Cerebral Cortex and Brain Essay

Brain Dissection Aim: the aim is to dissect the brain and identify all the different parts of it. Equipment: a semi –frozen sheep’s brain, dissecting board, dissecting instruments (scalpel, forceps, scissors), plastic ruler, paper towel and gloves. Method: * We placed the brain so that the cerebral hemispheres are at the top of the board and the brain stem is at the bottom. * My group identified the external features of the brain: the cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum and brain stem. * We also used the forceps and tried to lift the meninges (membranes protecting the brain).

We then observed the cerebral fluid between these membranes and the hemispheres. * My group carefully observed the overall appearance of each structure and, using a plastic ruler, measure its size (length, width and height). Include this information in a table. * The group and I drew a diagram of the sheep’s brain, labelling the external features. * On our diagram we identified and labelled the part of the brain that controls the sheep’s: (a) Heart rate (b) Balance required for walking (c) Ability to locate it’s lamb We used the scalpel, to cut the brain in half between the right and left hemispheres, and separate the two cerebral hemispheres. * After we drew a cross-section of the brain. Be sure to label it! * Then we made a second cut down through the back of one of the hemispheres to see inside the cerebellum and brain stem. Results: Brain Structure| Colour| Texture| Other Features| Size| Cerebrum| Pink| Slimy| Smell| Length 11. 8| Cerebellum| Pink/Red| Smooth| Smell| Width 7. 7| Brain Stem| White| Hard| Smell| Height 2. 3| Discussion: 1.

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Cerebral Cortex and Brain Essay
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Which structures contain the grey and white matter? The structures that contain grey and white matter are (the cells body of interneuron’s) and a little white matter (the myelin sheath that protects axons). 2. Which part of the sheep’s brain is the biggest? The biggest part of the brain is the Cerebellum. Conclusion: I did achieve my aim with my group. By dissecting the brain and discovering the different part of the brain. And I learnt, when dissecting you should be careful when cutting the brain because it’s very sensitive for the brain to rip apart easy.


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