Ch. 7-9

Question Answer
An electron stream that jerkily travels from a cloud during a thunderstorm is a stepped leader
What forms the brilliant flash of a lightning bolt return stroke
Drops of liquid water that have a diameter of less than 0.5 millimeter and fall from clouds to Earth are drizzle
Atmospheric pressure at sea level is ? pounds per square inch 14.7
Measures high-altitude weather conditions weather balloon
Front that forms when two air masses push against each other but neither one advances stationary front
The change in the direction of winds caused by Earth's rotation is the ? effect Coriolis
Which type of clouds are thunderstorm clouds cumulonimbus
A tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 74 miles per hour or more is a hurricane
A wind that reverses its direction from season to season is a monsoon
The thunderstorm stage marked by the arrival of precipitation is the ? stage mature
What is a large, rotating updraft in a supercell thunderstorm mesocyclone
When the relative humidity of 100%, the air is saturated
The water that falls to the earth, including rain, sleet, hail and snow is precipitation
What phenomenon occurs when an area receives an abnormally low amount of atmospheric water over a long period drought
Which air mass brings hot, dry weather continental tropical
What is water vapor in the air that touches the cooler ground and turns to a liquid dew
A tropical cyclone with wind speeds between 39 miles per hour and 74 miles per hour is a tropical storm
a fierce, single updraft thunderstorm is a supercell
a narrow funnel of powerful, rapidly whirling wind that stretches from a cloud to the ground is a tornado
the farthest distance at which objects can be distinguished is the visibility
The elevated water level caused by a hurricane's winds is the storm surge
the most intense type of downburst is a microburst
The shock wave produced as lightning heats the air is thunder
What is considered the outermost layer of the atmosphere exosphere
the boundary between two air masses is a front
What is the most abundant gas in the homosphere nitrogen
heat transfer by electromagnetic waves is radiation
Which type of cloud is characteristically almond shaped lenticular
Which type of ultraviolet radiation is the least harmful UVA
Surface winds that blow from high-pressure regions toward the equator are trade winds
The convection cell that exists between the equator and latitude 30 degrees is the Hadley Cell
A thick, brownish haze that results from complex molecules released into the air by vehicles and some factories and plants is photochemical smog
The boundary formed when a cold air mass moves into the territory of a warm air mass is a cold front
What is the coldest point in the atmosphere mesopause
What is the movement of water form the earth's surface, into the air, and back to the surface water cycle
In clouds with temperatures above the freezing point, rain forms by the collision-coalescence process
The extremely powerful radiation that comes from deep space is called cosmic rays
Air flowing down a mountain's slope die to differences in temperature and pressure is a ? wind katabatic
a circulating spiral of wind around a low pressure system is a cyclone
Tornadoes are classified using the Enhanced ? scale Fujita
Hurricanes are ranked on the ? Hurricane Wind Scale Saffir-Simpson
The rapidly swirling cloud that is the most distinctive visual feature o fa tornado is a condensation funnel
A single updraft system in a thunderstorm is a cell
Air that is warm near the ground but very cold at higher altitudes is unstable
"Lines of equal heat" are known as isotherms
Maps that give a summary of the weather conditions throughout the entire country at a single point in time are surface weather charts
A tornado that forms over water is called a waterspout
The center of a hurricane is the eye
A weather instrument that simultaneously measures and transmits meteorological data from weather balloons to weather stations is a radiosonde
measures relative humidity hygrometer
measures air temperature thermometer
measures atmospheric pressure barometer
measures wind speed anemometer
uses radio waves to detect objects and measure their distance radar
measures the amount of precipitation rain gauge
indicates the direction of wind weather vane
measures the distance from the ground to the base of clouds ceilometer
a rotating column of air that starts on the ground and is not associated with a cloud dust devil
lines of equal pressure on a weather map isobars
a long line of advancing thunderstorms, usually moving ahead of a cold front squall line
a concentrated downward blast of wind downburst
a localized storm involving lighting, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain thunderstorm
the long, narrow lines of thunderstorms in a hurricane rain bands
state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place weather
an abrupt discharge of electricity through the air lightning

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