Ch 7

Question Answer
The outermost layer of the atmosphere is the exospheres
Air flowing up a mountain's slope due to the differences in temperature and pressure is anabatic winds
What type of winds occurs when dense, cold air flows from higher to lower elevations due to gravity fall wind
Which layer of the atmosphere "bounces" certain types of radio waves back toward the ground ionosphere
Heat transfer by electromagnetic waves is radiation
Heat transfer by moving currents of hot air is convection
A cool, gentle wind that blows from the land to the sea is a land breeze
What is the most powerful and dangerous form of UV radiation UVC
What type of radiation causes tanning and sunburns UVB
Which layer of the atmosphere is characterized by high temperatures thermosphere
The most abundant gas in the homosphere is nitrogen
The process in which the temperature of a gas rises as the gas is compressed with no heat lost is adiabatic heating
The coldest point in the atmosphere is the mesopause
What marks the upper boundary of the thermosphere thermopause
Winds that reverse their direction from season to season are called monsoons
A warm, dry wind that travels down a slope is foehn
Upper troposphere waves that play a large part in the formation of cyclones and anticyclones are called Rossby waves
The four main factors that affect insolation are cloud cover, length of daytime, angle of sun's rays, Earth's distance from the sun
least understood layer of the atmosphere mesosphere
the atmosphere's weather layer troposphere
strong, steady winds but few changes of weather stratosphere
portion of the earth's magnetic field is affected by the solar winds magnetosphere
What term refers to the decimal equivalent of solar radiation that an object reflects albedo
What is the blanket of gases that surrounds our planet atmosphere
What is a circulating spiral of wind around a low pressure system cyclone
What term refers to the amount of energy available to heat the earth's land, water and air energy budget
Name the process that traps heat in the earth's atmosphere greenhouse effect
What beltlike regions surround the earth and trap particles from the solar wind Van Allen radiation belts
regions of high pressure and gentle winds at 30 degrees north and south latitude horse latitudes
surface winds that blow from high pressure regions toward the equator trade winds
equatorial zone where sailing ships were often left without wind ITCZ
high altitude wind in a narrow, meandering band jet stream
A circulating spiral of wind around a high pressure system is called a anticyclone
Atmospheric pressure at sea level is ? pounds per square inch 14.7
Extremely powerful radiation that comes from deep space is cosmic rays
The most important greenhouse gas is water vapor
The region in which a magnet affects other objects is the magnetic field
The lower layer of the atmosphere is the homosphere

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