Ch. 5 Review

Question Answer
The foundation of modern science is the Bible
Why mutations cannot cause evolution? mutations do not produce new kinds of organisms
Nature is God's general revelation
What is the belief that everything is material? materialism
Which event began the birth of modern science? Protestant Reformation
Which view of life is consistent with both the Bible and observations? orchard view
What term is used to refer to a person's outlook about life and the world? worldview
Most of the founders of modern science believed that? true faith is a reasonable belief in a reasoning God
The materialistic idea that says the present is the key to the past? uniformitarianism
Why are rock pocket mice not an example of evolution? No new types of organisms were formed
What term refers to originally created types of organisms? kinds
What scientific concept states that living things can originate only from existing living things? law of biogenesis
What term refers to "useless" organs supposedly left over from earlier stages of evolutionary development? vestigial organs
Three features of human embryos that supposedly provide evidence for evolution but actually provide evidence for creation are pharyngeal arches, yolk sacs and? tails
The man who wrote Principles of Geology was? Lyell
The man who founded comparative anatomy was? Cuvier
Formation of new organisms within a "kind" is called? speciation
Science put to practical use is technology
One of the well-known books written by Charles Darwin was? Origin of Species or Descent of Man
The belief that the universe is the result of a supernatural act of God is? creation
The old Greek idea that says that living things come from nonliving things is spontaneous generation
The man who discovered blood circulation was William Harvey
The man who used broth and flasks to disprove spontaneous generation was Pasteur
The "Father of Anatomy" was Vesalius
The man who proposed the idea that evolution occurs through natural selection was? Charles Darwin
The idea of this says that evolution occurs in rapid bursts separated by long periods of time? punctuated equilibrium
Two supposed horse ancestors that are now known to have been land animals are? Equus and Hyracotherium
Who was considered the most important authority on science during the Middle Ages? Aristotle
the idea that, at various stages during their development, embryos resemble the adult forms of their evolutionary ancestors embryonic recapitulation
A new, "scientific" spontaneous generation chemical evolution
the idea that information must have meaning and cannot occur by chance specified complexity
an intermediate organism linking types of living things transitional form
a basic similarity of structure between two different living things homology
a sudden, permanent, random change in an organisms' DNA mutation
the belief that evolution occurs slowly gradualism
The study of the similarities and differences in the body structure of organisms comparative anatomy
The similar five-fingered or five-toed forelimbs of many vertebrate animals is an example of? homology
The British philosopher known for saying that the purpose, order and design seen in the world are evidence of a Designer (God) was? Paley
The idea of comparative anatomy was developed by? Cuvier
This means that information must have meaning and cannot occur by chance Specified Complexity
These cannot produce new organisms because they destroy information? mutations
This is not evolution because it does not produce new information in the DNA natural selection
performed spontaneous generation experiments with flies Redi
wrote Origin of Species Darwin
believed that natural selection brought about the evolution of living things Darwin
Father of Anatomy Vesalius
studied blood circulation Harvey
performed spontaneous generation experiments with bacteria Pasteur
This type of revelation teaches who God is through His creation general
There was an increase in scientific discovery in the 16th century due in part to the? Protestant Reformation
What is science put to practical use? technology
Lyell's false belief of this states that the present is the only key to the past uniformitarianism
The belief that evolution occurs by slow and gradual change is called gradualism
The fictitious branching diagram that supposedly shows evolutionary relationships between organisms is the? tree of life
"Useless" organs supposedly left over from earlier stages of evolution are called? vestigial organs
Hyracotherium is the supposed evolutionary ancestor of modern horses
Pakicetus is a supposed evolutionary ancestor of modern? Whales
The idea that says that evolution occurs in short periods of rapid change is? punctuated equilibrium
The German biologist who popularized the idea of embryonic recapitulation was? Haeckel
The process that is a new, "scientific" version of spontaneous generation is? chemical evolution

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