CH 18 Key Terms

Term Definition
Adoption In microbiology, the establishment and further spreading of a pathogen within a new host population
Antigenic drift Small changes in the viral coat that happen over time. Antigenic drift can produce a new influenza viral strain that may not be recognized by the body's immune system
Antigenic shift A process involving at least two different strains of viruses, or even different viruses, combining to form a new virus that me then infect different species
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Acts as a lead US federal agency responsible for providing information, recommendations, and technical assistance to support state and local public health departments
Emerging infectious disease Diseases that are newly identified in the population, or have existed but have changed
FDA US Food and Drug Administration
IEIP International emerging infections program
Ihr International Health Regulations
NCPDCID National Center for preparedness detection and control of infectious disease
NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Reemerging infectious disease Older diseases thought to be under control but are reemerging
United Nations An international organization that aims to facilitate cooperation between countries regarding international law and other topics to achieve world peace
Urbanization A process by which large numbers of people become concentrated in smaller areas, forming cities

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