CH 10 notes

Question Answer
Organelles are…… "Baby organs"
Each organelle has a specific _______. Function
Unicellular cells reproduce _______. Asexually
You can see unicellular cells with a ________. Microscope
Multicellular cells reproduce ________. Sexually
You can see Multicellular cells with a ______. Naked eye
What atoms make up Lipids? C,H,O
What 2 types of Nucleic Acids are there? DNA and RNA
Do Dunicellular cells form tissues? No
Dunicellular cells reproduce _________. Asexually
Do Multicellular cells form tissue? Yes
Multicellular cells reproduce new _________. Offspring
What happens after federalization? The zygote forms tissues.
Is an organism multicelled? Yes
______ is a group of organisms that can reproduce and produce fertile offspring. Species
DNA must be the same number of _________. Chromosomes
_________ ________ perm. relationship between two species. Symbiotic relationship
how many cells does a Dunicellular have? One cell
How many cells does a Multicellular have? Many
Parasitic…. 1 benefits and 1 is harmed
Mutualistic…. Both benefit
Commensalistic…. 1 benefits and other is not harmed
Biosphere….. All of world that supports life
Heterotrophs…. Comsumers
Organism….. Any living thing

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