Cellular Respiration

Both processes include glycolysis. In aerobic respiration oxygen O2 is needed and anaerobic respiration no oxygen needed.
Compare and contrast aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Glycolysis harvests chemical energy by converting glucose to pyruvate
Glycolysis harvests chemical energy by converting glucose to pyruvate
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Cellular Respiration
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CO2 is released from the pyruvate that is the end product of glycoloysis, and CO2 is also released during the Kreb cycle
What processes in your cells produce the CO2 that you exhale
Aerobic Respiration
Catabolic pathway in which oxygen is consumed as a reactant along with the organic fuel
Aerobic Respiration
Includes both aerobic and anaerobic processes
Cellular Respiration
Electron Transport Chain
A sequence of electron carrier molecules (membrane proteins) that shuttle electrons down a series of reactions that release energy used to make 34 ATPs.
Electron Transport Chain
ATP Synthase
A complex of several membrane proteins that functions with adjacent electron transport chains, using the energy of a hydrogen ion (proton) concentration gradient to make ATP in the mitochondria
ATP Synthase
How many ATP are produced by the Kreb cycle for each molecule of glucose?
C6H12O6 + 6 O2 → 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + ATP energy
What is the correct general equation for cellular respiration?
Which of the part of the cellular respiration process takes place in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell?
The Mitochondria
In what organelle would you find Kreb cycle and the electron transport chain?
This process splits glucose into 2 pyruvates and produces 2 net ATPs for each glucose.
How would you describe glycolysis?
This process produces 2 ATP and carbon dioxide in the mitochondrion.
How would you describe the Kreb cycle
This process uses energy captured from electrons flowing to oxygen to produce most of the ATPs in cellular respiration
How would you describe the electron transport chain?
Glucose and _______ are consumed during cellular respiration
The Electron Transport Chain
In a eukaryotic cell, most of the ATP derived from glucose during cellular respiration is produced by …

In humans, muscle cells switch to lactate fermentation after becoming anaerobic.

Sports physiologists at an Olympic training center wanted to monitor athletes to determine at what point their muscles were functioning anaerobically. They could do this by checking for a buildup of which of the following compounds?
inner membrane of the mitochondrion
During respiration in eukaryotic cells, the electron transport chain is located in or on the _____.
air (aerobic: chemical reaction using oxygen)
Word Roots: aero-
not (anaerobic: chemical reaction not using oxygen)
Word Roots: an-
split (glycolysis: the splitting of glucose into pyruvate)
Word Roots: -lysis
Explain the Kreb Cycle.
Explain the Kreb Cycle.
Explain the two types of Fermentation.
Explain the two types of Fermentation.

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