Causes of Delays and Risks in the Construction Industry of the UAE Essay


The intent of this paper is to discourse and warrant my research subject which is intended to be taken up subsequently on as my thesis subject. My research will place and measure the hazards and holds in the building industries in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE authorities is puting one million millions in the development of the substructure of the state ( Zaneldin, 2006 ) .

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Causes of Delays and Risks in the Construction Industry of the UAE Essay
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The building industry in the UAE is possibly the largest industry, although it is a really intricate and the most disconnected industry as it involves “multidisciplinary participants” ( Zaneldin, 2006 ) . A bulk of the building companies criticize the turning rate of holds in the bringing of a undertaking in the UAE ( Kishk, 2010 ) . In the research these holds in the building companies would be carefully undertaken and evaluated. “Delays result in extension of undertaking clip, which leads to extra operating expenses that increase the cost.” ( Elaˆ?Sayegh, 2006 ) . Delays in a undertaking could impact all the participants involved from the client till the labor involved in the building portion of the undertaking.

On the other manus a major portion of the research is the hazards involved in a building industry as the term is self-explanatory, hazards in any industry is something to avoid or at the least minimise the impact. “However, building undertakings are perceived to hold more built-in hazards due to the engagement of many undertaking parties such as proprietors, interior decorators, contractors, subcontractors, providers, etc.” ( El-Sayegh, 2008 ) . Hazard has ever been a major attractive force in a building industry because it is barely possible to hold a riskless company peculiarly if it is in the building industry in UAE. “Risk in building has been an object of attending because of clip and cost overproductions associated with the building projects.” ( A.Kartam, 2001 ) . UAE is a invariably developing state and there is a changeless growing particularly in the building industry. The building industry ne’er takes a arrest, there is a uninterrupted burden of undertakings and force per unit area to accomplish marks and deadlines while besides guaranting the wellness and safety of those involved. So, this industry is non merely a really of import facet in the development of the substructure but besides in pulling more concerns and more investings to the UAE.

The following sections will supply the justification of the research subject, the research inquiry, purposes and aims. It will besides foreground the research methodological analysis, the aggregation and the analysis and besides offer a brief about the ethical issues refering the research of this subject. Finally, the paper will stop giving the recommendations and decisions refering the issues involved in this peculiar field.


“In UAE the building industry contributes about 7.5 % of non-oil GDP besides being a critical beginning of employment. In the first one-fourth of 2004, about 6000 building companies were registered ; 2119 edifices were completed including 1,436 Villas and residential composites, 393 multi-storey commercial edifices and 290 industrial, amusement and service buildings.”

( Belaid and Bader, 2005 ) as cited by ( Salama, 2009 ) . Since the UAE population is in direct proportion to the sum of residential and commercial edifices in UAE, as the population keeps increasing in figure the building industry is ever on the rise. This survey is majorly focused on the hazards and holds involved in the building industry which would analyse the cardinal causes and impacts of the holds and the would assist companies to measure the hazard in assorted facets and assist them understand hazard direction and besides in taking up deliberate hazards or in minimising the hazard. As stated by ( Kishk, 2010 ) , the effects of building holds are non restricted to the building companies, but can besides act upon the overall economic system of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) , where building plays a major function in its development and contributes 14 % to the GDP. This paper is an attempt to assist companies to minimise holds in their undertakings and have an effectual and efficient direction to avoid holds in the UAE. There have been a few limited articles sing the holds facet of the building undertakings in the UAE, but these have non gone in a deep research of this facet in a peculiar company. As mentioned in ( MacLeod, 1997 ) , the building industry and the clients are linked to a high hazard because of the nature of the concern, the procedures, the environment and the organisation. Hazard is instead a huge subject compared to the holds in this context. But, hazard goes manus in manus with chance and adds value from the steps taken to command the hazard as stated by ( Mills, 2001 ) in his research about hazard direction in building. Although, there have been articles about hazard and hazard direction in building but at that place has non been any major research done in this subject in the UAE context, and hazard direction is a critical country of concern in a underdeveloped state like the UAE every bit far as the building industry is concerned.

This survey is traveling to be limited merely to the UAE context and focused merely towards the building industries in the UAE, the holds and hazards involved are focused and related to the building companies within the UAE. There have been articles sing the holds and hazards involved in the building industry which are related to a specific state or a part but there are really few which focus on the building industry in the UAE. In this research there would besides be a instance survey of a building company from the UAE and there will be a face-to-face interviews conducted and the issues in holds or hazards will so be evaluated with the aid of the literature reappraisal and eventually there would be a recommendations given to the company after this analysis. This instance survey on a company from the UAE is being done to acquire a deeper penetration about the procedures and the regulations and ordinances while besides geting more information and cognition about the construction of the building industry and how a company functions in this state. This instance survey is besides helpful in larning how the research can assist a company to understand and measure their concerns and benefit from the recommendations given after the survey. This survey would besides give an penetration to the hereafter entrepreneurs or investors seeking to put up a building concern in the UAE, it would assist them derive a huge and important cognition about the impacts and the factors doing holds and a counsel towards pull offing hazard in a building industry in the UAE.


There have been surveies based on building and hazard, but looking at the rapid growing of the building concern in UAE, which is why a state specific survey is required sing the sum of part the building industry is doing towards the development of UAE. The research inquiry is traveling to give a brief thought on what this whole survey is traveling to be based on, it will besides imply a specific boundary and context of the survey. The purposes are traveling to bespeak on what the concluding results are traveling to be based upon and stipulate the attack towards the purpose. The purposes of a survey can sometimes transcend more than one in instances where the research is done on a broader subject, whereas the aims are the sub-divisions or instead the stairss to accomplish the purposes, these aims are the undertakings to be completed to accomplish the concluding end product which has been mentioned in the purposes of the survey.

The Research Question

What are the factors doing the holds and hazards in the building industry of UAE and how are they holding an impact on the building industry and the economic system of the UAE?


Using an interpretative and an synergistic attack, I will carry on a survey to look into and compare and contrast the causes of holds and hazards in the building industry of the UAE and besides concentrate on the impact of these in the building industry and the economic system of the UAE.


In order to carry through the purpose the following aims have to be achieved

  • To develop and measure informations on factors doing holds and the hazards in the building industry in UAE.
  • To mensurate the impact of holds and hazards in the building industry in the UAE.
  • To analyse the impact of holds and hazards in the building industry on the economic system of UAE.
  • To place an appropriate manner to mensurate the factors doing and the impact of holds and hazards.
  • To research the deepness of consequence on the economic system by the recommendations given to implement the building industry of UAE.

These 5 aims would assist sum up and accomplish the aforesaid purpose of this research.

Second, the theory is being tested here in a different context, the theories of hazard and holds are being studied and examined and so put into the context of UAE. These theories are so evaluated sing the environment, the demands and the resources available in this state. These theories are besides traveling to be tested in a building company after carry oning a few face-to-face interviews at certain managerial degrees of the organisation and so these theories of hazard and holds which are being tested in this survey will be indispensable in giving valuable recommendations for the company whilst taking into consideration their concerns and issues refering within the organisation which do non let for a successful result of the undertakings. The research following this proposal would be constrained merely to the boundaries of UAE and see specifically those factors which consequence the organisations set up here, this would assist the research workers, policy-makers and people new to this concern to acquire the modern processs of the building industry and besides would assist them in acquiring a deeper penetration of the causes and impacts of holds and hazards, the impact on the economic system of the UAE and why it is so of import to implement the building concerns in these facets.


Epistemic place

Harmonizing to ( Y.Lincoln, 1994 ) “The research worker and the object of probe are assumed to be interactively linked so that the findings are literally created as the probe proceeds.”

Harmonizing to ( Busher, 2009 ) “Qualitative research does non hold to transport with it fixed epistemic deductions. Research workers have to make up one’s mind what knowledge they want to garner about the societal universe and how, but epistemic premises, values and methods may be inextricably intertwined.”

Qualitative attack

Harmonizing to ( Y.Lincoln, 1994 ) “Qualitative research is multi-method in focal point, affecting an interpretative, realistic attack to its capable affair. This means that qualitative research workers study things in their natural scenes, trying to do sense of or construe phenomena in footings of the significances people bring to them. Qualitative research involves the studied usage and aggregation of a assortment of empirical stuffs instance survey, personal experience, introspective, life narrative interview, experimental, historical, interactive, and ocular texts-that describe modus operandi and debatable minutes and significance in persons ‘ lives.”

There was a conference proceeding on a similar subject about causes and effects of holds in building undertakings, ( Mulenga. Mukuka, 2013 ) Highlighted that the research methodological analysis for such a survey falls under the qualitative type of research methodological analysis. “The strength of qualitative research is its ability to supply complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research issue. It provides information about the “human” side of an issue – that is, the frequently contradictory behaviours, beliefs, sentiments, emotions, and relationships of individuals.” ( Natasha Mack, 2005 ) . For this research a qualitative research is more appropriate because in this survey human sentiments, experiences and values are the cardinal to understanding this subject as UAE is a multi-cultured state people have different values, sentiments and different ways of nearing a state of affairs, it besides helps in comparing different positions and analysing different point of views which helps in deriving a clearer apprehension of where the theories would assist in amending the issues. Flexibility is the cardinal difference between quantitative and qualitative methods ( Natasha Mack, 2005 ) . Flexibility in qualitative aid in being much more self-generated during interviews and gives a face-to-face interaction between the research worker and the survey participant, the consequences and analysis of a qualitative and a quantitative research differ by quite a border as qualitative is more suited to my survey which can give me an accurate responses which can be straight related to my subject and besides helps in acquiring a deeper penetration of the subject, whereas quantitative is more appropriate when there is a reasonable comparing required in the research.


There are 5 types of qualitative research methods as suggested by ( Creswell, J.W, 1994 ) in ( Muhammad Farooq Joubish, 2011 )

  • Participant observationas the name suggest is the observation of natural fortunes and activities.
  • In-depth interviewsis a face-to-face interviews between people to acquire their positions and sentiments on peculiar facets.
  • Focus groupsis used to acquire the sentiments from a big group, and to acquire a deep apprehension of their issues and concerns, this is chiefly used for cultural groups.
  • Collection of relevant paperss
  • Photographs and videotapes

For my research, an in-depth interview would be more suited and will heighten the quality of the findings from these interviews. Most of the times these interviews are really self-explanatory by nature and an huge sum of informations can be collected by these interviews. A lower limit of 10 interviews would be conducted each lasting for about an hr during the research with different building industries in the UAE, a specific fixture for the interview will be reciprocally agreed. Harmonizing to ( Busher, 2009 ) “The presence of verbal and non-verbal cues such as facial looks, gestures, positions and emotional idiosyncrasy all add a farther bed to individuals’ societal presence, and to the societal interaction taking topographic point. In the exchange of such cues, research worker and participant ( s ) can detect each other’s behaviours and attributes.” Interviews are considered as a cardinal beginning of deriving information or collection informations at the same clip it might be hard to garner it accurately. Harmonizing to ( The Qualitative Paradigm, 2012 ) “An interview is a joint merchandise of what interviewees and interviewers talk about together and how they talk with each other. The record of an interview that we research workers make and so usage in our work of analysis and reading is a representation of that talk.” Interviews give a really focussed and accurate informations but to analyse these interviews and come to a decision from it is the hard portion to accomplish, which can be achieved by utilizing the right set of tools during the informations analysis.


Harmonizing to ( Muhammad Farooq Joubish, 2011 ) , data analysis of a qualitative research is a hard undertaking, all the qualitative surveies are typical and they need a alone scheme for analysis. “Qualitative informations analysis consists of placing, coding and categorising forms found in the data.” ( Muhammad Farooq Joubish, 2011 ) . In this survey as there will be interviews involved, so the information must be compared and evaluated. Harmonizing to ( Thorne, 2000 ) a changeless comparative attack is a general and more dependable qualitative informations analysis scheme, in this method each piece of informations is taken ( interviews in this instance ) and compared with other similar or different pieces of informations to develop a relation between the assorted pieces. After developing a relation between these assorted pieces of informations another attack called land theory would be used to further analyse the findings from each piece. As interpreted by ( Thorne, 2000 ) “Constant comparing analysis is good suited to anchor theory because this design is specifically used to analyze those human phenomena for which the research worker assumes that cardinal societal procedures explain something of human behaviour and experience, such as phases of sorrowing or procedures of recovery.” However, the grounded theory is based on observations that are summarized into classs which are re-evaluated and linked to other classs, as stated by ( Schutt, 2012 ) .

( Beginning: Muhammad Farooq Joubish, 2011 )

In this research I am traveling to follow this procedure of analysis ( Fig1. ) as it explains the procedure of qualitative analysis to near the concluding result through the natural information collected which is so gone Fig1.The Qualitative Analytical Procedure

through the procedure of all those types of processs and so making the concluding result of description and reading.


Qualitative research is a really complex and time-consuming research, where the research worker spends extended hours on informations aggregation, seeking to derive entree and seeking to acquire the “inside” position, as stated by ( The Qualitative Paradigm, 2012 ) . In qualitative research, the informations analysis procedure is a really ambitious undertaking because after the information is collected the undertaking of cut downing the information and categorising it is the chief challenge. To carry on question the cost sustained to go to the interviewee at times might be a hurdle to carry on interviews, besides if the interviewee has a communicating barrier it is hard to see them as a portion of the research. Furthermore, the interviewee might non be available to our convenience, so this sort of research takes rather some clip to acquire clasp of the interviewee and behavior interviews and to analyse the response. As the ( The Qualitative Paradigm, 2012 ) suggests that, if a research worker must carry on a qualitative survey so, he/she must “Participate in a signifier of societal and human scientific discipline research that does non hold steadfast guidelines or specific processs and is germinating and altering invariably. This complicates stating others how one plans to carry on a survey and how others might judge it when the survey is done.”


Research moralss is fundamentally the interaction and moralss between the research worker and the individual who is being studied. The research worker must maintain in head the demands and concerns of the individual who is being studied and besides the participant’s well-being must be the top precedence during the research.

Harmonizing to ( Natasha Mack, 2005 ) the information aggregation activities that require more than insouciant interaction with a individual require person informed consent from that individual, irrespective of whether community-level permissions exist. Examples of such activities include in-depth interviews and focal point groups. The individual should be told:

• The intent of the research

• What is expected of a research participant, including the sum of clip likely to be required for engagement.

• expected hazards and benefits, including psychological and societal

• The fact that engagement is voluntary and that one can retreat at any clip with no negative reverberations

• How confidentiality will be protected

• The name and contact information of the local lead research worker to be contacted for inquiries or jobs related to the research

• The name and contact information of an appropriate individual to reach with inquiries about one’s rights as a research participant ( normally the chair of the local moralss commission supervising the research )


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