CH 14 Review Questions

Question Answer
All of the following are symptoms of endocarditis except: leg swelling
the toxic condition caused by the multiplication of bacteria in the blood is referred to as bacteremia
When microorganisms enter the circulatory system through the lymphatic drainage and cause an infection, the condition is called microbemia
Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease and rare complication of strep throat
All of the following are considered to be zoonotic diseases except plague
"Rabbit fever", a zoonotic disease, is caused by francisella tularensis
Rocky mountain spotted fever (transmitted by ticks) is caused by rickettsia rickettsii
Cytomegalovirus infections are caused by the human herpes virus 5
Malaria is caused by a protozoan
which of the following is a disease caused by a protozoan toxoplasmosis
tularemia is also referred to as rabbit fever
animals that are capable of transmitting infectious disease are called vectors
Muscle aches weight loss and fever and chills are symptoms of Endocarditis
Complication of necrosis, the decay and death of tissue, that is often related to wounds is called Gangrene
Trypanosoma cruzi causes Chagas Diease

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