CE 221 True or False

a scalar
The mass of an object is
coordinates of B minus the coordinates of A
the position vector from A to B can be expressed by
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CE 221 True or False
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A scalar equal to the product of the magnitude of the two vectors and the sin of the angle between them
The Dot product of two vectors produces
a third vector in the same plane as the other two vectors
Cross product of two vectors produces
50 degrees
If two directional angels of a vector are 50 and 50 degreees then the third directional angle is
square of the magnitude of vector F(F^2)
The dot product of vector F with the vector F is the
If the positon vector from the y axis to the force vector F= (10i+20j+30k) N is r= (1i+2j)m thent he magnitude of the moment of F about the yaxis is
the directional cosines of the vector
The constants in front of i,j,k of a unit vector are

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