Cell Division Test

Somatic Cell
A kidney cell is an example of which type of cell?
How many chromosomes are in a human gamete?
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Cell Division Test
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22 autosomes and an X or Y chromosome
Which of the following best describes the genetic material a person receives from his or her father?
produces haploid gametes
Which phrase best describes the process of meiosis?
Their nuclei fuse to form one nucleus.
At fertilization, what happens to the sex cells?
They contain the same genes.
Which of the following statements is true of homologous chromosomes?
They are divided.
What happens to sister chromatids in meiosis II?
The production of gametes
Gametogenesis is the term for
What does an egg contribute to the embryo that a sperm does not contribute?
too small
If a cell cannot move enough material through its membrane to survive, then the ratio of its surface area to volume is
They can cause tumors in other parts of the body.
Which of the following is true of malignant tumors?
cancer cells divide uncontrollably.
One difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is that
It does not take place in multicellular organisms.
Which statement about the process of binary fission is true?
their location in the embryo
Cells in a developing embryo differentiate based on
copies DNA.
During interphase a cell grows, duplicates organelles, and
During which of the following stages shown in Figure 5.1 (Cell Cycle) does the cytoplasm of a cell divide?
Control the cell cycle.
Kinases and cyclins are internal factors that
Which statement describes the chromosome shown in Figure 5.2?
It is made up of two chromatids.
Which statement describes the chromosome shown in Figure 5.2?
In a single-celled organism, mitosis is used for
Which stage of mitosis happens last?

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