CH 24 Review Questions

Question Answer
A set of guilds is referred to as Community
All of the following are free-living, nitrogen-fixing bacteria except: Rhizobium
Which of the following is not found in the atmosphere? Phosphorus
Which of the following zones is present only in oceans? Abyssal zone
Most marine microorganisms are present in the: Littoral zone
Which of the follwing is a category A agent? Bacillus anthracis
Category B agents include: Vibrio cholerae
Which of the following is the fourth most abundant element in the universe? Carbon
The process by which nitrate is reduced to nitrogen is called: Denitrification
Eutrophication is a term used in the Phosphorus cycle
A region or regions of the earth populated by living organisms is referred to as biosphere
the physical location where organisms are found is called a habitat
the conversion of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to organic molecules is called carbon fixation
Cholera is considered a category what disease? B
Rhizobium is involved in which cycle Nitrogen
Populations of mircoorganisms that perform linked metabolic activities Guilds
Physical locations where organisms are found Habitats
Regions of the earth populated by living organisms Biospheres
Consists of the sediments at the bottom of a lake Benthic zone
deeper water located below the limnetic zone Profundal zone
upper layer of water away from the shore limnetic zone

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