these theoretical accounts are found to be effectual in the Human Resource Management activities.

Fomburn ( 1984 ) has come up with three schemes that could be applied in any organisation. They are:


Organizational activities


The writer has realized the importance of pulling chief purposes and aims of the organisation and taking up plenty resource to get at these ends. There are three chief direction activities forwarded by Fombrun. They are:

– Policy formation and end scene,

– Segregating resources and

– Management

It is apparent that Fomburn has devised a theoretical account in conformity with concern schemes.

Harvard Model of Human Resource Management et Al ( 1984 ) has come out with six of import schemes for a successful concern public presentation.

– Situational constituents

– Stakeholders involvements

– Policy picks

– Results

– Future effects

– Feedback system to entree all the stakeholders

The research worker programs to travel through all three Human Resource Management theoretical accounts intricately to happen out their virtues and benefits in EPM execution and success.

Research Methodology

Following research methods will be followed to carry through this research undertaking.

Primary Research:

Researcher programs to put to death empirical survey by questioning both employees and clients of local Pizza Huts. There are many mercantile establishments within range. The research worker besides plans to personally interview some Pizza Hut directors to cognize about their attack of Pizza Hut and public presentation assessment system and its effectivity. Author is of the position that a personal interaction with the Pizza Hut

Customers will assist him to acquire a clear cut thought about the effectivity of the Performance Management and Appraisal Systems at these mercantile establishments. The research worker besides plans to compare these feedbacks with the responses of the Pizza Hut directors. The research worker besides plans to use the literary plants to understand the execution of the Performance Management and Appraisal Systems at work. All these activities will enable the research worker to set frontward some recommendations for the overall advancement of the Pizza Hut.

Secondary Research:

Researcher programs to put to death a secondary research on the subject by carefully analysing literature and other relevant information which will be available both on-line and offline. This survey will be conducted before really traveling into the empirical research therefore get sufficient cognition and accomplishments to finish the research subject and arrive at a nice decision. This will heighten the apprehension of the Pizza Hut and Appraisal bing Human Resource Management patterns and public presentation assessment systems. This process will assist to analyse informations gathered through research.

Data aggregation

The research worker offers to roll up informations by carry oning questionnaires to employees and clients of the Pizza Hut. Researcher besides would carry on little interviews maintaining in head the importance of acquiring more information. The premier purpose of the research worker is to reexamine maximal figure of mercantile establishments, clients and employees that could be good managed in the available clip.

The research worker purposes to fix three questionnaires for each category-employees, client, and directors. Questions are to be prepared participants friendly to do it easy and interesting. The research worker offers to take back the signifiers instantly to acquire a self-generated response and adequate clip will be provided to those who need it.


The chief ground why the writer has decided to take Pizza Hut is that its speedy handiness to the clients and employees at that place. The planned interviews of the Pizza Hut directors depend on their involvement and blessing. The research worker programs to see merely some of the Pizza Hut mercantile establishments that are easy accessible in UK. A batch depends on the self-generated response of the participants.

Ethical Issues:

The research worker is good cognizant of the jobs that can originate from the engagement of the voluntaries. Therefore he has promised them to maintain their personal individuality secret. The facts like name, reference, electronic mail, phone Numberss, or individuality will non be disclosed to anyone for any intent. The facts are non asked from the participants to supply to the research worker at all. They have been instructed non to give any of their personal information as they are non required for this research plan. The participants have been informed officially for their engagement in the research plan.

This research plan involves a transnational organisation for instance survey. Thus the research worker vows non to unwrap any of his findings with any other individual than his supervisor and staff assigned by the University.

The research worker programs to show the concluding consequence in a clear and comprehensive manner. For this he plans to show it in the signifier of sum-ups and graphs.


The research worker offers to reexamine a figure of literature books, diaries, assorted Human Resource theoretical accounts and other available resources intricately. The survey of literature will decidedly assist to acquire a great apprehension of the topic and that will be a solid foundation for the empirical survey that follows. The research workers plans on a regular basis in touch with the seniors and instructors at every portion of the research and therefore do certain that the development is in the right way.

The writer has besides offers to a instance survey on Pizza Hut eating houses in UK. The chief purpose of the research worker is to develop an apprehension of the Human Resource Management policies and patterns and its consequence on the concern public presentation as a whole. For this some relevant inquiries will be asked to the Pizza Hut clients, employees and directors ( if allowed to ) .The research worker programs to understand and judge the public presentation of the employees by analyzing the responses received from the clients. In the same manner an effort would be made to cognize Human Resource Management practiced by the directors by analyzing the feedbacks from the employees. Likewise the directors of the local PH mercantile establishments will be contacted to cognize the overall map of the eating houses.

When all the desired information is collected, it will show as a transcript of overall Pizza Hut ‘s public presentation, its Human Resource Management policies, Performance of the employees, and its effects on the client experience and overall concern public presentation. It is a fact without stating that no organisation would turn much without looking into the feedbacks of the clients. Merely an organisation that would give sufficient importance of the feedbacks clients can come on in concern. It is same with both merchandise and service industries. As an organisation is run by people, worker, and employees at that place arise the demand for satisfied clients. Therefore there is a demand for the organisations to develop an effectual client support. This is what is expected of the disposed Human Resource Management in topographic point.

The research will decidedly better the cognition of the research worker and supply him with information that is really helpful. It will besides state the readers of the Performance Management policies and about an effectual public presentation assessment which will take to a good employee public presentation, an improved client satisfaction and a good net income for the concern organisation. This research will throw visible radiation to the Human Resource jobs greatly and propose some solutions and employ public presentation will be improved.

This research will greatly assist the research worker and other Human Research directors. This research will open ways to the dependable beginnings that can be accessed to acquire factual information on the consequence oriented Employee Performance, and Performance Appraisal techniques to assist organisations to transform work force into a good unit of happy employees.


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