Certificate Authority and Application Form Sample Essay

1. The under mentioned paperss are submitted with this application signifier: –

( a ) Birth certification in original ( for drama group to KG Class ) along with a photocopy.

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Certificate Authority and Application Form Sample Essay
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( B ) Transfer Certificate from old school ( Class 1st onwards ) punctually signed by Principal & A ; Countersigned by Dist. Education Officer of the country.

( degree Celsius ) Character Certificate ( Class VIII Thursday Onwards )

( vitamin D ) Migration Certificate ( for Class XI & A ; XII )

( vitamin E ) Medical Fitness Certificate including Blood Group ( For Boarders merely )

( degree Fahrenheit ) Two transcripts of exposure size 3 centimeter. x2. 5 centimeter.

Note: In instance any of the above certification is non furnished along with the application signifier. the same will be submitted within one month from the day of the month of admittance otherwise admittance will be rendered invalid and cancelled.

2. On credence of this application. I agree to: –

( a ) Abide by all the regulations and ordinances sing the student’s attending and subject laid down by the school.

( B ) Pay the fees and allied charges as indicated in the fee agenda for the academic session.

( degree Celsius ) Submit three months notice to the Principal for backdown of the kid. otherwise will pay one quarter’s fee in stead of notice.

I will pay complete one term fees in instance of mid term backdown of my ward ( residential pupils merely ) .


I ) I know that Registration fee is non-refundable & A ; I to the full understand that Registration is non adhering for admittance. Admission would be given merely when suited vacancy exists and the child’s public presentation in the trial is satisfactory as per the school norms.

two ) I have made careful note of assorted inside informations sing the payment of school fee. I have made satisfactory agreements for remittal of school fee within due day of the months without waiting for reminder from the school. I will pay the school fee on a regular basis as per Fee agenda.

three ) I hereby attest that the day of the month of birth and spellings of name of my child/ ward given in this Form are right to the best of my cognition and I shall non do any petition for alteration.

four ) I hereby attest that in instance I do non claim the Security Money paid by me for a period of two old ages after my ward leaves the school. my right to the refund of this sum will stand relinquished.

V ) I understand that rendering false or deceptive information or withholding right information may unfit the kid from admission/ instruction at this school.

six ) I certify that I am the bonafide defender of the kid.

seven ) Having read carefully the regulations. ordinances and processs as laid down in the school prospectus and being wishful of holding my child/ ward educated at Doon International School. I hereby agree to stay by them in all respects. I understand that the determination of the direction of the school shall be concluding and adhering on me.

eight ) I hereby attest that my ward and me shall follow all the regulations. ordinances and processs laid down by school from clip to clip.

nine ) I hereby set my signature to corroborate the above declarations.


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