Question or Term Answer or Definition
What are all living things made of? Cells.
How big are most cells? Minute.
When were cells found & how? They were found in the 1600s with a microscope by accident!
Robert Hooke- -He was the 1st to discover cells.
-He thought plants were made of cells but not animals.,
Anton van Leeuwenhoek- -He was the 1st to discover protists.
-He was the 1st to see bacteria.
The cell theory- 1- All organisms are made of 1 or more cells.
2- The cell is the basic unit of all living things.
3- All cells come from existing cells.
How can the yolk of an egg be so big? It doesn't need to take in nutrients.
The cell membrane- The protective outer layer of a cell.
Cytoplasm- The fluid inside a cell.
Organelles- The structures that have specific functions inside the cell.
Genetic material- The cell's deoxyribonucleic acid has all the information needed for the cell.
What are the 2 kinds of cells? Prokaryotic & eukaryotic.
Bacteria- These omnipresent cells are prokaryotic.
Archaea- These extremophiles are prokaryotic cells.
Eukaryotic cells- These have a nucleus & membrane-bound organelles.
4 kinds of eukaryotes- Animals, plants, fungi, & protists.

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