CH 16 Review Questions

Question Answer
The female reproductive system includes the following organs/structures uterus ovaries vagina fallopian tubes
Bacterial infections of the female reproductive system include vaginitis tss endometritis salpingitis
Bacteria that have been identified as frequently responsible for nonsexually transmitted infections of the reproductive system include e.coli, gardnerella vaginalis, staphylococcus aureus
The most common bacterial nonsexually transmitted infection of the male reproductive system is prostatitis
The normal flora present in the healthy male reproductive system is best characterized as sterile no normal flora
Methods typically used to diagnose bacterial infections of the repro system include: micro exam of discharge from infected organ and micro exam of urine for organisms
Factors that can increase the chances of vaginitis are: Use of antibiotics, pregnancy, menopause
The organism that is responsible for the cast majority of cases of fungal vaginitis is: Candida Albicans
Symptoms of prostatitis include: Painful urination, fever and chills, weak urine flow
Measures that can be taken to prevent bacterial vaginitis include: Avoidance of tight pants, wearing panties w cotton crotch , infrequent douching
Vaginal epithelial cells that can be examined to determine the presence of Gardnerella vaginalis are referred to as ? ? clue cells
Enzymes such as ? found in cervical mucus and semen, are instrumental in providing a chemical defense against bacterial infections of the reproductive organs lysozyme
The bacterium most frequently responsible for tss that originates in the repro system is ? staphylococcus aureus
Although normally caused by sexually transmitted organisms, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is sometimes caused by ? which is a common part of the vaginal microflora Mycoplasma hominis
? is a collective term for any extensive bacterial infection of the pelvic organs Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Inflammation of the glans penis Balanitis

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