CH 1-13

Question Answer
The vase shaped structure of a flower that contains the stigma and ovary is the pistil
A plant that lives for two growing seasons is called a biennial
What are the tiny air sacs found in human and mammal lungs alveoli
Which system of the human body provides covering and protection integumentary
A group of cells designed to work together as a unit is called a tissue
The food nutrients that are used to build and repair the body are proteins
The scientific concept that states that living things can originate only from existing living things is Law of Biogenesis
The level of classification between order and genus is family
The general term for all mammals with hooves is ungulates
An animal that reproduces by laying eggs is oviparous
The part of a bird egg that becomes the embryo is the germinal spot
The largest known fish is the whale shark
The hard shell covering the cephalothorax of some crustaceans is the carapace
Prokaryotes are distinguished from eukaryotes by lack of an organized nucleus
The cell is surrounded and protected by the cell membrane
A tree's xylem are located in the wood
A tree that has male and female parts on separate trees is dioecious
An environment and all its organisms are called a ecosystem
The range of conditions in which an organism can survive is its tolerance range
The system that uses hormones to control certain body functions endocrine
the foundation of modern science BIBLE
the level of classification below kingdom phylum
any built-in knowledge that an animal is born with instinct
the "outside skeleton" of an arthropod exoskeleton
the information storing substance that a cell's nucleus contains DNA
structure formed by the leaves, twigs, flowers and fruit at the top of a fully grown tree crown
the northern and southern limit at which trees grow tree line
a model that shows all the feeding relationships in an environment food web
all the organisms of one species in an environment population
the struggle against other organisms for needed resources competition
a nutritional relationship in which one animal hunts another predation
a relationship in which organisms share only indirect contact neutralism
a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped commensalism
The surroundings of an organism or group of organisms are known as the environment
The unbiblical idea that says the present is the key to the past is uniformitarianism
an originally created type of organism is a kind
an animal that depends upon external means to regulate its body temperature is considered cold-blooded
the transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring is heredity
Because they obtain their nutrition from dead organisms, fungi are considered saprophytes
the maximum number of organisms of a particular species that an ecosystem can support is the carrying capacity
the number and variety of species living in an environment is the biodiversity
the term for any close relationship between organisms is symbiosis
the permanently frozen layer of Arctic tundra is the permafrost
based on plant and animal life, the earth is divided into broad regions called biomes
a sensible explanation to a scientific problem is a hypothesis
the group used as a standard for comparison when using the scientific method is the control group
What term refers to organisms that live in or on other organisms and obtain nutrients from them parasites
A living thing that can be cut into equal halves in only one direction has ?? symmetry bilateral
flowering plants are called angiosperms
What is the green pigment found in chloroplasts chlorophyll
Which of the following is a characteristic of dicots taproots
which system of the human body transports nutrients, wastes and other materials cardiovascular
exercises that do not maintain a raised heart rate are anaerobic
the disease that occurs when some of the body's cells begin to divide and grow at an abnormally fast pace is cancer
the belief that nothing is spiritual and that there is no God is materialisms
Mutations cannot cause evolution because mutations do not produce new kinds of organisms
an animal species that has been completely wiped out is considered extinct
an animal that primarily eats plants is a herbivore
Introducing ladybugs into an area to remove aphid pests is an example of biological controls
Single-celled animal-like organisms are called protozoas
The main function of the biogeochemical cycles is to recycle minerals and other nutrients in the environment
The portion of earth where life exists is the biosphere
The spinal cord and nerves are in the ???? nervous system central
The large blood vessels that return blood to the heart are veins
the most powerful natural stimulant is cocaine
Animals with backbones are vertebrates
a migration route that birds follow from year to year is a flyway
A chick that hatches with insulating feathers and can run or swim soon after birth is precocial bird
The sequence "egg, nymph, adult," describes ???metamorphosis incomplete
A tree that loses its leaves in the fall and stays bare all winter is deciduous
An organism's feeding relationship with other animals is described by its trophic level
Man's responsibility to take care of God's creation is called stewardship
The preservation, management, and care of natural resources is conservation
A list starting at producers and arranged in order of what eats what is called a food chain
studies body structure anatomist
studies reptiles and amphibians herpetologist
studies fish ichthyologist
studies insects entomologist
studies the interactions between organisms and their environment ecologist
Name the plant vessels that carry sugar to the roots and stems phloem
what is the food making process of plants called photosynthesis
what term refers to a strong feeling expressed in a physical way emotion
what is the waxy protective layer of a leaf cuticle
what organ produces the oil that birds spread over their bodies preen gland
what term refers to an eye with more than one lens compound
to which group of arthropods do spiders belong arachnids
what group of organisms are the main producers on the planet plants
what term refers to an organism's role in its environment niche
what is an idea that nature is god pantheism

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