Cells and Cell Parts

Term Definition
Unicellular A living thing made of only one cell
Multicellular A living thing made with more than one cell
Cytoplasm A fluid in cells that keeps them alive, both cells
Cell Wall The wall of a cell, plants cell
Chloroplast Allows plants to make their own food, plant cell
Nucleus Controls the cell's actions and contains DNA, both cells
Cell Membrane Holds parts of the cell together, keeps cytoplasm inside and creates a barrier between the cell and its surroundings, both cells
Mitochondria Organelles in a cell that convert food to energy, both cells
Vacuole Stores supplies like water until they are needed, both cells
Organelles Tiny Structures that help cells do many jobs, both cells
Nucleus Control of cell. Protects and contains DNA, both cells
Cell Wall Protects certain cells, plant cells
Nuclear Membrane Surrounds the genetic material of a cell, animal cells
Eukaryotic Cells A cell that contains a nucleus and other organelles.
Prokaryotic Cells A cell that does not have a nucleus.

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