Cells and Cell Function

Question Answer
All living things are made up of these… Cells
Cells that protect an animal's body… Skin Cells
This guides food into the paramecium's oral groove… Cilia
Kingdom composed of single celled organisms without a nucleus.. Bacteria
An organism without a backbone… Invertebrate
How is fungi different from plants? They can't make their own food
How is the number of mitochondria in a cell determined? By the amount of energy it needs
The act of grouping organisms into categories Classification
Deals with the respiratory system Lungs
Deals with the digestive system Stomach
Organism with a backbone Vertebrate
Deals with the circulatory system Heart
Specialized cells groups together to form a multi cellular structure… Tissue
Deals with the endocrine system Kidneys
Animals cells have this organelle but plants rarely do… Lysosomes
Thick fluid that all other organelles are suspended in… Cytoplasm

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