Case Study On Hindustan Unilever Limited Commerce Essay

The Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) is a package or on-line solution for the informations entry, informations trailing, and informations information for the demands of the Human Resources, paysheet, direction, and accounting maps within a concern. A human resource information system is an organized, accurate, relevant and appropriate method of supplying information about human resources.

It is a organized manner of hive awaying informations and information for each single employee in determination devising, to assist in planning of human resources. It can be used to keep inside informations such as, employees absence studies, salary disposal, employee profiles and other assorted sorts of studies.

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Case Study On Hindustan Unilever Limited Commerce Essay
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Development of Human Resource Information System ( HRIS )

In todays universe where engineering is progressively developed and touching all facets of today ‘s concern, the usage of IT and information engineerings is increasing in companys HR section. Now HR directors have realized that there are huge technological alterations, with acceptance of IT going a necessity for them. IT is playing a cardinal function in the HR sections of companies presents. Companies are seeking to do the finest usage of their systems for forming and hive awaying information of their employees.

In the twelvemonth 1960 ‘s the HR professional and directors of the companies used to pass clip in garnering information manually on paper, having questions, and largely busy in boring and manual administrative work. Now as times have changed, systems are acquiring automated. The companies have started puting in their HR section, developing it by including human resource information system. Human resource directors are now giving up with dearly-won, drawn-out and out-of-date procedures and custom-making for IT-enabled HR systems, which marks the beginning of a new epoch in the operation of HR professionals.

Human Resource Information System ( HRIS ) provides-

An effectual HRIS is used to supply information about anything the company needs to track and analyse about its employees, former employees, and appliers.

Pull offing information of all employees

Reporting and analysis of employee information

Benefit to disposal including registration and personal information updating.

Applicants tracking, resume direction, interviewing, and choice.

Complete integrating with company ‘s fiscal and accounting system.

Model of a human resource information system


Input subsystem: –

It deals with assemblage of informations about assorted facets of human resources.

HR research subsystem:

It gathers informations such as occupation analysis, occupation rating, employee absenteeism, employee morale and employee turnover.

HR intelligence subsystem:

Information is collected from external environment officially and informally.

Output subsystem:

It consists of five subsystem

HR acquisition subsystem

HR development subsystem

Appraisal and compensation

Care subsystem

Industrial dealingss subsystem

HR acquisition subsystem: – ( planning, Recruitment, choice & A ; arrangement )

It involves maps like planning of human resources i.e calculating the demand and supply of human resources. Recruitment and choice involves the procedure of distinguishing between appliers in order to place and choose those with a greater likeliness of success in a occupation by carry oning group treatments, interviews, etc.

HR Development System: ( operative preparation, direction development and organisation development )

HRD system requires information about the competences that are to be developed among employees. It helps in cognizing about the alterations that are to me made in direction system or the development to be made in the organisation, etc.

Appraisal and compensation system: ( public presentation assessment, fiscal compensation, inducements )

Appraisal direction

Appraisal involves measuring an employee ‘s value and public presentation for inventing suited compensation bundle, preparation, publicity, demotion etc. and compensation involves finding the inducements, benefits etc.

Compensation direction:

It is concerned with designing and implementing entire compensation bundle. Here compensation means supplying money or other benefits to the employee like provident fund, fillip, insurance strategy and other payment.

HR Maintenance system: ( mobility, safety, wellness and stress direction )

HRM system looks after the care of employees in the organisation. It involves human resource mobility in the signifier of publicity, demotion, transportation and separation. By taking attention of employees by forming stress direction lectures that the employees may confront during work. Besides taking attention of the safety and wellness of employees

Industrial Relation System: ( discipline direction, grudge handling, direction of industrial differences )

IRS is helps with pull offing good dealingss between direction and secret agents. This involves pull offing employee subject, pull offing industrial differences, righting employee grudges, etc.

Benefits of HRIS

Datas can be processed at high velocity

Classifying of informations becomes easy

Effective in determination devising.

Higher truth of study generated.

Quick response to reply questions.

Better work civilization.

Establishing of streamlined and systematic process.

More transparence in the system.

Employee – Self Management.


Hindustan unilever limited ( HUL ) – Making good by making good.

Hindustan Unilever Limited ( HUL ) is India ‘s largest Fast Traveling Consumer Goods Company, touching the lives of two out of three American indians with over 20 distinguishable classs in Home & A ; Personal Care Products and Foods & A ; Beverages. The company ‘s Employee turnover is Rs. 17,523 crores ( for the fiscal twelvemonth 2009 – 2010 )

HUL is a subordinate of Unilever, one of the universe ‘s prima providers of fast traveling consumer goods with holding its strong clasp over 100 states on the universe with one-year gross revenues of about a‚¬40 billion in 2009.

Hindustan Unilever was late rated among the top four companies worldwide in the list of “ Global Top Companies for Leaders ” by a survey sponsored by Hewitt Associates, in partnership with Fortune magazine and the RBL Group. The company was ranked figure one in the Asia-Pacific part and in India.

It is the mission of HUL that inspires more than 15,000 employees, including over 1,400 directors, is to assist people experience good, look good and acquire more out of life with trade names and services that are good for them and good for others.A This mission is shared by HUL with its parent company unilever which holds about 52 % of the equity.

Application of HRIS in Hindustan unilever limited


Hindustan unilever limited utilizations peoplesoft package to look after human resource direction and client relationship direction

PeopleSoft, Inc. was a company that provided human resource direction systems ( HRMS ) and client relationship direction ( CRM ) package, every bit good as package solutions to big corporations and organisations. It was a autonomous corporation until Oracle Corporation took acquisition over it in 2005. The selling of PeopleSoft name and merchandise line are now done by Oracle.

HUL implemented utilizing peoplesoft since 2003 for its human resource direction, Peoplesoft, at that clip, was an object of much guess and intuition with the proprietors ( HR Managers ) and the end-users ( HR Officers ) , But peoplesoft 7.5 had stopped being used for a piece in unilever due to improper working. After a proper scrutiny it was found out that prophet database was the root cause for the improper working of peoplesoft.

A “ large 5 ” consultancy which was a peoplesoft support company had left the whole execution of peoplesoft in an unstable province and had to discontinue its operations from HUL.

This job was farther handled by CMSS pvt ltd who analyzed the database exhaustively and restored the database tabular array by tabular array. They non merely stabilized the system and made it useable, but besides integrated the system with many of their other HR applications.

Performance Appraisal and Competency Enhancement system ( PACE )

Performance assessments of Employees are necessary to understand each employee ‘s abilities, competences and comparative virtue and worth for the organisation. The employees are rated in footings of their public presentations.

It is indispensable to mensurate the public presentation of the employees and the organisation, it helps in look intoing the advancement towards the coveted ends and purposes and which farther helps in betterment of the public presentation. Past public presentations of the employees are taken into history and are farther it focuses on the betterment of the future public presentation of the employees.

Formal and decently structured public presentation assessments help the employees to clearly understand their functions and duties. This farther gives way to look after the person ‘s public presentation. It helps the single public presentations in alining with the organisational ends. It besides helps them to reexamine their ain public presentations.

It was implemented since 2003 and is used boulder clay day of the month. CMSS looks after Development, Support, Optimization, Enhancement and Customization of PACE. HUL wanted a Performance Appraisal and Competency Enhancement system for its officers, based on the Performance Management Model followed at HUL but the job that they were confronting was, there were no records of the inside informations of officers in a amalgamate signifier. But CMSS could pull off it by acquiring all the database by puting up help desks in 4 tube metropoliss and could implement the working of system in 3 months.

Performance Development and Planning system ( PDP )

It helps in maintaining path of the public presentation the employees. The procedure enables each staff individual to understand their true value-added to the organisation. It helps them in puting ends that which would increase their ability to lend to the success of the organisation.

HUL wanted a Performance Development and Planning system for its directors, based on the Performance Management Model followed by them.

A basic version of this system sent to India, that version was found to be extremely missing in certain characteristics desired by HR in India.

The PDP package had to be developed such a manner that it could be integrated with peoplesoft because it had all its employees inside informations stored in it and with a characteristic for real-time informations span between Peoplesoft and PDP it could be easy be configured and used as required.

PDP is till day of the month being used by HUL to pull off the public presentation of its directors.

Decision: –

Therefore analyzing of the study helps in cognizing the huge developments that has been happening in the field of human resources. Not merely in instance of IT companies where employees are cardinal assets, even the non-IT sector has besides realized the importance and demand to put in engineering to upscale their HR maps. It is non lone clip and cost economy but besides has the long-run benefit of retaining employees.


Fig-1: Model of human resource information system.


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