Celebrities as Role Models Sample Essay

About everyone could state you at least one famous person that they like. or dislike. Many striplings aspire to be merely like them. You might travel to topographic points like Vegas and see people dressed up as older famous persons that you might cognize. like Elvis. Everyone has their ain personal sentiment as to endure or non famous persons are good function theoretical accounts for striplings. Personally I do non believe they are the best function theoretical account for them. There is no right or incorrect sentiment though. Everything that famous persons do shows up on the intelligence for younger childs to see. Celebrities don’t think about their fans when they do things. They merely look at what they are about to make. Celebrities besides don’t acquire punished like the mean individual.

Celebrities ever have paparazzi following them about and taking images of what they are making. This puts thoughts in the child’s caput that it is all right to make that. For illustration. Ke $ ha drinks and fumes all the clip. and images of her making these things show up on magazines and on the intelligence. Easy topographic points to where striplings can see them.

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Celebrities as Role Models Sample Essay
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You hear all the clip how famous persons appreciate their fans. and seek and believe of ways to thank them for their support. What you don’t hear is how they go wing or travel place and do illegal things. Celebrities don’t set their fans into consideration when they do those things. For illustration when Miley Cyrus had images of her practically bare taken for a magazine screen. Childs that looked up to her were able to see those images. Then after everything they turn to the media to apologise for their inexcusable behaviour.

Celebrities are worlds merely every bit much as we are. There is a difference in penalty when we do illegal things and when they do illegal things. They don’t acquire punished like we do. Like when Justin Bieber got caught making drugs. They haven’t punish him at all. Normal people would hold to travel to tribunal. Celebrities acquire off with so much more because they are celebrated. This teaches childs that it is all right to make incorrect and you won’t acquire in problem for what they have done.

In the terminal. it is merely a personal sentiment if you think famous persons make good function theoretical accounts to striplings. You merely have to take in consideration that famous persons are treated otherwise. and everything that they do it in magazines or on the intelligence for everyone to see. It is all biased on a personal sentiment.


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