CH 19 Review Questions

Question Answer
Decontamination is defined as the Reduction or removal of unwanted chemical or biological agents
? has a higher resistance to most physical control methods than the others Protozoan cysts
The cleaning of glassware and tableware in restaurants falls in the category of Sanitation
? is the simplest heat related method to sterilize metal Direct flaming
Boiling items in water for ? minutes will kill most vegetative bacteria and viruses 10-15
The technique that combines freezing and drying to preserve microbes and other cells is Lyophilization
Ionizing radiation does not involve UV light
The term "zone of inhibition" is used in which procedure Disk diffusion test
Chlorine belongs to which chemical group Halogens
? is not a method for food preservation Sterilization
Destruction of vegetative mircroorganisms via chemical or physical methods Disinfection
? indicates that microbial growth is at a standstill Microbiostatic
The effects of different kinds of radiation depend on time of exposure, wavelength
A toxic odorless gas often used as a sterilizing agent in hospitals and dental offices is Ethylene oxide
Phenol and phenolics can kill you
? reduce surface tension of solvents so that the solvent becomes more effective at dissolving solute molecules Surfactant

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