Cellular Respiration and Body Systems Honors

Breaks down food into molecules the cells can use.
Digestive System
Brings Oxygen into the body and removes Carbon Dioxide
Respiratory System
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Cellular Respiration and Body Systems Honors
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Removes wastes from the body.
Excretory System
Carries materials to and from body cells.
Circulatory System
What carries oxygen and glucose to cells and removes the carbon dioxide and water?
What does the liver make?
The muscle that makes you breathe is the ______.
What process causes materials to move between blood and body cells?
What do cells use for food?
In what organelle does cellular respiration occur?
stores bile
What does the gall bladder do?
The flap of tissue that keeps food out of your lungs is the _________.
remove waste from blood
What do your kidneys do?
small intestine
Which organ absorbs nutrients into the blood?
What are the finger-like projections in the small intestine that allow it to have a larger surface area?
What does your appendix do?
lungs excrete CO2 and H2O.
How can lungs be an excretory organ?
Cellular Respiration
What process do cells use to make energy?
provides glucose
How does the digestive system support cellular respiration?
provides oxygen and removes carbon dioxide
How does the respiratory system support cellular respiration?
provides raw materials to cells and removes wastes from cells.
How does the circulatory system support cellular respiration?
removes extra water
How does the excretory system support cellular respiration?

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