Ch 11

Question Answer
in which climate zone does every location have at least one day a year when the sun is directly overhead Tropics
Which method of measuring time uses time zones standard solar time
What type of time is based on the stars sidereal time
The point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer is called the zenith
what was the first artificial satellite of Earth Sputnik 1
What circle on the celestial sphere runs directly overhead and through the celestial poles meridian
the path the sun follows in a year is the ecliptic
A device that splits light into a spectrum for analysis is a spectroscope
What system of timekeeping divides the day into hours AM and PM 12 hour time
the equation of time is the relationship between mean solar time and apparent solar time
What term refers to an unmanned spacecraft launched specifically to explore the unknown space probe
What are the two points on the path of the sun at which the sun is farthest from the celestial equator solstices
in what type of orbit does a satellite stay above the same point on the Earth's surface geostationary (orbit)
which calendar system is now used in most nations Gregorian calendar
what term refers to the earth's slow "wobble" on its axis that causes the pole star to change precession
what visible light telescope was launched into space in 1990 Hubble Space Telescope
What unit of time is based on the period Earth takes to orbit the sun once solar year
used to study the heavens astronomical
perform a variety of functions, such as making maps, forecasting crop production, spotting forest fires and surveying cities Earth observation
relay telephone conversations and radio and television broadcasts communications
include the satellites of the Global Positioning System navigational
a telescope that uses a mirror as the objective is a ??? telescope reflecting
The abbreviation A.D. stands for anno Domini
the technique in which computer-controlled mirrors constantly flex and bend to correct for atmospheric distortion is adaptive optics
When white light shines through a gas and then passes through a prism, the broad spectrum of color will show narrow, dark lines called absorption lines
the mean solar time at Earth;s prime meridian is called UTC
a circumpolar star that crosses the meridian between the visible celestial pole and the horizon is making an lower transit
In which type of orbit does a satellite cross the equator at the same local mean solar time on every orbit sun-synchronous orbit
which type of orbit would a spacecraft use to increase its altitude Hohmann transfer orbit
from which calendar do the English month names come Julian
What was the first space station designed so that it could be expanded Mir
What astronomical event marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere December solstice
What United States' space program landed a man on the moon Apollo
What rocket design did the United States use to launch manned moon missions? Saturn V
What term refers to the highest point of the orbit of an earth-orbiting satellite apogee
what part of a telescope collects the light objective
The term that refers to the speed a spacecraft must be traveling at to leave Earth's gravity without using its rockets anymore is escape velocity
the unit of time, larger than a day, that is not based on the motion of a heavenly body is the week
The first type of spacecraft designed to be reused was the space shuttle
a rocket that can be stored for years with the fuel loaded is a ??? rocket solid-fuel
Scientists can use multiple radio telescopes to produce images more detailed than possible with a single radio telescope by using the technique called interferometry
the two points at which the path of the sun crosses the celestial equator are called equinoxes
the two basic kinds of optical telescopes are the refracting and reflecting telescopes
first american in space Alan Shepard
first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova
Father of Modern Rocketry Robert Goddard
first man in space Yuri Gagarin
first american to orbit the earth John Glenn
German-born engineer who became the US top rocket designer Wernher von Braun
first man to set foot on the moon Neil Armstrongs

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