cell organelles

Term Definition
cell the smallest unit that can perform functions necessary for life
cell membrane a layer that protects and covers the cell
nucleus an organelle that contains the cell's DNA
organelles small bodies in the cell cytoplasm that performs a specific function
prokaryote one celled organism that does not have a nucleus. 2 types: bacteria and archaea
eukaryotes multicellular organisms with a nucleus. they are the largest of the two types
cell wall stiff structure that supports the cell and surrounds the cell membrane
ribosomes organelles that make protein
endoplasmic reticulum a system of membranes where chemical reactions take place. it is the cell's delivery system
mitochondrion organelle that breaks down sugar to make energy
vesicle a small sac that surrounds material to be moved
Golgi complex the organelle that packages and distributes protein. "the post office" of the cell
lysosomes organelles that contain digestive enzymes
vacuole a vesicle
organism anything that can perform life processes by itself
tissue a group of cells that work together to perform a specific job
organ 2 or more tissues working together to do a certain job
organ system a group of organs working together to do a job
function the job an organism does
structure the arrangement of parts in an organism

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