Cda Competency Goal V Essay

Competency Goal V To ensure a well run, purposeful program responsive to participate needs. Goals: 1. Keep up-to-date program records such as children’s medial records and emergency telephone numbers. 2. Work in collaboration with parents to identify the strengths and needs of each child. Two of my top priorities are to keep-up-to-date records on file, and to have the emergency telephone numbers clearly posted. I maintain the local medical center, poison control, fire and police department phone number beside the telephone, in addition to being visible on the wall.

A monthly confirmation is performed to make sure that the current contact number on file for each child has not changed. I know that parents might sometimes forget to provide a new phone number, if I don’t ask. Moreover, I like to have two alternate telephone numbers on file in case I can’t get in touch with the parents. I keep these telephone numbers on hand so that they can be reached quickly in case of an emergency, whether we are inside or outside. In an effort to keep parents informed, daily reports are provided to the parent of each child.

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Cda Competency Goal V Essay
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I do a developmental assessment twice a year. This lets the parents know about the progress of their child, and their learning experience. Judging from the smiles on the parents’ faces, I believe they value being advised about how their child has developed and learning through fun activities. After extensive observation and testing, if I think a child needs special attention, I notify the parents. Working in partnership, we will discuss ways to help support the needs of that child


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